Passion of Jesus



The extraordinary power that meditation on the soul of the various stages of the Passion of the Lord, manifested in the peace you feel, feelings that arouses strong in the sense of power that invades you and new hope that instills.
From the book: "I will open a road in the desert"

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One of the most sublime pages of the Gospel, the mystery of the suffering of the Lamb of God who bears the sins of all men.

Jesus identifies himself with sin and feels in himself all the extreme repugnance of the rejection of God by the sinner and the Father's pain over the children who have betrayed in love. It is from this abyss of perdition that develops the infinite tenderness of Jesus who prayed to the Father with the most intimate words of Abba (Mk 14:36) that the ruling boy, indulging in his father's arms, with the most innocent love and confident that you can imagine.

Read the events of that time can totally leave indifferent the heart warm, the hasty and superficial; only those who stop meditating on these events, they can understand the grandeur and deep meaning. The light from that moment illuminates the world and pierces the darkness of darkened minds. The man who suffers in that way is the son of God sent by the Father so that the invisible love becomes visible to mankind. Cry of love that transcends time and left stunned all creation.

What was that calvary is difficult to understand because it escapes the minds. The wrath of the Father for man's iniquity was tremendous, as if a thousand and more judgments are charmless simultaneously on me. His sweet presence that had accompanied me always was retreating while now arises its slow strokes. Now the Father in His wrath of Justice had called the Holy Spirit. What it means to be suddenly in the desert of his own spirit, alone with themselves, deprived of the Supreme Good and Love Infinite, surpasses any imaginable torture. Darkness as ominous clouds were completely enveloping my whole being.

The prayer that night was becoming more pressing. Prayer of forgiveness for all, but the Heaven was angry and did not bend to my pleas. The Justice demanded reparation for all the sins committed. Time present and future lay before me; here is the flow of tremendous torment in particular. Yes, the lamb to be sacrificed had to accept fully the work for which he had come. That tremendous weight on my human shoulders, while the body slumped in pain! I saw a preview of the effect of this torture: the nascent Church, the Apostles, the Martyrs, and all the saved. And yet, the terrible persecutions to my Church, wars, plagues, all the iniquities man would still commit and the many damned.

Evil in its most cruel and evil forms swooped all over me. Father! All things are possible to you; remove this cup from me! Yet not what I will, but what thou wilt (Mark 14:36). Yes, his will, which is ineffable will of love, salvation and forgiveness, now demanded reparation for the offense Justice.

Bloody struggle with the flesh shouting its rights, with the darkness of evil that already railed on it and the remoteness of the loving Father! Distressed, struck right at the death, I gathered all the love I felt for those creatures that were waiting to be redeemed. Repair time, where loomed terrible anguish and pain on the body increasingly slumped and the blood gushed from the skin to the ordeal.

Father! Father! As a vanished sun, in the intentional absence, he left the beloved Son to drink from the bitter chalice of the icy night of the soul. In such desolation love won and will win forever, I have given you the evidence and testimony that you too can win. Real man, where flesh claimed its rights and true God, I have demonstrated the overwhelming power of love.

Father may Your will be done. Here is the real absolute good: to do the will of the Father who is in heaven. Yes, his will is superior to any other good because it contains the path to the supreme Good. Ready to complete sacrifice for love, waiting for those who led by one who had exploited my love, were on their way (cfr. Mk 14.41 to 44). Meditate upon the suffering; it is a sure way to fortify the spirit because it is Love who speaks to you in the events.

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