Before meditation

The theme of our meeting with Jesus is "The anguish of the Heart of Jesus who continues the suffering of his vicar: the Pope".

The promise of Jesus do not leave us orphans has maintained with divine extravagance. He remained in his word, full of light and strength, remained in the Eucharist, the body, blood, soul and divinity, is left on his Vicar, from Peter to John Paul II, our Pope, and will remain for now all earthly journey of humanity.
The Pope is really another great gift from the Heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd of his love for us, teacher, and mentor. He knew that our eyes want to see, our ears to hear and that we allow ourselves to be misled so easily ... and so he left his Vicar in his authority to teach, to guide us a voice, his hand to bless; is the good shepherd who is always in the midst of his flock for a count ministry of safety and love. We must thank the Heart of Jesus for this gift and feel a sense of sorrow for our brothers who lack this safe driving.
If all those who are united to Jesus must participate in the sorrowful Passion, much of this passion that touches the visible head of the Mystical Body. Therefore, if in all his limbs, Jesus continues to suffer, so will continue to suffer unspeakable in his Vicar, near in love, close in pain. And there are days in which this participation of the Vicar of the Lord's passion is deep and refined.

Meditate the agony in the garden, and, while the immense distance that separates him, think of the sufferings of His Vicar.

From the Gospel of Matthew: "Then Jesus went with them to a place called Gethsemane, and said to his disciples," Sit here while I go yonder and pray. "And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and distress. He told them: "My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death: stay here and watch with me." (Mt 26: 36-38)
Men to express the universal sovereignty of Jesus put in the hands of a small globe, that affirms that the universe is the work of His love, His omnipotence, and is governed by the consecration to the Father of this universe is the purpose of the Incarnation.
During the prayer in the Garden of Olives, Jesus, who became weak and sensitive as any of us wants to hear all the terrible weight of this world? It is not the sky with its stars, not the earth with its mountains and its seas, which weigh much. They buy back the souls, is the disorder of the first sin of origin, are the personal sins of all men, the rebellion to the Heavenly Father, the betrayal of his love, his flight from his home, injustice, wickedness, the turpitude, violence, theft, oppression, scandals, is the work of repair, restoration, redemption, which requires the blood.

Jesus prostrated on the ground there, it was already seen by Isaiah. Here is "bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon him" (Isaiah 53.5). It is imminent that willingly suffers for the sins of others; immense suffering that must atone for the sins of multitudes ... Sadness and distress to death. Only in this way, by offering Himself as atonement, taking upon himself their iniquity justify many.

And weigh up to crush him to the ground, because they weigh on the heart the terrible consequences of these sins, pains, the fears, anxieties, labors, wars, massacres, the whole river of tears and blood flowing tragically over all the earth ... And the most frightening of all the consequences: the way that leads to eternal damnation, broad and crowded. Under this weight, falls, and this weight resting on the heart makes him moan and living squeezes drops of blood.

The suffering of the Pope.

In the order in which the mysterious providence rules the world, Jesus chose a man to continue this agony under the weight of the world: his Vicar. Appearance and poor things are golden vestments, papal insignia, once the chair gestation and the throne that has been put on the shoulders and heart to this man of God he drops to his knees and prostrating its soul in agony. All the weight, the responsibility of all people under the universal fatherhood which have been called. Catholics, dissenters, apostates, Jews, pagans, atheists, sinners, persecutors ... of all, without distinction, feels the misery, suffering, struggles, wars, injustice, hunger, poverty, unemployment, oppression, tyranny, rebellion provoked by the dull economic and social inequalities, racial hatred, family tragedies, the deaths, the betrayals and helplessness before the pain ... so with all their burden of pain and more than three billion human beings burden on his heart...

And he feels the heaviest burden. The misery and suffering will pass physical and moral, but there are other troubles that have an impact, eternal consequences, irreparable, the huge pile of sins of rebellion to God, the love of God, flee from his home, the glorification of sin, corruption, the error that is killing the most vulnerable, the loss of the sense of sin, a new paganism, a materialism that flattens everything, and also weakens the Christian cities and the Christian life, and the souls of drowned off every aspiration in them in a supernatural exaltation of technical progress, scientific and well-being. Materialism, which also comes to fight against God, which would remove the law of God, his name, even the idea.
And even the Vicar of Jesus, in his pain, he feels something that hurts the heart and makes them bleed. When she feels that her office of the Good Shepherd, Teacher, Father, Vicar of Jesus, the beginning and a sign of unity, has responded with coldness, indifference, by his disobedience, and is not accepted by others. Live cultures in some countries, but you do feel a little 'everywhere, critics of open dissent, disobedience, rebellion ferments who know the Church's Magisterial, which harm the Church, the heart of the Catholic Church and express themselves in a 'anxiety about the Vicar of Jesus, such as to favor the death...
The Vicar of Jesus cannot sit down and measure her words about how to feel the ground and the human words of men to please men, but on the Word of the Master Chief and the invisible made custodians and custodian of Revelation and Sacred Tradition for the salvation of men. It is his tremendous agony. There are two Gethsemane and two sadness: there is only one sad, one dying because there is only love that you pass from the Heart of Jesus in the heart of your Vicar. It must be passed in our own, through prayer and participation.

Second Meditation

The great truth, a word that comes to my faith and the teaching of which is the basis of our existence is "God has always been my thought, loved, so wanted there, and I realize now more than ever to be forever too, with Him and for Him to present His love and why so I know that your love is my home, as the cradle where I was born and lived until the time of my birth on earth. If this truth, so sublime, I'll keep this should illuminate, and thereby contribute to dictate us to be essential: the desire to remain, at all costs, even if that heart and maybe different inclinations to the contrary would otherwise. Everyone knows how difficult all this there is also the difficulty to understand and adhere to the requirements of the Heart of God is already very fortunate to have here is a bell that warns us of the good inclinations, both made missteps or we are going to do, but how much pain and struggle!
Another help is given by the presence of God in us, a presence that transforms us and is revealed! Peace, light, comfort, security, according to the moment, a sign that something divine followed us and accompanies us why this earthly life is lived according to God's will you, to tell the truth, it is not always clear why very badly accepted if not rejected. However we must admit that, despite the darkness, we have created a well ever imagined, and this thanks to a more precise knowledge of ourselves under which we discovered in ourselves a capacity for endurance and a willingness to fight, a faith deeper to which our lives today feel more precise, less an enemy of the good, now more than before. So we have to say that God has done well: in Him and through Him we have more health.

Third Meditation

Jesus said a big word when he urged them to trust in the Father, to abandon ourselves into the hands of the Father. For Jesus, the Father forsake us, He means to give evidence in all the concerns and hopes not to stay longer in the ground for our future. This means that we are led to discover the foundation of freedom and joy of the children of God, freedom and joy possessed by very few believers and even heroically ready for any sacrifice. For those who walk bent under the weight of their thoughts and their duties, the parable of the birds and the lilies of the field did not properly touched their hearts! They have not the sense of wonder, the wonder at God's creation! Yet Jesus teaches precisely this way: "Look at the birds of the air ... ... and do not be worry.".
Why are you here to wallow in your small or big problems, big or small in your dramas? Jesus said: "Open your heart and let love me, live with this certainty, spread around you the nostalgia of my love! The only way you'll be happy and will save the world."

Trust in God falters only when it involves a willingness to accept everything from the hand of God He knows what is good for us! And though sometimes necessary and appropriate waivers were more of a quiet and comfortable life, if humiliations and failures were better than fame and honor, even then we must be ready and available. By acting this way we can live without the burden of the future. The invocation "Thy will be done" in its entirety, must be the norm of Christian life, regulate the course of the day from morning to evening, the turn of the Arno and the life course: it should be, and he who believes has sincere trust in Jesus, the only thought. The Lord takes away all the concerns and this will of God remains as long as we live.
How we are and how we know, we are not certain to remain in the way of the Lord. Like the first men, who by the state as children of God, I could fall into the remoteness of God, each one of us is in the edge of the blade between nothing and the fullness of divine life, and sooner or later we feel this is also practical, personal at the beginning of spiritual life when you begin to rely on God's guidance, we feel his hand very safe and strong: we have to do or not do is before us clear as day. But do not go on like this! Those who belong to Jesus must live the entire life of Jesus, walking on the path of the cross. And all the suffering that comes from the outside are nothing, or very little, compared to the dark night of the soul, when the divine light shines no more and no one hears the voice of the Lord. God is present but hidden and his voice is silent. Is to ask ourselves: Why is it so? These are the mysteries of God of which we speak, but did not leave completely unravel. But we can look into it a little.

God became man for us to share his life again, this is the beginning and the last goal. But there's more in the middle. Jesus is God and man, and who wants to share his life, he must take part in the divine and human life. The human nature that Jesus has taken has given him the ability to suffer and die. The divine nature He has always possessed to suffer and to die is infinite value and a redeeming power. The pain and death of Jesus in his Church continue, each of us must suffer and die, but if it is a living member of the mystical body of Jesus, the Church, his suffering and death purchase, thanks to Jesus, the redemptive power. This is the real reason why all the Saints have always wanted to suffer. This is not an unhealthy desire to suffer, only the desire and the need to feel as Jesus in Jesus.

Fourth Meditation

Introduction to "Twelve Promises." Somewhat 'faster we dusted off the twelve promises made by the Heart of Jesus and transmit to us from Santa Maria Alacoque. You should now reflect on each one to take cognizance of the value of these promises and to discover at which point of Jesus' saving love has come, and how we care about human life with which we build our eternity. He confirms that in this way is not at all lacking in human events, asking for faith and trust. Only on this condition has taken human life, lived having followed all its extension asks everyone to trust him blindly. The sin of which he speaks more often the Bible is the sin of distrust. The sin of Adam, who did not trust the word of God, but has preferred to follow the voice of the devil, is like the summary estimate of all the sins of the world! According to the Bible sin essentially consists in this: not to trust in God, of God's plan, the word of God in pretending to build a project on their own. The overcoming of sin is through faith in the God of love. God cannot bear that man does not trust Him, if man does not trust Him and His love; God cannot save and cannot do it the instrument of salvation.

If, however, the men who trust in God, He is impetuous in his life, he takes it and spends entirely to the expansion of his Kingdom. To demonstrate this we refer to some biblical passages. The Lord said to Abraham "Go from your country, your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you" (Gen 12.1). Abraham lived in Ur of the Chaldeans. Set in a land, in a civilization, a tradition in a country, a country in a relationship, in a house ... He was married to Sarah, his wife was barren, had acquired a huge fortune, lived in a wealthy. But here is that God, jammer, enters his life! "Go away" And Abraham goes, trust, breaks away and goes. With Abraham, who has trusted God, he begins the story of salvation begins the journey of humanity toward the land of God After these things God tested Abraham and said, Abraham, Abraham! "He said," Here I am "Shooting God:" Take your son, your only son whom you love, Isaac, and go in the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on a mountain that I will show you"(Jan. 22 1.2).

Abraham rose early in the morning and. .. Know the rest. God is not content with a platonic love, a love of words. Tests the faith and love of man. The test to which Abraham is subjected is so drastic that creepy. God calls Abraham to name. It is a beautiful but terrible when the one in which God speaks directly to me and calls me by name. If I addressed directly to me, is a sign that just wants something from me. And God never wants to trivial things, always wants things radical. A God who calls them by name, Abraham says, "Here I am." "Here I am" is a key word in the Bible, expresses the fundamental attitude that man must have when it is asked by God expresses boundless confidence that the man must feed on God! And when God makes his absurd proposal to Abraham, Abraham obeys without a word. His faith is huge, insurmountable. His trust in God is so radical that he trusts God even when God offers the absurd: "I will make of thee a great nation" (Gen 12.2). "Take your only son ... you love and offer it to me as a burnt offering" (Gen 22.2). We know the rest. The trust deserves the blessing of God to Abraham: "Because you have done this and have not withheld your only son, I bless you with every blessing." (Gen. 22, 16-17).

The history of human sin takes its start from a distrust: Adam did not trust God's salvation history takes its start from an act of total trust in God We pass to another character: Moses, "Go I will send you to Pharaoh. It is my people out of Egypt, the Israelites." (Exodus 3.10). Moses had devised a simple design, comfortable in his life. He had fled from the face of Pharaoh, had formed a family, but God, the disturber, and broke into the life of Moses, "Go!" God's plan is always a project of human liberation, but he needs to carry them out of the man who trusts him completely and totally to sell his plan of salvation. Moses replied: "Who am I to go to Pharaoh and the Israelites out of Egypt to make?". (Exodus 3.11).

Moses no longer has the faith of Abraham; God But does the objection to God replies: "I will be with you." (Exodus 3:12). In other words he says to Moses: "No matter who you are. Count who I am. Count me to be with you. You do not argue! Go!". Moses trusted in the word of God will work signs and wonders, bring the Israelites out of Egypt, will be the undisputed leader of Israel to the threshold of the Promised Land. But God does not forgive an act of distrust did at Mariah. Arrived at the threshold of the land of Canaan, went up on Mount Nebo and God said to him: "Aim the land of Canaan which I give to the Israelites in possession ... but you do not enter". (Deut. 39, 49-52).

God is Love.

Can not tolerate that man does not trust him and his plan of love. Another intervention of Jesus we have in this statement to his priests and in them at all regarding the need for his presence and believe in it for the outcome of apostolic labors: "I want my priests nearer to Me and only to me: they believe that spending their hours next to my tabernacle, I will be with them, I will work and will change their hearts. As long as they do not leave me Lord of their works, do not wait and holiness of vocations life, but will act to my righteousness. Not conducive to the salvation of souls, many exterior work, travel and conferences or round tables. Do not lose courage, even if their churches are deserted, the time will come that will not be able to contain the faithful. Only if they come near Me, I will be with them. “Precious declaration that encourages the confidence of the condition but also because the outcome of our work have to live with Him, with Him our problems, they are actually situations where he wants to act to signify His presence, however, effectively using us.
Often we are priests to meet people that are new concerns of certain moral and social positions of some person's daughter or friend and do not know what to do. Faced with similar situations, we must remember, in faith, that God does not ask us to fix it, fix He believes when appropriate, when they see our faith in Him more open and serene, but until then he asks us to pray, prayer and even prayer did this ... we want peace, He will not fail to act on resolving the case.

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