Saint Rita



As far as you may be unhappy, for what afflicts you, do not be afraid to trust your heart to this small, great Cascia nun.

Cult and canonization

Santa Rita was worshiped by many of his faithful immediately after his death for her prodigious events, referring to her intercession, so that she gained the "holy of the impossible".

Her beatification took place in 1628, 180 years after her death, during the pontificate of Urban VIII.

In 1900 Lion XIII made her canonized as a saint. Her devout believers call her "holy of the impossible" because from the day of her death he realized the needy, prodigal miracles, and events deemed unworkable without her intercession.

Catholic popular devotion for Saint Rita is still one of the most widespread in the world, but since 1600 and by the Augustinians it is particularly rooted, as well as in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

With the reform of the liturgical year of the Roman Martirology, May 22 is her feast.

The body

The remains of the saint are kept in Cascia, inside the basilica of Santa Rita, part of the homonymous sanctuary and erected between 1937 and 1947.
Medical Recognitions carried out in 1972 and 1997 confirmed the presence of osteomyelitis on the left frontal area, while the right foot shows signs of a disease suffered in recent years, possibly associated with sciatica. She was 1 meter high and 57 cm high.


Santa Rita will be able to speak to your heart with her extraordinary Love and inflate yours and through Her intercession to make her even more pleased to the Lord.

Santa Rita has for centuries left her mark of love for the extraordinary healing, conversion, and liberation of the obsessions obtained by God, still today is close to those who invoke her, because love does not have time and lasts forever.

The intercession of Santa Rita is so powerful that the devout people call her the "Holy of the impossible cases, advocate of desperate cases." So what are you waiting for, you also try to ask for his mighty intercession, who knows that your constancy is rewarded and you can join with those who thank God for having donated this great Santa.

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