Anthony of Padua

"It is the poor, the simple and humble, who thirst for the Word of Life and Wisdom of water. In contrast, mundane that intoxicate the golden chalice of the defect, the saputi, powerful advisers, believe me, do not allow themselves to proclaim the divine message.

Written by Anthony

It is a great sign of predestination willingly hear the Word of God as the exile, who sought and heard with pleasure the news from his homeland, shows love for his homeland so we can say that the heart has already turned to the Christian heaven listening with interest to those who speak of heavenly homeland.".


"Prayer is an outpouring of affection towards God, a devoted family and talk with Him, rest of the enlightened mind from trying to enjoy him as much as possible. Prayer is also urging the temporal goods needed the present life, but those which apply to the Lord with true Christian spirit, always make his own will, but urges them to pray only to the need: only Heavenly Father knows what we really need in the temporal . Prayer is finally giving thanks, that recognize the benefits received and offered in return to God all our works, so that our prayer is continuous".


"How should contrition for sin? Listen to the psalmist: "A contrite spirit is a sacrifice to God, a broken and contrite heart. God, thou wilt not despise" (Ps 51.19). These words of repentance are given spirit for the sins, reconciliation of the sinner contrition universal for all the sins and humiliation continues the repentant sinner. The spirit of the penitent, when he is torn and covered with wounds, is a burnt offering pleasing to God he is reconciled with the sinner and the sinner with God".
"By the grace of the Holy Spirit is the same as a spouse joins penitent soul that love has made clean. Divine marriage which is born a Christian, heir of eternal life. So we say the Son of God:" Behold, we are your bone and your flesh".
Lord Jesus, have mercy of our weakness, forgiveness for our sins! Mercy on us, your limbs, O Lord; tensioner brotherly hand, so every day of life on earth is a step forward in our pilgrimage towards the heavenly home. Ago 'that us sinners us close to you, that you listen. Deign to greet us with tea and lunch at Canteen of eternal life".


"Faith is the principal virtue and who does not believe is similar to those Jews who rebelled against Moses in the desert. Without faith no one can enter the kingdom of God, it is the life of the soul. The Christian is one who, with the eye of the heart, enlightened by faith, understands the mysteries of God and makes public profession.
The true faith is accompanied by charity. Believing in God for the Christian, not so much believe that God exists and even believe that He is trustworthy, is to believe in love, abandoning believe in God, joining and conforming to Him".


"Hope is the expectation of eternal life ... desperately lacks the strength to move forward because those who love sin can not strive for glory. But we must hope that the presumption does not become, but is accompanied by fear, and that principle wisdom. No one can come to taste the sweetness of wisdom before they tasted the bitterness of awe. Until man hopes. God grants forgiveness, grace, and if the man repents of his sins, can hope the sweetness of forgiveness".


"There is only love for God and neighbor is the Holy Spirit, because God is love. Love, says St. Augustine, God had this rule: that we love God Himself with all my heart and our neighbor as ourselves, that is, for the same purpose and for the same reason why we love ourselves, then for good.
How great is the love of God for us! He sends us his only Son for us to love Him, without which life is to die for he who does not love remains in death. If God loved us so much to give us his beloved Son, in whom all things were made, we also ought to love one another".
"We firmly believe and openly confess that the same body that was born of the Virgin, was hung on the cross, lay in the tomb, rose again the third day, ascended to the Father's right hand, is the same body as the food given by Jesus to the Apostles and the same that the Church consecrates every day and distributes to the faithful.
On the altar, under the signs of bread and wine is Jesus himself, coated with human flesh which was offered to Father Divine and even now are offered daily. The receiving party is filled with all good: the temptations are damped, the bitterness is changed into joy and piety finds its food".

The Cross.

"The Christian must lean on the Cross of Christ as the wanderer leans on his stick when he takes a long journey. He must be well etched in the minds and hearts of the Passion of Christ only because the word is derived from that source of life and peace, grace and truth. Let us turn our eyes to Jesus, our Lord nailed to the Cross of salvation to crucify our flesh to his Cross mortifying the senses; weep for the sins we have committed ourselves and those of our neighbor".

The soul.

"Contact with the Holy Spirit the soul gradually loses its spots, the coldness, the hardness and turns throughout the fire that burns, the Holy Spirit, in fact, was inspired to infuse a man's resemblance to as possible. Under his action man purifies, warms, comes the love of God, as the Apostle says: "Love God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit to us been given to us "(Rom 5:5). Yes, the soul of the righteous, in which the Holy Spirit dwells with his ineffable gifts, divinity becomes fragrant as a room which houses a precious balm".

The light of the world.

"You are the light of the world! Here, the sun is a source of heat and light. Well, as their source, as witnesses of Christ must flow life and doctrine for the benefit of others. Both ardent love of your life, your doctrine is clear. Crystal, smitten by sunlight, reflected them. So the believer, enlightened by the radiance of Christ must emit sparks of words and examples, and turn next".

My soul.

"O Christian soul, if you are faithful in the earthly trial, one day you'll see what human eye ever beheld. For you, it is said in Scripture:" What eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love Him "(1 Cor 2.9) ... So your eye will be really satisfied, because you'll see the One who sees everything. Then you'll really queen, you are now a slave in exile will be full delight glorified in body and soul. Your heart will swell a joy unspeakable. Now, as pilgrims of Heaven, we place the weary head on the stone is constancy in faith ... but one day rests his head on his chest Jesus, as the Apostle John at the Last Supper.
How big is your sweetness, O Lord! You hold the hidden to those who honor you. Yes, you keep it hidden because most ardently seek it, because they seek to find, because we taste the loving forever".


At the base of asceticism, the holy places humility, root and mother of all virtues. Humility is to know God as man himself and the fire reduced to ashes and lowers high things, so the proud humility forced to bend and stoop, repeating the words of Genesis: "Dust thou art and to dust return "(3:19). True humility is considered a worm, a son of worm and rot. Self-contempt (contemptus on) are the main virtues of the righteous man, with whom he worm on the ground, it contracts and stretches to reach the heavenly blessings. Pride is the greatest sin before God and humility is the noblest of virtues. It says modestly things ignoble and dishonest and is aided by divine grace.
Humility is likened to a flower, like a flower because it has the beauty of color, aroma and sweetness of the fruit of hope. "When I see a flower I hope in the fruit, so when I see a humble, I trust in his heavenly bliss".
Saint Anthony at the very heart the seat of the virtue of humility. As the heart rule the life of the body, so humility presides over the life of the soul as the heart is the first organ to live and the last to cease to exist, so the virtue of humility dies with him. If the heart muscle cannot bear or a pain or a serious illness not to endanger the lives of other organs, the virtue of humility cannot complain or wrongs complained about the welfare of others, because if it fails, crumbling edifice of the other virtues.
The progress on the path of human perfection is commensurate with its reduction, since any man who stands will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted. Anthony Viva is the concern of being "small", to overshadow its strengths and its shortcomings in light, to guard against any attack of pride.
"The progress on the path of human perfection is commensurate with its reduction, since any man who stands will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted. Anthony Viva is the concern of being "small", to overshadow its strengths and its shortcomings in light, to guard against any attack of pride".


Intimately connected with humility, as his immediate offspring, is obedience. If the heart is humble, the bodily senses are obedient. Humility comes obedience. "Obedience, the saint writes, raises man above himself and make bright the path of holiness, although in his obedience skills should include that of being "blind".
Anthony with singular insight, stated that the open obedience to divine grace the visions of heaven: "You'll never see if you are not obedient. If you are deaf to the voice of those who command you'll be blind. Obey therefore with affection the heart, to see with the eye of contemplation. God has an eye in the heart, when those who obey infuses light of contemplation".


The Christian's life, poetically observes the saint, takes place on earth as it explains the majestic rainbow from one point in the sky. There are various colors of the rainbow, but the fiery red and cerulean predominate. Similarly the life of a Christian virtue that is colored blend wrapped and lit by blazing flame of God and love of neighbor. Love must be accompanied by all the virtues, as known image with Anthony home, "as poor and bare the table without bread, so the virtues without love".


Saint Anthony highlights the importance of poverty in the spiritual life. He seeks above all to absolute poverty, lived with such enthusiasm by the staff of first sons Francis of Assisi. By poverty he meant literally limestone in the footsteps of Christ. Poverty is the only way to Christ, a participation in His kingdom.
Poverty has salvific value to humans. It is the way to salvation. What's more is the way that leads to participation in the redemptive work of Christ himself. And poverty that struck the imagination and attracted the heart of Anthony ever since he saw the children of Francis of Assisi begging at the door of the monastery of Coimbra which then resided as Augustinian canon. That live day to day work and charity, that possess nothing, either individually or collectively, no doubt stood out from the ancient monastic order and discipline was a step higher in the scale of moral perfection.
Poverty is the real wealth, protects and generates humility, is the source of spiritual joy, poverty free from desires that bind man to property. And liberation in the liberation of poverty leads to the glory of man heaven, where he sinks into the ineffable mystery of the Godhead.
Saint Anthony remained faithful to his love of poverty until his death. He spent the last days Camposampiero guest of Count Tiso, overlord of the place, but not in some room of his palace rich, but in the solitude of a cell prepared in a walnut cabinet that reminded him of the old hermitage of Montepaolo miserable huts.
Shortly before his death, writing of his intention to Sermons holidays, holy let out a moan on the revulsion that so many showed for the ideal of absolute poverty, "How are today - he wrote - those who willingly and for long would live in strict poverty, if they knew with certainty to have a day in exchange for the kingdom of France or Spain! And there is instead some today who wants to live in true poverty of Christ, to gain a kingdom of heaven".

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