Maria Valtorta


The Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus extends gentle on the wood ... He lies down and puts his head in the way he is said to do so. He opens his arms as he is said to do, he extends his legs as told. He is only concerned with the good placement of the veil.

According to the revelations of Maria Valtorta

Two executioners sit him on the chest to have it still. A third party will take the right arm holding it with one hand in the first part of the forearm and the other where the fingers end. The fourth, which is already in hand the long pointy nail ... supports the point of the nail on the wrist, up the hammer and tee off ... The breaking nail penetrates muscles, veins, nerves and bones dislocating them.

The right hand is stuck. Passed to the left. The hole does not correspond to the carpus. Then catch a rope, tied her left wrist and pull to dislocate the joint and tendons and muscles abused ... nailing where they can, that is, between the thumb and fingers, right in the center of the metacarpal. Here comes more easily spot but more spasm, because important nerves must be cut, so that the fingers are inert, while others on the right have contractions and tremors that confirm its vitality.

Now is the turn of the feet. Six feet from the end of the cross, is a small wedge, barely enough for a foot. About this is taken to check the feet as well. And know that's a little lower and get bad feet, ankles stretched by poor martyr. The rough wood of the cross rubbed both wounds, remove the crown, moving abusing and threatening new hair and the hips.

Those sitting on the chest of Jesus stand up to scroll knees ... And tread on his knees skinned, poor and crowded in warm bruised, while the other two make the operation more difficult, the nailing of one foot over the other, trying to combine the two joints of the tarsi at a time ... subjected foot moves by the vibration of the nail, and it should almost desclavar because, having entered the soft, cloves and blunted by having pierced the right foot should be brought closer to the center a little. And knock, knock, knock ...

Now the cross is dragged to the hole, shaking the poor Crucified bounces on the uneven ground. The cross is raised twice escaping to the rise and falls once a blowout, one in the right arm of the same, giving a rough torment Jesus because the sudden jolt injured joints removed. But then when the cross is dropped in his hole, before being secured with rocks and dirt, flies in all directions, the poor printing continuous displacements of Jesus Body suspended by three nails. The suffering must be atrocious.

The whole body moves forward and down, and the holes are elongated, especially the left hand, and enlarged the hole in the foot while blood pours harder. And if it drips foot lot, the fingers on the ground and runs down the wood of the cross, it follows by the hands forearms because they are higher than the wrist and armpit, by force of the position, ribs also watered down the armpit to the waist. The crown, when the waves cross before being posted, because the head moves back jerks from behind the neck pressing on the bulk knot of thorns crown ends in stabbing and then getting back gently on the forehead and spider, spider, without mercy.

Finally the cross is assured and there is only the torment of being hanged. Izan thieves also, which, once set vertically, screaming as if they were skinned alive for the torture of the ropes that cut wrists and hands do get black, with swollen veins like ropes. Jesus is silent. The crowd is not silent, but it resumes its infernal din.

Since the top of Golgotha has his trophy and his honor guard. In the higher limit (side) the cross of Jesus. Next B and C the other two. Half a century of soldiers with guns to walk all around the top, within the armed siege of ten felled to play dice convicted dresses. Straight up, between the cross of Jesus and that of the right, Longinus. And they seem mountains honor guard Martyr King. The other half century, rest, is under the command of Longinus assistant in the path to the left and the lower square, waiting to be used in case of need. Among the soldiers there is almost total indifference. Only a face lift to the crucified once in a while.

Longinus, however, observes everything with curiosity and interest, confronts, and mentally judge. Confront the crucified, especially to Christ, and to the viewers. His penetrating eye does not miss. And to see better is a visor with the palm of the hand, because the sun will disturb him.

Indeed, a strange sun. Red-yellow fire. And after the fire appears suddenly off by a cloud arising from behind the Jewish chains and fast-running across the sky, disappearing behind the other mountains. And when the sun comes out whatever is as alive as the eye can not stand the sun.

Other priests: "Blasphemer? Son of God, You?. Down from there now. Kill us if you are God. Do not fear and spit to You". Others shake their heads passing: "I know mourn. Save yourselves if it is true that you are the Chosen one". Jesus speaks for the first time: "Father, forgive them for they don´t know what they do".

This prayer Dimas conquers all fear. It dares to look to Christ and say, "Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Fair that I suffer here. But give me mercy and peace on the other side of life. Once I heard you speak, and I crazy I declined. now regrets. and I repent my sins before Thee, Son of the Most High. believe that you come from God. I believe in your power. I believe in mercy. Christ, forgive on behalf of your mother and your father Blessed".

Jesus turns and looks at him with deep piety and still has a beautiful face in his poor tortured mouth. He says: "I tell you that today you will be with me in Paradise.".

Extracted from "IL poem dell 'Uomo-Dio" of Maria Valtorta. Volume ninth. Valtortiano Editoriale Center..


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