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This is a book devoted your emotions. You can write a comment or a reflection on the Passion and on the terrible sacrifice.

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You, with your innocence, with your purity, with your sublime love you have shed your blood, your tears in the midst of so much pain. Forgive us our trespasses; remember that we are just mud. Accept our love. We are imperfect, but we love you, we adore you, we glorify you. Almighty Jesus Christ, carve our hearts with the wounds of your passion to live unite to you in this Holy Week. Let us walk with you to dry your tears, comfort you, not to leave you alone. Many people of all times are with you. Thank you Lord Jesus to exist, thank you for being as you are. Thanks for giving us your Holy Mother, thank you for being our God.
. Elsa

Thanks to Mary because she said "yes" to the design of Love of God the Father, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer by his Passion, Death and Resurrection. I ask forgiveness for my many sins and those of all men. I want to persevere with faith and grace, in his love and his Word in prayer and deed. He alone has words of eternal life, only He has conquered death and has given us hope. Glory and Praise to the Triune God forever!
. John

The evil that we did to you is incomprehensible as what you still do. Give us the strength to change. Jesus does not abandon us; do not leave me alone, for I am suffering so much.
. Blanca

The passion makes my skin crawl. This poor soul of Christ, which has suffered so much, has flooded us Thank you, never be able to give you back for all he has suffered for us. I would just like to thank him and love him with all my heart.
. Claudio

The Passion of Jesus shows us the immense love of God for us. It may be something more exciting?
. Alexandra

I love Jesus and I hope you help me and make me better and to sin no more, not because I want to hurt you, but I want to soothe your Holy Wounds.
. Silvana

You are the Creator of all that exists, You died for me on the cross. Thank you Jesus for this great sacrifice.
. Giuseppe

When I read the Passion, I feel part of the sensation of pain Jesus felt when he was nailed hands and feet to the cross. I feel spiritually in my heart the pain caused by the nails and the weight of the body when it was raised on the cross. I thank the Lord for his goodness to allow me to have this experience. I pray to him and thank him for the merits of his passion to keep me in grace. Glory to God and the Father through Jesus.
. Giulio

Love Maranatha Sweet Jesus ... Jesus ... here I am, have mercy on me ... I'm not, and I can do nothing without you ... TE strong hug.
. Mary

A unique emotion and true that shakes the conscience of those who meditate with the heart. I think it's a real spiritual treasure that helps us to understand the mystery of suffering. I pray for that the suffering of each day allows us to go ahead and persevere.
. John

Thank you Jesus for your mom that you have given us, thanks to you, o Savior of the world because you redeemed us with your most precious blood. By the merits of your most holy wounds have mercy on us and on the whole world. We adore you Jesus Christ, and we bless you, now and forever sing of your mercy, alleluia, alleluia alleluia.
. Lucia

My name is Carmela, and I want to say thanks to Jesus for what he has done for me. He has sacrificed and suffered so cruel and inhumane to save me. Thank you Jesus and beg your pardon and forgiveness for the sins I still commit. Please, Jesus, send your Holy Spirit upon me that I may be attracted by the good and not evil. Let me reflects the image you want. Thanks again Jesus and thanks to the Heavenly Father who has sent you to us.
. Carmela

Very nice Considerations for the man, who had loved only, did well and as a reward, he was betrayed, denied, abandoned, and rejected. This was and is the blindness of human beings who do not want to recognize the supreme good and the true light.
. Giancarlo

Not my will, but yours be done! A great mystery that Jesus in Gethsemane has lived in the most complete and profound way! It is the most beautiful and revealing experience that man can live, because God loves us, then it is nice to let us go in the arms of God, without fear, in the certainty that he always guide us toward the path of goodness, truth and peace.
. Luciano

In front of the Passion of Jesus I felt a knife stab my heart; I have seen the horror of my sins and my nothingness. What are we compared to the LORD? Small grains of sand scattered in the immensity that He saves. His source of Mercy is for everyone and is unlimited. Oh sweet Jesus how much you love! My heart overflows with tears of emotion.
. Carla

You're given to save us in Thy great and immense love, you agreed to die on the Cross and Redeemer. You immense Creator has suffered great pains taking on the Cross and in your body the sins of all of us, beating with love or my sweet Lord! All the vices, all the evils that burdened the world of every mortal. You made crucify to eradicate any shadow of sin, and to make the triumph of life over death. Then rising again o Lord! He has parted us all Thy gates of eternal life and love.
. Domenico

For the crowd had begun the party. That is the phrase that struck me most. Its terrible wickedness and hatred that had to suffer our Lord. The crown of thorns stuck in the head must have been terrible to bear, with blood running down his face his most sacred! And then the uninterrupted shouting with a loud voice of his executioners and all his terrific effort in going up with the Cross at Calvary! Dear Jesus, I want to love, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell; he leads all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy! I love you.
. Adele

I am not worthy of what Jesus did for me. I wish I could open my heart and to be love not for myself but above all for others. Jesus I seek you all the time!
. Giuseppe

I was part of that mob too, I could not hear the lamentations of Jesus, I could not see what he suffered for me. Then one day I saw that look on me, Jesus looked at me and waited for my yes. And now how could I tear myself away from Him?
. Mary

My Lord, you suffered so much for us! Forgive me if poorly stand the small sufferings from me, but I know that are necessary for my purification and to face life without the suffering that you give me every day, I would not be who I am today and I would be insensitive to that of brothers. Lord, thank you for what you do for me, what gifts I have for my own good and for your glory. Thy will be done Blessed now and forever.
. Anna

Although tormented by the pain of my poor heart, how much suffering Jesus will send me. God bless all of His Peace in the storms of life. If we suffer, we will not enjoy His love, His peace because We are already comforted on earth. Find God with the heart we savor His tears and imagine Heaven. To suffer with Him is comfort. Thank you Jesus.
. Lisa

Send my blessings to this beautiful work which is of great help to grow in faith and love for our Lord in his bitter passion. God bless you and strengthen you that many souls in spirituality.
. Emilia

Father forgive me for I have sinned. I spit on the sweet face of Jesus when shame or cowardice I have not been able to defend him. I raised my hand and torn his flesh when I whispered and spoken badly of my neighbor. I stuck the long thorns on his head when I looked unseemly images to the purity of my soul. I hurt his shoulder with the holy cross, when I did not help my brother in need. It was me who took the hammer and the nails piercing his right hand with my lies, his left hand with my vanity, his right foot with my pride, his left foot with anger. And finally Jesus sweet and innocent, I have opened your side with a spear of my lukewarm faith. Help me my Father, because today deserve the sick for the pain I caused you, but worm which I entrust myself to your Mercy. Thank you Father for giving us Jesus.
. Antonella

That deep pain is experienced before the story of the scourging of our Lord; I hope that such suffering was not in vain for the salvation of souls!
. Riccardo

The Passion of Jesus was an extremely painful and glorious gesture, cannot be compared in any way to human suffering, but in the eyes of God - of which we are children - has a very important value for salvation. Jesus loves us and that his ordeal is the greatest proof that we could give.
. Rolando

The Passion of Jesus is impressive, there are no words to be able to describe it. Only its purpose can help us understand its grandeur. His pain will end? Humanity will understand?
. Roberta

I am a sinner. Jesus was also crucified for me, but I despise him. Even if I want to cry to see his flagellation then I forget and return to Satan. Jesus' mercy.
. Iacopo

Jesus if I have a pain in the heart when I think of what you've spent in the Calvary, everything comes to value and becomes grace the negativity of my life. Sometimes I forget the Resurrection and that will make me raise it with you. Thank you Jesus.
. Nancy

I really believe in God but did not know how to pray with perseverance has always played a role in me. I recognize the importance of prayer, this gift so powerful that it is the only one that can save the world. The only one who can make us go with love the way of life to bring us to eternity by Heavenly Father.
. Claudia

Not anything about Jesus, but I am comforted by the love and repentance that you have placed in my heart. My heart is yours Jesus, use me according to your plan of love that you have on me. Your useless servant is listening; give me joy, strength, courage and ability to always follow you, especially in pain. I own nothing of my Lord, only your merits Jesus. I recognize and accept you as my God and my all.
. Enza

Jesus, I try to put myself in your pain and in your grief and my heart breaks. Jesus, I just cry, I love you.
. Vincenza

My heart trembles in the face of so much pain. I ask my Jesus to make me generous, combining his passion all my small crosses! Thank you Jesus.
. Federica

While my heart is filled with sorrow for my sins and all my brothers and sisters, I consider the love of our God and his ultimate sacrifice. Tears flow from my eyes like streams that run into the great ocean of love of God, this God that he gave himself, even though I was the only person on earth! My goodness gracious to me and all my brothers, I love you Jesus.
. Pamela

Jesus invites us to always forgive offenses, always invites us to forgive our enemies and overcome hatred with love this is my consideration. Every day we have to deal with evil and we must always forgive, because only by forgiving you will have eternal life. The hatred burns the soul and forgiveness and love approaching our hearts to God the Father Almighty.
. Claudio

We all are blind because we do not see how much Jesus loves us. We are fascinated by the devil with its flattery including: women, wealth, and other nonsense, that take us away from Jesus, from His Holy Kingdom. We will have to reflect on the Passion of Jesus to understand how much we cost and paid dearly with His precious blood. This meditation can give rise to new saints quite possible damned.
. Sonia

Meditate on the passion is a unique experience and poignant beyond any creed or philosophy. The Passion is the greatest mystery and most shocking of all human history. The pain of the Mother of the Son, the Son of Pain for the Mother is a hymn of immense love and incomparable that we never will be worthy!
. Sofia

Often, we Christians, explains only a small part of the suffering Jesus endured on Calvary. I have discovered through the passion written by mystics. Please read these writings are unable to even more bitter Jesus because they did tremendous things that he endured with humility and love. How he loves us!
. Giuliana

All of us in this world we experience suffering, betrayal, insults etc. but have no comparison to what Jesus suffered. His Love and His Mercy are so immense to flood us with delights. We also love all of our enemies and let us be guided by the One who before it was, already was. Let us be guided by Mary, our true and beloved Mother.
. Salvador

We forget too often what Christ has done for us. Everyday life makes us forget and lose sometimes the relationship with Jesus ... but it is in everyday life that we have to live it, He is with us or he would not pay what he paid because of us except to be able to stay all the time with each of we! Do not refuse his love, love him!
. Sara

True love has no boundaries, I cannot imagine.
. Valentina

It is terrible to read about what Jesus Christ had to endure for all of us; I'm helping a friend who is in trouble and she thanks me forever, in comparison to what he has done for us, Jesus did not do anything.
. Susy

For me it is a burden asking Jesus to remember his pains, because in asking him feel the weight of our fault, my fault. If I had been at that time I would not have done better than I turn my shoulders. To thank God is love! Only the heart can retain the benefit of this Passion and not the memory of our pettiness. He, with His tender gaze makes me realize what a price he paid to bring us all home.
. Nazarena

Jesus teaches us to abandon ourselves to the Father, a good father who loves his son dearly. God is love, and can only give love. We trust in Him, glorify him, and even our silence will be a prayer. Just look at him with eyes of love because He wants nothing more. We, however, we have built the cross for Jesus with our sins! How much meanness in us! How much fragility and how ashamed we should try this thought. But God is infinite mercy, just tell him forgive me My God, I am ashamed of having sinned. By sinning you've done wrong, I have made you sad, I hurt my Father, the one who gave me life, my light, my salvation; forgive me, hug me and give me strength and courage and wisdom to sin no more. Fill my heart with your love and sweeps away the pride, dirt, hatred. HELP ME MY FATHER!
. Mary

Thanks for the nice reflections. They are of great use to feed the soul and mind. May God reward you!
. Abate

With joy I thank you for this on the Passion. Besides, all the saints and mystics recommend that you meditate on the Passion to walk more quickly in the daily conversion. God bless you.
. Serafino

Passion is a reading that penetrates within, and makes you absolutely share in the pain suffered by Christ. But it emerges a thought: others crucified next to Jesus and not (considered at that time crucifixion was a much used Death Penalty) were able to purify themselves, regardless of their will, to the atrocious sufferings as evidenced by the reflections of the Christ?
. Sara

He who was placed on the cross, according to the Holy Scriptures, is the son of God, but by observing the sacred shroud, I can conclude that if it had been an ordinary mortal would have suffered the agony, however.
. Nella

The Passion of Christ is the only means through which we can draw from the mystery of faith. So much suffering must open our hearts faded from everyday life, from sadness, from the company that goes to the bottom. Jesus, as the lives of saints, is the striking example that we see every moment of our lives. Without such redemption we would not have ETERNAL LIFE !!!! How much emotion at the thought that Jesus gave all HIMSELF for us !!! And what do we do? We remain astonished before so much love? No it is not the case. Let's wake up and give example of our Christianity, not with mere words but with concrete gestures and much prayer.
. Grace

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