Passion of Jesus



It's atrocious torture with which Pilate tried to deceive those who wanted the death of Jesus and to save the Messiah from capital punishment, but it was in vain. The Holy Shroud shows that the scourge strokes are about one hundred and twenty six holes each, being the scourge built with various cords were fastened to the ends of the rudimentary lead balls, or ossicular sharp.

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Whipping as torture

This type of punishment through a whip or a flagellum was a common practice for all the slaves. During the empire flogging it was the carried out before the crucifixion, and led to a disfigurement of the body, skin laceration, trauma and even loss of an eye. The condemned man was tied to a small pole so she could bend over.

Two "lictors" alternated the lash on the condemned and even if the aim was not to kill, many losing a lot of blood, Because of their injuries, Suffered a strong shock and died during the scourging, others after a short time. Often the victim was turned over to allow flagellation on the chest also.


Can a man willingly endure such torments and such atrocities? The flesh cries out her agony under the merciless flogging, done by the executioners to the service of evil. Yes, it is love that keeps me nailed to endure immense suffering offered as a sacrifice for all of you. Think about it: how real man my flesh was not unlike yours, in fact, the blood pounding in his veins brought life like all of you, but to the last drop I had to pay to redeem all the sins committed and future also.

Yes, all burdened with guilt as huge boulders on me, while the evil unleashed deep thinking to come up with terrible tortures, he was convinced that it would get the victory with my physical annihilation.

If it were possible those torturers would ripped my soul. In the meantime they raged on every centimeter of my body, tearing apart not only the skin, but also the flesh.
(cfr. Is 53,5).

Try with small hooks to tear a bit of your flesh, and perhaps you can imagine the intense pain in feel tortured everywhere. At that moment I relived as in a nightmare what I already knew; not at all I had sweated blood in the Garden of Olives.
(cfr. Lk 22, 44).

To carry the cross and the bitter cup to drink were beyond human endurance, in fact all of your crosses, pain, suffering and cruelty put together can never match my agony. There, not only the body suffered, but my being in its totality.

Betrayed by a disciple who loved him. even beaten by those who had benefited from my graces. Insulted as the last of the men. Mocked him as an impostor, I took out of compassion, as a man and as God, all over me.
(cfr Heb 4, 15).

How much you cost me? Yet, too few are able to see in this man scourged their God, who came to shout his love, to wrest mankind from sin and reconnect it with the divine washing with his own blood for the sins of everyone.
(cfr. Ap 7,14).

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