Maria Valtorta


Jesus dies on the cross

The light, before alive, much more than normal, becomes greenish. And the faces take extravagant aspects. The soldiers under their helmets and their breastplates gleaming before now have come to fog in the greenish light under the sky of ashes, showing the harsh profiles.

According to the revelations of Maria Valtorta

The Jews, most them are dark skinned in their hair and beard, seem drowned while his face is earth. Women appear bluish snow statues in the pale light that accentuates this color.

Jesus seems to be livid he starts ominously to decompose, almost as if he were already dead. Her head begins to bow on his chest. Missing forces quickly. He trembles despite the fever that burns. And in his weakness he mutters the name before said only from the bottom of his heart: "Mom, Mom". He murmurs, like a sigh, almost as in a slight delirium that prevents immediate halt that his will want to retain. And Mary has the uncontrollable act of extending her arms to help him.

And the cruel people laugh at these spasms of who dies and who suffers ... priests and scribes, and since the soldiers would reject, react by saying: "We certify that we have done justice to the end. And from afar, in this strange light, we cannot see".

Many begin to be impressed by the light that is surrounding the world, and some are afraid. Soldiers also point to the sky: a kind of cone that looks very bleak slate, or standing up like a pine tree behind a summit. It looks like a marine horn. He gets up and seems to generate more and more black clouds, like a volcano spewing smoke and lava.

In this eerie twilight it is where Jesus gives Mary to John and John, Mary. Head curve, as the Mother is under the cross to see better, and says: "Women: there's your son, there's your Mother".

Mary's face is even more broken after this word that is the testament of his Jesus, who does not anything to give to his mother, but a man, He who for love of man deprives the God-Man born of her. But poor the Mother seeks not only quietly to mourn because he can not, he can not mourn...
The drops of tears regime despite all efforts to keep him, but he has in his tormented mouth a smile on his lips glued to Him to comfort...

The sufferings are becoming stronger. The body has the first ponding of the tetany itself and every cry of the people exasperates him. The death of the nerve fibers spread from the extremities to the tortured trunk, making it increasingly difficult the respiratory motion ... The face of Christ passes alternately flushes with very intense redness, by the greenish pallor of dying by exsanguination. The mouth moves more tired because the nerves of the neck and the head are extremely tired, for having raised dozens of times throughout the body, based on the wood of the cross section, spread the jaws cramp up. Swollen throat clogged carotids, must hurt and extend his tongue edema appears swollen and with slow movements. The back, even in moments tetanizantes contractions, do not the arc curve in the neck, to the endpoints supported as the trunk of the cross, increasingly arduous forward because the extremities are becoming more weighed by the dead weight of the flesh.

People see little and badly these things, because the light is already a dark ash, and only those who are at the foot of the cross, you can see well.

Jesus is loose, at some point, all forward and down as dead already, no pants, inert head hanging forward, the body as a whole: it is totally off doing angle with arms on the cross. Mary cries out: "He's dead". A tragic cry propagating in the air black. And Jesus seems really dead...
"It is not possible" - shout the priests and the Jews - "He's faking to get away. Soldier: nail the spear. It’s the best medicine to restore the voice." And since soldiers do not, a load of stones and clods of earth, fly to the cross, knocking the Martyr and fall on Roman armor ... sure some stone has beaten the wood, perhaps in the wound of the hand, or the same head as they walked to the top. Jesus pious groans. The back chest breaths on exertion and the head moves to the right looking for a place to land to suffer less, finding it more pain.

With great effort once again relying on his tortured feet, finding strength in his will: only in it. Jesus on the cross is irrigated, it gets straight as if healthy with full strength, lifts the face staring eyes open the world at his feet, the distant city, barely seen as an uncertain whiteness in the fog, and in the black sky by which all blue and all memory of light disappeared. And this heaven closed, compact, low, similar to a huge dark slate plate, He cries with a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lamma sabachthani" (I hear him say this.).

A soldier takes a jar where they have put the vinegar with gall, so that, it increases salivation bitterness of prisoners. Grab the sponge immersed in liquid, the skewers on a reed thin but rigid, which is prepared nearby, and offers the sponge to the Dying Jesus who avid tends toward the sponge that comes. Looks like a hungry baby seeking a maternal nipple.

Jesus ... has sucked avidly rough and bitter drink, turns her head in disgust of the drink. Must, above all, be as corrosive injuries and broken lips. Retracts, folds, is abandoned.

All the body weight on the foot collapses and forth. The wouds of the extremities are suffering the atrocious punishment deform under the weight of a body being left. Not a movement to alleviate this pain. For the pelvis, is detached entirely from wood, and it stays this way.

It is a pain ... And John weeps freely. Jesus must hear him crying. But he says nothing. He thinks imminent death do talk like delirium and not even know what it says and, unfortunately, not even relief maternal understand or love the Beloved.

Then, here is the last spasm of Jesus. An atrocious seizure, it seems that it wants to tear off the fixed body, with the three nails, by the tree, out of three times of the feet to the head, flowing down all the poor tortured nerves : three times the abdomen rises tortured in an abnormal way, then left after having dilated as disorder of the viscera, and this falls and sinks as emptying; rises, swells and shrinks as strong chest that sinks appearing skin under the epidermis and reopening the scourging wounds: does dump violently back, once, twice, three times the head, which strikes it against the hard wood; shrinks every muscle spasm of the face, emphasizing the deviation from the mouth to the right, makes eyelids open and dilate under which is turning the eyeball and sclera appear. The body tends all, in the last of the three contractions is a vibrant bow, terrible to behold, and then a powerful cry, unthinkable in this exhausted body, it appears, cuts the air, the "great shout" of which they speak the Gospels and the first syllable of the word "Mom" ... And nothing more.

The head falls on his chest, the body forward, the shaking stops, breathing stops. He has expired.

The Earth responds to the cry of the Murdered with a frightening bang. It seems that thousands of giant shells out a single sound and behold this tremendous agreement notes isolated, stabbing rays streaking the sky in all directions, falling in the city, in the temple, the people ... I think they have been electrocuted because the people are directly hit. The rays are the only flashing light that can be seen.

And then, suddenly, and while still persist downloads rays, the earth shakes a cyclonic whirlwind. The earthquake and aeromoto blend to give an apocalyptic punishment for the blasphemers. The summit of Golgotha flutters and dances like a dish in the hands of a madman, in shock wave-boggling and thereby shaking the three crosses that appear are going to tip over.

The thieves shout in horror, the people shout even more and want to escape, but they cannot. All the people fall on one another, they are depressed, precipitated to the bumps of the soil, get hurt and roll down the hill, crazed.

Extracted from "Il poem dell 'Uomo-Dio" by Maria Valtorta. Volume ninth. Valtortiano Editoriale Center..

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