Passion of Jesus


The mother

The presence of Mary is important in the way of the Cross. Jesus wanted her next to him in the most crucial moments: the encounter on the way to get from her the encouragement to continue, under the cross he associated her to his immense suffering and make her the Mother of every man.
(Cf Jn 19,26)

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Virgin Mary, Mother of God

Maybe Christians haven't understood yet how much they cost to Jesus and his Mother. Maybe, meditating on the passion, we are deceived by the thought that everything finished with his death on the cross. Instead Jesus and Mary are still suffering because men are still committing sins. As long as there is a sinner on earth a wound will be added on Jesus body and on Mary's heart.

The horrible torture is going on. The ascent to Golgota was long and even harder for my physical conditions and the heavy cross, which was weighing like a rock making my shoulder bleed.

The evil of sin had blinded the minds and I was pushed like a beast taken to the slaughterhouse. The noise of the crowd along the road, their mocking and insulting, added up to the pain. Everywhere I looked I could only see hatred, evil and the cruel pleasure of rejoicing of my suffering.

I was alone amongst a sea of suffering. These were the people who had hailed me as their king. Now instead they were eager for my blood and with hatred they wanted the death of the innocent man.

Where was the remembrance of their God? With hard hearts they were ready to throw themselves on the prey like wild animals. In this confusion and during that terrible walk I met my earthly Mother. There she was, waiting for me, waiting for an already sentenced son: what a wonderful love she was showing.

Careless of the fury of the people she wanted to stay near me: She was amazed when seeing me: Her tearless eyes saw the wounds, the blood springing from the thorns on my head and from my shoulder. She saw the trembling, feverish body, and the intense pain.

She herself horrified by all this, weakened by a sleepless night, by tears and the sorrow of knowing that her son had been sentenced to death, was there: she could not abandon the child generated in her womb and her God. In her eyes I saw her love, her pity and wish to take my place, if it had been possible.

The Mother, who as a child had lulled me close to her heart tenderly, now could not take me in her arms. Seeing her so worried and painful I pronounced the finest word: Mother! It was a cry from my heart, overpowering with suffering bitterness and human warm.

She understood everything and her heart joined mine, her sweet love came like dew drops on a flower dried by the sun and she replied: Son! In that sweet and heart-rending word she put all herself: love, worship infinite pity, immense tenderness and her eyes shouted her help.

I received comfort to go on, and I felt sure her love pushed me. In that sea full of hatred I had found the most beloved the dearest person. That instant was over and I had to start walking again and with the heavy cross I dragged my way on. Thank you Mother for what you have done, now I keep going on my painful way, but you are in my heart.

Portion from the book: "I will open a way in the desert"..

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