Prayer to Saint Rita

Oh God who dealt with you to give to Santa Rita such grace that she loved the enemies and in the heart and forehead brought the signs of your charity and passion. We pray for her merits and her intercession to grant us the grace of forgiving our enemies and meditating on the pains of your Passion, so that we obtain the expected Promise, you who live and reign over the centuries. Amen.

The patron Saint of the impossible and despairing cases

O Or beloved Saint Rita,
Our Patron also in the impossible cases and Advocate in the despairing cases,
make God to release me from my present disease.......,
and remove the anxiety strongly pressing my heart.

For the anguish, you experienced in many similar occasions,
have pity of me devout to you,
who trustfully asks for your intercession
to the Divine Heart of Crucified Jesus.

Or beloved Saint Rita,
drive my intentions
in my humble prayers and fervent desires.

Amending my past life of sinner
and obtaining the forgiveness of all my sins,
I have the sweet hope to enjoy a day
God in Heaven with you for all the eternity.

Saint Rita, Advocate of the despairing cases, pray for us.

Saint Rita, Advocate of the impossible cases, intercede for us.

3 Pater, Hail and Gloria.


  1. Oh Holy Protector of the Afflicted: Powerful Advocate in Desperate Cases Santa Rita da Cascia: You are the brilliant sun of the Holy Catholic Church, the mirror of patience, the scourge of demons, the health of the sick, the consolation of the needy, The admiration of the saints and the exemplar of all virtues, you, the sacred bride of Jesus Christ, by Jesus himself crowned and marked in the forehead with one of His most sacred thorns, from the highest of Heaven listen to my sinful sinner's voice; Pray for me, thank me. To you, my venerated protector, in these tribulations I am anguished in the soul and in the body. Do not allow me to succumb to the weight of the misfortunes that persecute me. Come to my rescue oh Santa Rita: Let me experience the effects of your protection, pray for me, and confirm my requests with your intercession at the throne of the Most High. Get me an increase of faith, hope and charity: sincere and filial devotion to the Great Mother of God the Immaculate Virgin Mary, liberate me from all evil of soul and body: And especially get me ... (here is the grace that you want) This grace I ask you and look with confidence if you have to be of greater glory to God, because it was tempted and overcome any other obstacle, one day can come to thank you In Heaven, and enjoy eternally with the Father, with the Son, and with the Holy Ghost: So be it.
    Pater, Ave and Glory.

  2. My Lord and my God, for you, for the sake of the blood and merits of Jesus Christ, for the virtues and privileges of the Most Holy, through the intercession of Saint Rita and all Saints, give me a true pain of my sins , Preserve me from offending you in the future, give me a good life and a holy death, free me from hell, and give me paradise: So be it.
    Pater, Ave and Glory.

  3. My Lord Jesus Christ, who has deigned to give you so much grace to Santa Rita, who, as you did in the love of the enemies, so brought in your heart and on his forehead the signs of your charity and passion for her intercession and for the merits of it, give us the grace of knowing how to love our enemies, so that you are trapped by the spine of true compunction, we can always contemplate the bitter pains of your most holy passion, my sweet Jesus, who you live and reign for all Centuries of centuries. So be it.
    Pater, Ave and Glory.


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