Saint Anthony

Anthony sacrificed everything for God to bring him the souls that were converted thanks to the miracles granted to him by God.

The Vision

Anthony while praying alone in the room, the master who had hosted glancing surreptitiously through a window, he saw appear in the arms of a child blessed Anthony beautiful and joyful. The Holy hugged and kissed him, contemplating his face with relentless vigor. That city, amazed and delighted by the beauty of that child, was thinking to himself, whence he came a little child so lovely. That child was the Lord Jesus He revealed to Blessed Anthony that the guest was watching him. After much prayer, the vision disappeared, he called the holy city and forbade him to express to anyone, he living what he saw.

The sermon to the fish.

Anthony had gone to spread the word of God, when some heretics tried to dissuade the faithful who had flocked to hear the saint, Anthony then took the river which flowed a short distance and said to the heretics so that the crowd hear this: Since you proved to be unworthy of God's word, behold, I turn to fish, to confound your disbelief. And began to preach to the fish size and magnificence of God as they spoke more fish Anthony flocked to the shore to hear him, raised above the surface of the upper part of their body and watching carefully, opening the mouth and bowing his head in reverence. The villagers came running to see the wonder, and with them the heretics who knelt upon hearing the words of Anthony. Once the conversion of heretics, the Holy One blessed the fish and let them go.

The beast (the mule).

Rimini Anthony tried to convert a heretic and the dispute had centered around the sacrament of the Eucharist which is the real presence of Jesus the heretic named Bonville, launches challenge to Anthony saying: If you, Anthony, can you try a miracle that the Communion of believers is, however veiled, the true body of Christ, I renounced all heresy, my head will submit without delay to the Catholic faith.
Anthony accepts the challenge because he was convinced by the Lord to get everything for the conversion of the heretic. Then Bonfillo, calling with his hand to silence him: I'll keep my ass closed for three days deprived of food. The past three days, I'll pull out the presence of people, show him the corn ready. Meanwhile you'll be in contrast with what claims to be the body of Christ. If the animal while hungry will refuse the corn and worship your God, I sincerely believe the Church's faith. Anthony prayed and fasted for all three days. On the appointed day and the square filled with people all waiting to see how it ends. Anthony celebrated Mass in front of large crowd and then with great reverence leads the Lord's body in front of hungry mare that had been brought into the square. Simultaneously Bonfillo showed him the oats.
Anthony imposed silence and ordered the animal: By virtue and in the name of the Creator, that I, unworthy as it is, I hold in my hands, I say, I order you to get close to animals and promptly with pay due reverence and humility so the wicked heretics clearly learn from this gesture that every creature is subject to its Creator. The mare refused fodder, and bowing her head down to the hocks, went to genuflect before the Sacrament of the Body of Christ in adoration. Seeing the incident, including all present and heretics Bonville knelt adoring.

The reattached foot.

While confessing, Anthony received a boy who had a stroke of anger kicked his mother. Anthony said that action would have merited so severe that the amputee was a foot, but acquitted him seeing sincerely repented of his sins. Came home the young man took an ax and cut his foot by making a loud cry. The mother went up and saw the scene and went to Anthony accusing him of what happened. Anthony then went to the boy's house and hung up his foot to his leg which remained without any scar.

The baby who is speaking.

In Ferrara there was a gentleman extremely jealous of his wife, who possessed an innate grace and sweetness. Been pregnant, the unjustly accused of adultery and once the baby is born, he had quite a dark complexion, her husband was convinced even more that he had betrayed.
At the baptism of the child, while the procession went to church with his father, relatives and friends, Anthony passed by them and, knowing of the allegations of the rider, gave it the name of Jesus asking the child who his father. The child, born recently pointed to the knight and then a clear voice, said: "This is my father!" The wonder of these was great, especially that of the knight who withdrew all charges at his wife and lived happily with her.

The heart of the failure.

As Brother Anthony preached in Florence, died a very rich man who had refused to listen to the exhortations of the Holy. The relatives of the deceased took the funerals were wonderful and invited the monk to take Anthony eulogy. Great was their outrage when they heard the friar comment on the words of the Gospel: "Where your treasure is, there is your heart" (Matthew 6:21), saying that the dead man was a miser and a usurer.
To respond to anger of relatives and friends said the Holy: "Go and see his chest and you will find the heart". They went and, with amazement, they found him trembling in the midst of money and jewelry.
Also called for a surgeon opened the chest to the body. He came, did the operation and found no heart. Before that miracle converted many misers and usurers and tried to repair the harm done. Do not go for wealth that make man a slave and put him in danger of being lost, but virtue, the only acceptable to God.
Therefore, citizenship enthusiastically praised God and his Holy. And the dead man was not placed in the tomb prepared for him, but pulled like a donkey on the mound and buried there.

Flukes in prison.

Fernando (Christian name of Saint Anthony) loved both God and parents. Demonstrate love for God with long prayers and love to Mum and Dad with ready obedience and joyful. The voice of parents who called him, he was ready to leave the game and even prayer. Once the Lord rewarded his ardent desire to go to church, so it was the season when ripe wheat fields and past, in flocks, you fall on the spikes producing damage. Fernando's father entrusted the task to supervise the field away flukes during his absence. The child obeyed, but after an hour he felt a great desire to go to church to pray.
So he mustered all the sparrows and locked in a room in the house. When the father returned, he was astonished not to find in Fernando and I called to scold him. But his son assured him that not even a grain of corn had been eaten, took him home and showed him the captive flounder, then opened the windows and let them free. The father, surprised, shook the heart and kissed her son overtime.

The repentant sinner.

One day he went to a great sinner, decided to change my life and to repair all the evils committed. Knelt at his feet to make a confession but his emotion was such that he could open his mouth, tears of repentance stood on his face. Then the holy monk advised him to retire and write on a sheet his sins. The man obeyed and returned with a long list. Brother Anthony he read aloud, then return the paper to which he was reluctant on his knees. What was the wonder of the repentant sinner, when he saw the sheet perfectly clean! The sins were gone from the soul of the sinner and so was the paper.

The poisoned food.

The great number of listeners who flocked to the sermons of Brother Anthony and conversions he obtained filled more with hate heretics of Rimini, who thought of it poisoned. One day they pretended to want to discuss with him on certain points of the catechism and invited him to lunch. Our friar, who did not want to miss an opportunity to do good, he accepted the invitation. At a certain point in time before they make a food poison. Brother Anthony, inspired by God, saw it, and rebuked them, saying: "Why have you done this?. To see - said - if true are the words that Jesus told the Apostles: drink the poison and will not hurt you".
Brother Anthony gathered in prayer, drew a cross on food and then ate peacefully, without suffering any damage. Confused and repent of their evil deed, the heretics beg his forgiveness, promising to convert.

The young resurrected.

Brother Anthony was able to save her father, falsely accused. While Antony was in Padua in Lisbon a couple of night killed an enemy and buried in the garden of his father Anthony. Found the body, was charged the owner of the garden. He tried to prove his innocence, but failed. The son knew that he went to Lisbon and went to court claiming the innocence of the parent, but they would not believe him.
The Saint then did bring to justice the man's corpse and, between the shock of those present, called him back to life and asked him: "It was my father to kill you?". The resurrected, sitting on the couch, he replied: "No, it was not your father" and fell on his back, returning the corpse. Then the judge, convinced of the innocence of this man, let him go.

The gift of bi.

Anthony held in Montpellier, France, a course in preaching. During the conversation in the cathedral he remembered that day he had to sing the Alleluia during Mass was celebrated in the convent that her convent, and he had not instructed anyone to replace him. Then open the conversation, he pulled his hood over his head and remained motionless for several minutes.
Wonderful! At the same time the brothers saw him in the choir of their church and heard him sing the Alleluia. After singing the faithful of the Cathedral of Montpellier saw him shake as from sleep and return to the sermon. In this way God showed him what they were like the efforts of the faithful servant.

The devil tricked.

One day in the city of Limoges, France, the Saint was making a speech outdoors because no church could contain the large number of listeners noticed. Suddenly the sky was covered with thick clouds that threatened to plunge into a large shower. Some listeners frightened, began to leave, but Fray Anthony called them assuring them that were not affected by rain. The rain began to fall with rain all around, leaving the perfectly dry land occupied by the crowd. After the sermon, all praised the Lord for the miracle that had made and recommended to the prayers of the holy friar so powerful against the wiles of the devil.

Anthony took her back to life a boy who was suffocated in his sleep clinging blankets neck.

Even after his death many miracles were made by Anthony.

The day of the burial of a woman Anthony sick and crippled prayed before his urn was completely healed.

The same thing happened to another woman who had his right leg paralyzed. Her husband took her to the tomb of Anthony and while he prayed he felt as if someone asserted. He was making his recovery, he left on crutches walking perfectly.

A little girl is very weak and atrophied limbs were placed on the saint’s tomb and were cured completely.

A singular incident happened to a knight named Aleardino by Salvaterra, who had always laughed at the faithful considered ignorant or naive. In a tavern began to publicly deride some who spoke enthusiastically of the many miracles of Anthony. The rider, mocked, said: "It 's possible that this brother has done miracles this glass because glass does not break throwing hard to the ground. Make this your holy miracle, and I embrace your faith".
Aleardino by Salvaterra forcefully threw the glass on the ground, but that's not broke, indeed, scratched on the stones that fell. In this miracle the knight was converted and became Catholic, abjuring his mistakes.

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