Passion of Jesus



The mystery of death as lived by the Virgin Mary with the deep love of a mother whose only child is unjustly killed opens infinite spaces in God's heart and in man's heart. Only love can understand the abyss of sorrow.

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Christs's Passion, a cry of love

Because love is stronger than death and an ocean is not enough to extinguish the living fire burning in a loving heart.

If it's God's heart, then no sorrow can escape, no death can remain lifeless. In the open arms of Jesus nailed on the cross every sinner and every victim will find a consoling hug. In the arms of Mary lulling her Son who died for injustice every mother will find out the meaning of the tears for her own children.

Now death seems to dominate: after breathing his last breath the body lies lifeless, hanging from the cross. The lance, powerfully and precisely thrown, opens the chest and reaches the heart.

Form the deep wound blood and water pour out and we can see that heart that, till the last beat, has generously offered and suffered for love.

The performance is over and the crowd vanishes. After sacrificing the innocent, the self-glorification of evil cools down and the terrible truth starts making its way through somebody's mind: and, if he really was the Son of God?

What a terrible weight on their souls! Now apparently I'm defeated and lifeless, my prosecutors are very happy for their victory: in fact, how could he be a God as he is hanging lifeless from the cross? - they say

Now there are only my dear and sweet mother, the apostle and the pious women with a squad of soldiers. My sweet Mother, here is your beloved Son; your heart is broken but you cannot follow me yet.

Every bit of yourself had a part in my agony and now, painful and exhausted, you stare at the cross.

Time runs cruelly: Joseph of Arymathea asks the Roman Officer to be allowed to bury the body. Now, after they have unnailed my hands and feet, I'm in my Mother's arms.

Her warm and plentiful tears clean my face and wounds: what a tearing love: she had been given back her child, she could caress his horrible sores and even look at his heart.

With your warm love you wanted to comfort me and even give me back life if possible. Your trial was not over yet: in your arms you held a lifeless body which could not return your feelings. Your mind refused the truth, distress came, all around defeat cried, the end.

Reality seemed unchangeable: in front of so terrible an event what mother could have been able to bear such a suffering in her heart? .

The spirit, though suffering, was lighting the hope of almightiness but the body was in terrible pain for immense trial. You didn't want to stop embracing me but time was urging: I was wrapped up in a sheet and you followed the procession as far as the sepulchre. My dear Mother you too were to drink the bitter chalice of suffering till the last drop.

You gave your child for God's will and since then you have been the mother of mankind, future people will sing your praises and your glory will shine in heaven. Everybody will bow in front of the Queen of virtue and love: here I am, the servant of God, your will be done.
(Lc 1,38).

You accepted love, you became a servant, and you forgot yourself. Your son's way became your way and your son gave you the place you had already won in his heart.

Stubbornly you were waiting for your God. Those near you, in silence, were pitying what they considered a failing of your mind. The fire of love was burning in your heart and renewed the hope; what example she gave!

And yet hadn't they listened to my words as well? After shutting the sepulchre with a rock, for men the tragedy was over. The buried body left some dismay in the disciples. When I had told them what was going to happen their minds had refused this destiny.
(Mt 16,21-23)

Doubt tortured them and my Mother, sure as she was, was like a lighthouse. The Apostles scattered for fear, except John, met again and together with Mary are waiting for what their minds refuse but their hearts whisper.

Is death the winner? So it seems. Meanwhile the miracle of miracles was getting ready: God, the Almighty Father, resuscitates that glorious body; death is defeated. The Son of God showed you that this is possible: at the end of time you too will have your resurrection and will receive what justice will establish. I am the Shepherd, I'll gather my sheep and lead them to grassy meadows and they will recognise me.
Portion from the book: "I will open a way in the desert"..

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