Saint Therese of Lisieux

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Saint The splendor of truth shines forth in all the works of the Creator and, in a special way, in man created in the image and likeness of God.
(cfr. Gn 1,16)

Truth enlightens man's intelligence and the freedom of man, which in this way is guided to know and love the Lord. Hence the Psalmist prays: "Lift upon us, O Lord, the light of your face.
(Sal 4,7)

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Saint and Blessed

St. Rita of Cascia
Saint Rita is one of the most loved Saints today, the subject of an extraordinary popular devotion, because beloved by the people that feel very close.

Saint Benedict of Norcia
It lets you know the power of the Cross of St. Benedict against epidemics, diseases, evil demon. It is not a magical symbol that cancels every difficulty of our life, but a means that can help to overcome them.

Saint Francis of Assisi
The poor man of Assisi, singer of perfect joy. The most famous character among all the Saints and loved around the world.

Saint John Bosco
His life was a great and true martyrdom, a life of colossal work, which give us the impression to be tired only to see him. The servant of God, a life of charity unchanging and inexhaustible patience.

Saint Anthony of Padua
His extraordinary doctrine was accompanied by sensational prodigies. St. Francis called him confidentially: my Bishop.

Saint Therese of de Lisieux
St. Therese of Lisieux shocks the Church and the world with a hurricane of glory.

Saint Lucy Virgin and Martyr
With his martyrdom launched in the history his cry of love for Jesus.

Saint Catherine of Siena
Catherine proclaimed Doctor of the Church, a woman who could neither read nor write, is the paradox of the wisdom of the simple that draws directly into the mystery of God.

Saint Rose of Lima
Rose loved Christ even in the poor and the sick, which is why she welcomed them

Saint Martin de Porres
His charisms are so great that some scholars have defined him as the Padre Pio of Latin America. It is very popular in South America especially in its native Peru

Saint Charbel Makhlouf
Saint Charbel Makhlouf spurs us on to discover the divine mystery, in an incessant astonishment of the love of God.

St. Gemma Galgani
This Saint with the stigmata fascinates for its spiritual and mystical experiences. Dialogues with the angels, ecstasy.

Saint Catherine Laboure
It was a humble nun, mystic, simple and angelic. Messenger of the Miraculous Medal. She found no difficulty living a life of sacrifice in prayer and mortification.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary
The holy princess who helps the sick and cure the lepers in extreme penance and intense charity.

St. John of Vianney
Parish Priest of Ars. John Vianney was a humorous saint, admirable for pastoral zeal, for his unbroken desire for prayer and penance and model of piety.


› Prayer group
The Invisible Monastery is a group of prayer and intercession. You can join us for free. By joining our extended family you can make a positive change to your future.


Virgin Mary Mother of God
You should not resist the invitation of Mom. It is the most sincere, is the holiest, is the most effective of all. It's so much that's called: the voice seems weakened by tiredness; it seems perhaps broken by tears.


› Exegesis parable
The Parables are stories in which Jesus spoke about God, the feelings of God, the will of God, using events that happen every day in everyday life.

Saint Joseph the Patriarch
The greatness of this Saint is incomparable and unimaginable. God gave Him power over everything..

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Devotional practice of First nine Fridays of the month originated from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque following a great promise for revelation made by Jesus himself.

The Last Things

The Last Things
The path we take is exciting, because it leads us to discover, pleasantly, truths that will solve the doubts that perhaps we had inside our hearts.

Hell a terrible reality
Hope is not to sink into the horror that will never end.

Purgatory, the place of purification
Only suffering purifies and how the fire burns all dross. There many brothers that are reaching out to receive an act of love that drives them where the sun shines the eternal.

What eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man God has prepared for those who love him.

The Passion of Jesus

The Passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ
The extraordinary power that meditation on the soul of the various stages of the Passion of the Lord is manifested in the peace she feels, feelings that arouses strong in the sense of force that invades and new hope that instills.

Anne Catherine Emmerich
This mystic who suffered and died for Christ, tells the painful stages of the Via Crucis.

Maria Valtorta
In the richness of visions narrates a gospel that does not replace the gospel, but it expands and enlightens him.

Theological Virtues

Faith is the foundation of what is hoped and proof of what is not seen, in itself does not need theoretical support because its roots sink into certainty.

In each suffering of our life emerges the desperation for our destinies so suffocated and destroyed by pain and darkness of the suffering that can be born insatiable need to hope to succeed to open yet horizons of good.

The Charity
So we must be willing to accept the invitation of God to free the heart from slavery to passions to make it full of His love.


The Angels
Beings of light who burn with divine love, are our wonderful allies.

Marian apparitions
Holy Mary with His action as mediator, clarifying and announcer goes, over the centuries, the history of mankind.

The Mercy of God
God has revealed His Merciful Love that relieves man of sin and repairs all human weaknesses and shortcomings.

True love
Love is so great that it is worth looking for it. If you find it you will not have doubts. It will bring you joy and happiness.

The Sanctuary Our Lady of Oropa
In the Sanctuary of Oropa where is venerated Black Madonna, they occurred Miracles, Healings, conversions and Prodigies in large numbers. Here he meets the Heart of Mary.


The Demon
Satan, the Rebel, the Corruptor, the Cursed, with his serpentine tongue is the Father of lying and attracts us on the path of lies.

Sin and morality
I need to put in place. We feel that there is some disorder that disturbs us, but often we do not know what.

The Temptations
The temptations although severe and troublesome, are helpful to man, because they are humiliated and trained, and amend.

Penance and fasting
Today, speaking of penance seems to be a paradoxical argument because man, forgetting sin, has lost the perception of God.

Eucharistic Miracles
The Eucharistic miracles confirm the words of Jesus, strengthen faith and demonstrate the real presence of the Body and Blood of the Lord in the Eucharistic bread.

The miracle is a sign of God's presence and His work and is intimately tied to faith. Faith, therefore, precedes the miracle indeed it is the precondition for it to happen.

Mental illnes
Angela is struggling like so many mental obsession and depression, then he decides to implement an exciting inner journey and meets healing.

Evangelical Beatitudes
With this discourse, Jesus highlights, analyzes, embellishes and completes the Ten Commandments with a content that must affect the totality of individuals, who by applying these divine teachings their own can enter into communion with God.

The Friendship
True friendship is that affectionate and almost fraternal feeling that brings people together in one and the ego becomes a we. Friendship allows you to participate and share everything with each other ...

The Ten Comandments
God help the man and guide him in time to the streets impassable in the world, donated the Ten Commandments. They are dictated rules of his ardent love.


The wounds of the Soul
Vices wound the soul and prevent it from developing that energy incredible and necessary that only she can tap into the love of God to reach true and only happiness.

Reflections and meditations on transcendental to illuminate the soul and discover a strip of sky.

The power of prayer
The ancient traditions reveal that the language that connects us to God is represented by the feelings and emotions. Pray with all my heart, it means to feel the feelings that our dream has already taken place.

Illness and spirituality
The disease not only affects the biological aspect whose competence is from doctors, but binds to another existential man.

The silence and meditation
We live in an emotional road in which it is difficult get away, and then you need to find the time to look inside and stop the spiral of so much activity, say or be.