Before meditation

According to the teaching of faith, death is a "union of light" and revelation, and we must believe it, closed my eyes to the light of this world, do not enter into the darkness of nothing, since death follows the dawn of the day forever.
St. Paul writes to the Corinthians: "the Lord will light and the darkness that will keep hidden and manifest the feelings of the heart.".
And here is the jump in the light of this day of justice of our sixty-plus years of existence, a vast expanse full of all our actions, one beside the other, with all the details without end, an expanse of fertile, of which every grain sand contains an element of eternity.
As will appear clear that those sins and live now just remember: you look great as our little sins, full of mischief as those faults that just seemed to us sins, especially with a large amount of neglected!
We hear the thoughts of G. Faber "There are a few things you can look cool at the point of death, but there are few that scare the negligence in prayer".

Here is another lesson of death.

If we want to avoid surprises in this hour of tremendous love, learn to think and judge everything in the light of eternity, according to the word naked, without comment, the eternal truth, and not according to worldly theories or the whim of momentary passion.
One of the rules that led to the highest perfection of St. Aloysius Gonzaga was specifically this: "What I need this for eternity".
For this we are often encouraged to ask: "How I see her again on his deathbed this action? How judge this effect?...". Living in faith!
Here's the reality of death that goes: "Think about what is often as the foundation of your life".

It is the hour of Satan.

Another thought which makes it even more frightening death and shows us the urgent need to prepare in time to plunge.
When death is at work, it is known that certain evil spirits are with her, on his deathbed are a time and a place made for their plots: a statement is not arbitrary, but a well-grounded in the truth faith and experience of the Saints.
The Church, the invocation to the heavenly Mother has us pray earnestly for the passing hour, but he never forgets that of death. In the prayers for the dying, it makes us say: "Since the attacks of the devil, deliver this hell, O Lord".
St. Robert Bellarmine, with plenty of examples from the history of Christian life and of the holy, assures us that at that time the enemy will be at our side, and from which we will begin the attack on the poor soul. The first attack will be on faith, hope and charity.

The temptations against faith, hope and charity are the special temptation of death. Above these points will be the most relentless onslaught of Satan, but then the others will follow, perhaps some will return to the temptations that have been most persistent and violent in life ... and that perhaps we ourselves have procured with readings, talks, looks, and that perhaps we have driven too languidly.
Even the Father Faber: "The death is a terrible death in temptations, and yet death is a fairly common. It is, quite often, the end of a life careless, negligent in small things, which takes all the light, which easily accommodates and is with God without reverence and without fear.
They are already so much trouble now the temptation, the struggle against their evil enough to color the insistence of many of our gray days, the simple doubt of the consensus we so frightened. It exposes the Confessor, to regain peace and security of conscience. What will be the shock that we will then, when other concerns will also add to a consensus that would undermine the very last moment, our eternal destiny? We must, after all, think that a good life after a bad death is always a sad can!

Is also the hour of God.

I thought I would end up exposed to generate a wave of excessive fear in the soul, if we had not, as if to return, another very sweet certainty, namely that death is also, and especially, the hour of God, the Father of all the hours of mercies? We hear again the G. Faber: "Death is not only the end of life, is also the confluence of time with eternity, the transition from grace to glory, is a divine punishment turned into a hidden action of grace".
The death of Christian faithful has been rightly called "a remote desert island in an ocean of grace." If the devil is on our side to drain the arts of hate, God will be near us inevitably to exhaust the arts of his divine love.

Still G. Faber: "The smallest of rational creatures is never so little as when left to itself is dying, is never so besieged by the mercy of God at that moment".
One might reasonably doubt that in this supreme struggle between the spirit of evil and the triumph of good is up to it".
We trust, therefore, and exalt our confidence, our love, enumerating the mercy with which the Father of the faithful around the bed dying and have our being to really deserve them.
Writing to his spiritual father St. Margaret Mary reveals this: "The laity will find, especially at this sacred heart a place of refuge in life and especially at the hour of death. Oh, how sweet it is to die for one who has had a tender and constant devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus".
In the letter to the Holy Father Croiset writes: "To all those who consecrate themselves to Him and strive to please, making and procuring for him, as will every love, honor and glory, according to the means by him bestowed, promises that will never allow them to perish and will be their secure refuge against all the wiles of the enemy, especially at the hour of death, this divine Heart will welcome him with affection, making secure their salvation".

Second Meditation

"God has assured us".

God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him At St. Margaret Mary, reaffirming his love for men, manifest your heart just to portray the men from the path of destruction in which Satan and lure them falls so to his salvation.
The words of Jesus in Holy are these: "My heart is so passionate love for men ... ... who wants to appear to them to enrich them of sanctifying grace and healing and to portray them from the abyss of perdition." Then it re-elected in the hope of being heard, let us turn to that Heart and together we say: "For thy mercy save us, Lord".
  1. for the world has turned away from thee: for men who once again Satan has seduced not believe your words, but on his own. We pray to you.

  2. For nations that ignore you or fight you, for those movements that lead young people away from your Gospel, we pray.

  3. You said: "Thou shalt not kill" and kills the man and teaches violence, with the abortion kills children, killing innocent people with the immorality and obscene broadcasts, young people with the vice and drugs: we pray.

  4. You said: "The man does not divide what God has joined together". St. Paul teaches that the husband must love his wife as thou hast loved the Church. But sin is propagated between the lovers, between husband and wife divorce, and women are invited to the wildest freedom without God, with great harm to the family. For all, responsible, and victims, we pray.

  5. You said: "Love one another as I have loved you." And did you believe what we do for others in need. Instead, under the influence of Satan and of the passions is proclaimed violence, hatred and oppression, as opposed to cooperation and mutual assistance is no struggle, oppression. While there is hunger, the other a shameful trade in weapons. For all see sense and return on thy way, we pray.

  6. For deceived, seduced, the misguided, for all the victims of the passions unleashed, we pray.

  7. To the oppressed and the persecuted and discriminated against for inmates, families divided and the suffering, we pray.
Intercessory prayer for the Church.

Jesus promised to Peter, "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". The Gospel recounts that one night while they were in the boat Jesus and his disciples crossed the lake, there arose a great storm, the boat was soon filled with water and sinking while Jesus was sleeping. Then the apostles woke him shouting: "Master do not care that we perish?". And Jesus arose, and rebuked the wind and commanded the sea was a great calm.
It is an hour of this storm for the Church; the opposing forces were unleashed, manipulated by Satan. It's time to cry out to Jesus: "For thy mercy, save us Jesus.
  1. Why is Jesus the Good Shepherd, who gave their lives for the defense of your flock, and have overcome the world and the devil, do not let the forces of evil bear damage, disorientation and confusion in your Church: pray.

  2. Why did Jesus reassures his follower's now instilling trust in their hearts in the midst of attacks that unleash the forces of evil against His Church: pray.

  3. Because in these tough times, where it plays with various forms of persecution, the Church is manifested in one holy catholic and apostolic Church: pray.

  4. Because the Heart of Jesus poured out on all the light to make us understand how the days of persecution and suffering for the Church Through days of new and unknown and closer participation in the Passion: Let us pray.

  5. Why did Jesus with His blood, cleanse, renew, sanctify, protect his Church and individual Catholics to defend the enemy's cunning, which creates doubt, mocks, away from the Church, we pray.

  6. Why in the world the faithful are guarded by the disorientation, the seductions, the easy life, and instead everyone, especially young people, to engage in a genuine evangelical witness, apostolic, charitable: Please.

  7. For the Lord in these difficult times, illuminate the Bishops for effective catechesis for the spread of the faith and knowledge of the Gospel, we pray.

  8. At Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church, particularly sensitive to the needs of her children, we recommend the whole Church, Ave Maria...

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