St. Elizabeth of Hungary


Santi Relatio miraculorum «Incipiunt miracula sancte Elyzabet»

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Healing of a child born blind

On 8 April 1232. Theodoric the child, born blind and with orbits completely closed, having acquired the five years, while praying at the tomb of Elizabeth, Marburg. He said the mother under oath, confirm, the priest of the chapel Godfrey and some citizens of Marburg, where Hermann, Albert and Ditmaro. Witness the same master Corrado, who has personally verified and questioned witnesses.

Resurrection of a child

Day October 16, 1232. Mrs. Lutgard, the diocese of Mainz, said under oath that his three year old child died after acute illness. His body lay cold now. Grandma Berteide insistently invoked the Lord and asked the assistance of Elizabeth, promising to bring every year a distinction found his tomb and to donate a contribution to St. Francis Hospital in Marburg. The dawn of the third day the child began to breathe and began to move. In the evening already spoken. Attest Lutgard mother, grandmother Berteide, Conrad's father, grandfather and sister Bertheit Anselmo. Ratified by the bishop.

Healing of a girl gibbosa and scrofulous

Day of 24 June 1232. Healing of a girl with the bumpy (hump) and scrofulous (tuberculous nature of infectious disease that occurs mainly with swollen lymph glands and sometimes suppuration), named Beatrice. At the age of nine years - said his mother Sofia with an oath - Beatrice was hit by a strange male in all his limbs. After two and a half years of illness, was marked by conspicuous gibbosa (hump) on the shoulders and a scrofulous chest, making it severely deformed and almost immobilized. Takes place a trusting pilgrimage to the tomb of Elizabeth, with generous offers. But nothing! Mother Sofia protested against Elizabeth, threatening to distract the faithful from visiting his tomb. It took the road back. Beatrice suffered a lot and sweating cold. Fell asleep exhausted. Upon awakening he declared that she had appeared in his sleep by a woman that beautiful face, with its delicate white hands, caressing the body deformed, while whispering, "Get up and walk." The girl stood shivering and sweating. Was cured and no trace of the bad evils. The party turned back at the grave, to thank Elizabeth. I declare under oath Sofia's mother and stepfather tiles. Confirm Guntram (who had assisted the sick at home for seven months), Ebordio, Conrad, Frederick, Volvinio, Berthold and Albert Larbach. Ourselves - say the ecclesiastical judges - we heard the witnesses and saw the girl in perfect health.

Healing of a disabled girl

7-9 April 1232. Healing of a boy who was crippled at the age of sixteen, October 6, 1231. His name Buttigler Bertrand of the diocese of Erbach. Under the intrusiveness of the disease, she could no longer move his limbs or even walking. His mother Gertrude, after the sermon of the Master Conrad of Marbug in the hospital chapel, he was a spectator of a miracle at the tomb of Elizabeth. Then he thought to his daughter, left home. Churches also all'ancella Gutta to join her in asking the intercession of Elizabeth. Same day, on Good Friday, Bertrand began to feel better and healed completely. This was declared under oath his mother Gertrude, confirms in detail the place Erkenboldo the priest, who was in full knowledge of the facts. Agree other witnesses, such as Conrad of Buttegler and Trageboto, cop. Ourselves - say the ecclesiastical judges - we heard the witnesses and saw the girl in perfect health.

Healing of a lame

Days 1-2 June 1232. The son of Valter and Irmentrude of the diocese of Mainz, at the age of twelve years he was struck by an illness that left him disfigured and became a hindrance to his movements. Had developed giant growths on the right side, with different damage and swelling, subsidence of the pelvis and lower limbs. After two years, even his arms were missing functionality. The only hope, they planned a pilgrimage to the tomb of Elizabeth. Holy Thursday were there in prayer. The boy began to feel better. They made another pilgrimage during the Pentecost. During the trip the boy began to walk and felt better. Arriving in Marburg, the tomb and immediately touched his arm was healed. On the way back the boy was completely healed. The witness also his parents and others, such Volpert, Enrico, Hartmudo, who knew the facts they had known the healthy boy, had seen him around for years and then ill have seen it cured.

Resurrection of a young man drowned

Day July 4, 1232. The soldier Henry, of the diocese of Mainz, said under oath that a boy of eighteen, entered the river to fish Welter, was swallowed by the water under the eyes of all. Some only after a long while he fished. They laid it on the boat and tried to squeeze out the water from his lungs, putting it upside down. Did not appear, however, no sign of life. Shouted their hope to Elizabeth, begging her intercession. The young man immediately began to breathe and was revived. Testifies under oath the soldier Marcardo, brother of Henry, the same shall certify the Miller Corrado, intervened to rescue the boy.

Resurrection of a dead boy

July 25 1232. Madame de Lutrude Ruden, the diocese of Mainz, one day he found that his child of three and a half, called Wezelino, had died some time. He squeezed his body, between groans and tears. Then called the neighbors to help prepare the clothes for burial. Without resignation, the mother pleaded with Elizabeth to intercede for him, accompanying the prayer with many promises. At nightfall, the child showed signs of life, and about midnight he was now well. They had spent five days! This is attested by the mother Lutrude oath. The jury included Irmentrude, neighbors, rushed to offer assistance. It also Conrad, from the same village. Ourselves - say the ecclesiastical judges - we have seen the boy alive and perfectly healthy.

Healing of a blind boy in one eye

Day June 15, 1232. The boy Henry, son of Henry of Gruninberch, was born normal. But soon developed an abscess in the left eye. Hide these bad after six weeks, was like a veil over his pupil, so that the child did not see anything with that eye. The child had been nine years and was blind in his left eye. The father accompanied the child to the tomb of Elizabeth and invokes her intercession with confidence, while the boy laid his head on the grave. The veil of the eye is in two parts and the pupil begins to recover his sight. Within eight days the boy could see perfectly well with the eye that was blind. The marvel of all was great. Attest under oath father and Hartmodo, Valter, Irmentrude and others who were aware of the fact.

Healing of a girl covered with fistulas

Hadewige The girl, aged nine years, found himself attacked by ulcers on the neck, shoulders, legs, etc.., So that wherever it flowed much pus. The clothes are smeared and the dogs ran to touch his clothes. After four years of suffering, the grandmother Guta vowed to travel to visit the tomb of St. Elizabeth and offer gifts. They went together and during the return journey the infection began to decline and soon the girl appeared healed. I declare under oath the grandmother of Guta Biedencap, Gerbert her husband and other witnesses, such as Bruno, Adheleit, Diemodo, Sybota, Enrico.

And again

  • Healing of Lutgard, in his twenties, was cured of a disease that has distorted his face and mouth.
  • Healing of a boy of eighteen named rucher, who became paralyzed in the legs.
  • Healing of Arnold crippled in one leg.
  • Madame Adelaide was cured of dropsy.
  • The child was cured of Jute S. Elizabeth by paralysis of the limbs of walking.
  • Vigardo, twenty years, was cured of a paralysis in the leg.
  • Healing of Conrad of 13 years, hit by strong distortion and hump
  • A pea seed enters the ear of the little girl Matilda and stays there for years with great sorrow. Family members are turning to Elizabeth and the recovery is immediate.
  • Angelo boy hit by a corresponding loss to the nose and right eye has healed from Santa.
  • Mr. Henry has recovered from serious multiple fractures, had fallen from a tower.
  • Eiiwina, become completely blind, was healed by Elizabeth that appears.
  • lluta was cured of a long and severe epilepsy.
  • The child Isaac, shot four years by severe deformation (hump, shrunken limbs and opacity in sight), was cured after having invoked insistently S. Elizabeth.
  • Healing of S. Elizabeth John, a child of nine years, afflicted with fistula in the legs and become lame.
  • Henry, a boy of four and a half years, was cured of epilepsy, which made him squint and caused contortions of the limbs.
  • Ildegonda, fourteen years, was healed by St. Elizabeth by severe epilepsy persistent.
  • Berta, a girl of twelve years, was healed by St. Elizabeth severe bleeding.
  • Mrs. Matilda recovers from complete blindness in his left eye through the intervention of S. Elizabeth.
  • Healing of Conrad, a child born healthy but after a year became silent, bent and ulcers.
  • Matilda a girl of nine years was cured by St. Elizabeth from blindness in one eye, the child had not seen for seven years.
  • Adelaide a child of five years, a diseased eye become blind from birth and was healed by St. Elizabeth.
  • Ekehardo was cured by St. Elizabeth dall'ernia contracted by jumping from the wagon in time of harvest has become increasingly serious.
  • Gertrude, a daughter and became a hump pack, tumor growths has been cured by the intervention of S. Elizabeth.
  • Henry was a young sixteen cured S. Elizabeth from ulcers which covered his body for seven years.
  • Gertrude a child suffering from blindness in one eye was healed.
  • Cristina a girl of 18 was cured by St. Elizabeth from blindness in one eye, now contracted for six years.
  • Mrs. Bezel was healed by St. Elizabeth blindness contracted during the puerperium and endured for seven years.