Saint Therese of Lisieux and the drama of life


Saint Therese of Lisieux and the drama of life
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The Christian life is a journey that leads to the Father with the support of the grace of the Son of God, since we are in need of aid needed to sustain us in the journey. Sin is what we commit is to commit the other, encourages us to evil, rather solidifies into structures that affect us and trying to pervert. Attacks are constant, sometimes violent and evil that threaten our status as children of God.

In this drama we go through the time of our lives, so we need to pray and work for the Lord to grant us the miracle of holiness, that is daily discovering that he could not do without Jesus, have no other love Him.

Therese, in her terrible passion of his last months of life, made his most tender professions of love and trust in God, because he learned to know him as Father and rely confidently and stubbornly to his hand, despite the darkness of suffering.

God sometimes calls the most loved by children the task higher, more difficult, but more dear to his heart to the Father, that offer themselves for the salvation of his brothers.

Therese said yes, yes whole, on behalf of us all. With his yes Therese has thrown completely into the arms of God, the one that was totally and eternally loved.

The experience of Therese of disconcerting. Was not understood by her sisters that they mitigate the message. Was not understood by readers who enchanted by the "Story of a Soul" thought a Saint a bit 'soft and easy. The process of beatification is doubted the testimony of his virtues, his path seemed so ordinary. Therese transmit its message with a disarming language does not use abstract terms and certainly not only a great saint but also a great teacher of spirituality and doctrine. Hans von Balthazar spoke of "theological existence", because his life has proved so essential truths extraordinary.

Therese feels she can achieve with his love for those in need. Perceived to have a place in the church, the same place that occupies the Lord, the place of love that spans across all ages and in all places. Love that makes Therese missionary par excellence: she is convinced that "a soul inflamed with love can not remain inactive.

The world is saved on my knees; I save those who decide to be like children. Those who accept as a grace to discover their limits and turn them into greatness in a prayer to the gracious and merciful God. How do experience that the Lord loves us because of our limitations? How they do with what St. Paul: "I put my strength in my weakness"?

The spirituality of Therese lives on in those who feel their patron and sister and are capable of abandonment, to accept life as it does with the earth the seed and wait patiently for the colors of spring with the fragrance of the Easter and summer heat. With the hope of being able to wait for the calm and have the strength to smile for the storm that disrupts the plans and creates the damage. With the continuing desire to accept, expect and accept the mystery in total confidence to the Lord.

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