Saint Therese



Or little Saint Therese of the Child Jesus that in your short existence you were an example of angelic purity, of great love and generous abandonment in God, now that enjoy the prize of your virtues take a look of compassion to me that I trust in you.


The merciful love of the good God composed by St. Therese of Lisieux.

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus wore night and day on her heart this act of offering, in the book of the Gospels. J.M.J.T.

Offer of myself as a victim of merciful Love of God.

My God, Blessed Trinity, I love you and love you, work for the glorification of the Holy Church by saving souls on earth and liberating those suffering in Purgatory. I wish to accomplish your will perfectly and to reach the degree of glory which you have in your kingdom prepared for me, in a word, I want to be holy. But I feel my helplessness and I ask you, O God, be thou my Holiness.
Because You loved me to give me your only Son as the Savior and Spouse, the infinite treasures of His merits are for me, I offer them to you with joy, begging him not to look at except through the Face of Jesus and in His Heart burning of Love.
I offer all the merits of the saints (which are in heaven and on earth), their acts of love and those of the holy angels, and finally I offer you, O Blessed Trinity, the love and merits of the Virgin Mary, Mother dearest, it is which I suggest to you my offering, begging her to introduce her to tea.
Her Divine Son, Husband, my Beloved, when he was on the ground told us: "Whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will grant it." I am therefore confident that heard me.
I know, O my God, the more you give, more you want.
I feel in my heart immense desires and it is with confidence that I ask you to come and take possession of my soul. Ah, I cannot receive Holy Communion as often as you wish, but, Lord, You're not perhaps Almighty? Remains in me, as in the tabernacle, not depart from your little victim...
I would like to console you for the ingratitude of the wicked and beg you to take my freedom to displease you, if sometimes out of weakness, falls, Your Divine Glance cleanse my soul burns suffered any imperfection, like the fire that transforms into itself all things...
My God, I thank you for all the graces you have bestowed on me, in particular for having passed through the crucible of suffering. And with joy that we behold the last day, carrying the scepter of the cross;
After the earthly, I hope to enjoy in your kingdom, but I will not pile up merits for heaven, I want to work only for your love, with the single desire to please you, to soothe your sacred heart and souls to save you will love forever.
At sunset of this life, I present to you, O Lord, with empty hands, because I will not ask you to sing my works ... Our whole justice has stained your eyes. So I want to clothe your justice and receive from your love the eternal possession of tea. I want no other Throne or other Crown but Thee, O my Beloved!...
Your eyes time is nothing, just one day is like a thousand years, you can, therefore, in an instant, ready to appear before him.
To live in an act of perfect love, I offer AS VICTIM OF HOLOCAUST TO YOUR Merciful Love, imploring her to consume without stopping, leaving the streams to overflow into my soul of infinite tenderness that is encased in you and me to become so, Martyr of your love, O my God!...
May this martyrdom, after having prepared to appear before, let me then die and that, soon, my soul is thrown into the eternal embrace of Your Merciful Love.
O my Beloved, with every beat of my heart I want to renew this offer countless times, until, vanished shadows, I may ridirti my Eternal Love in a face to face....

Mary Therese Francesca
of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

Feast of SS. Trinity, 9 June in the year of grace 1895


(composed for the Novitiate)

O adorable Face of Jesus! Since you have deigned to choose in a particular way to give you our souls to them, we come to consecrate to you.
O Jesus, we seem to hear you say, "Open to me, my sisters, my beloved wives, because my face is covered with dew and my hair is wet to the frost of night.".
Our souls understand your language of love; we seek your sweet face and consulates oblivion of sinners. In their eyes, you are still as hidden ... We consider as an object of scorn!
O most beautiful face of lilies and roses spring! You're not hidden to our eyes! The tears that flow through your divine sight appear to us that we want to collect precious diamonds to buy, with their infinite value, the souls of our brothers.
We have heard the lament of love your mouth Adored. Realizing that the thirst that burns you is thirsting for love, we would have infinite love cookies before you drink.
Beloved wife of our souls! If we could have the love of all hearts, all this love is for you... Well Give us this love, come to drink from your little brides...
Lord, we are souls of the apostles and martyrs, so that, with them, we can ignite your love of the multitude of poor sinners.
O adorable face, we obtain from you grace! Forgetting our exile on the banks of the rivers of Babylon, we sing to your ears the sweetest melodies. Since You are the true, the only country of our souls, our songs are not sung in a foreign land.
O dear Face of Jesus! Waiting for the eternal day in which to contemplate your infinite Glory, our only desire is to enjoy your Divine Eyes by hiding our faces too, so no one here can recognize ... Your face is veiled our heaven, O Jesus!...

O little St. Theresa of the Child Jesus in your short life you have been an example of angelic purity, of love and generous surrender to God, now enjoy the reward of your virtues to look with compassion to me that my trust in you.
Far 'your my wishes and turns to me one word at Mary Immaculate of which you were the favorite daughter, the queen of heaven that you smile on the morning of life, tell her as Mother of God and man I get with her powerful intercession I wish so much that now grace and accompanied with a blessing that strengthens me during life, help me in the hour of death, and lead me to the blessed eternity. Amen.

- Father, Ave, Gloria
- Hail, holy Queen


- O God, come to save me.
- Lord, makes haste to help me.
- Glory be...

  1. Eternal Father with infinite mercy to reward those who faithfully listen to your word, for the pure love that your daughter was Saint Therese for Baby Jesus, so as to force you to heaven to fulfill his wishes, since she had joined the earth with joy to your will show favorable to entreaties for me herself I implore you, my prayers and grant the favor I ask.
    - Father, Ave, Gloria

  2. Eternal Son of God who have promised to reward even the smallest service to the neighbor for your sake, look at your wife Saint Therese of the Child Jesus who had so much at heart the salvation of souls and for all he has done and suffered hears His promise to "spend heaven doing good on earth" and grant me the grace so ardently I ask.
    - Pater, Ave, Gloria

  3. Eternal Spirit that you have enriched with many thanks the chosen soul of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, I conjure thee for the faithfulness with which corresponded to your holy gifts: take your prayer for me she asks you and upholding his promise to "let fall a shower of roses", grant me the grace I need so much.
    - Father, Ave, Gloria


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