St. Elizabeth of Hungary


Saints St. Elizabeth very humble creature kept hidden, visions, angelic conversations as well as visions of Jesus himself who comforted, encouraged and sometimes kidnapped in ecstasy.

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St. Elizabeth was afraid of being praised by people from falling prey to pride and powered by wind flattery of men because he despised the vain things of the world and had chosen to live humbly, she was a princess, all leaning towards the love of God and the relief of suffering.

The incredible love for Jesus made her beloved daughter and through you God will be witness. S. Elizabeth made resurrect many dead, more than sixteen, he had the gift and the privilege of curing a man born blind, and a list of cures really amazing, this abundance of miracles bear witness and proclaim his holiness.

On the day of the transfer of his holy body, after the body was placed in the coffin of lead, raised above the ground, sealed with the seals of the bishops and prelates, with the testimony of the religious, the tomb opened the following day to distribute relics was found that an extraordinary fragrance oil gushed from the bones of her abundant. This appears still to those who observe.

At the tomb of St. Elizabeth, on its merits, is given sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, the lame walk, the mute speak, the prisoners are freed from the chains and prison, the lame, the epileptic and furious heal; the possessed are released, the dead are raised, the lepers are cleansed and they throng the people get the desired relief in various diseases. Similarly everyone gets what he prays with all due humility, receive what they ask earnestly sincere, because the door of grace is open to anyone who knocks on with the tenacity of devotion. And not just the disease here is bodily healing and relief, but also the spiritual evil.

We too can turn to this great Saint Elizabeth to the glorious one who can become our advocate for our sins, and through his merits that we can ask. Hasten to be refreshed when hungry, young people recognize the one who raises the dead, the girls see in you shine the virtue of chastity, and you need to see it in their support and their comforter.

This invokes the afflicted as a helper, invoke also the culprit for conversion, invoke the weak, the needy because they receive the encouragement and satiety, invoke those who are in distress and needs help.
S. Elizabeth is consoling the afflicted, the needy, relieve the oppressed. With her, fails to reject the petition sincere, fervent prayer watered by tears. Cannot she who dwell in their own sufferings to learn compassion for others, one who learned to understand the personal hardships, she who was generous, even lavish in works of mercy the supplications of the poor.

With confidence will be heard all humility we turn to her as a very special treat, resort everybody appealing.
All the creatures of the world will see her as the divine mercy, and in particular how Jesus has opened the door of mercy for her intercession for the love of Jesus Elizabeth disdained earthly possessions and all worldly vanity. She saw him, loved him truly, firmly believed in him, asking Santa for this bright obtain from God the gift of true faith, and that we get continuous conversion of heart to fly on the pure love of God.

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