The prayer


Monastery Prayer is the means by which man puts into communion with God speaks to him and receives the message. It is the most extraordinary, the noblest, the most fantastic of all the actions that a human being can accomplish.

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The power of prayer

Prayer is not just words, but also is silence, during which you allow God to speak to man. It is made of gestures, attitudes, especially of suffering and reflection on God's word.

God does not command impossibilities, advises us to do what we can with our own strength, and He will give us the necessary help if you ask. Those who pray are certainly saved; those who do not pray are certainly damned. The same as our Savior inspires us to him with the promise to grant our requests, "Ask whatever you wish, and you shall receive" (Jn 15: 7). Jesus Christ himself in the Gospel urges us: "Ask and you shall receive, seek and find, knock and it shall be opened". (Lk 11,9).

It was enough to say "ask"; why add "look"? And then that "knock"? The Savior tells us that we must act like the poor, who get by begging insistently. The Lord desires that we also follow their example, we pray with insistence.

Prayer is the thing most dear, must become the constant exercise of all our lives. We always ask for the grace to continue to pray for the future, if we cease to pray, we will be lost. To pray is the easiest thing, you know, for example: "Lord, assist me"; "Lord, help me"; "Lord, give me your love" and so on. There is a simpler thing about this?

Many complain that God does not grant them the graces they desire. They pray, but do not pray as they should; so do not get: "Ask and you do not get because you ask wrongly, to satisfy that your passions" (James 4.3). The prayer must be humble. A passage in the Holy Scriptures, also reported the Apostle James says: "God resists the proud, the humble but gives grace" (James 4.6). The prayer of a humble soul penetrates the heavens and beyond will not start without that God has answered. "Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have got and you will". (Mk 11:24).

Often, the mind repeats the words of the prayer but the focus is elsewhere captured by other thoughts. The pronunciation mind the words of habit but the attention slips away from the presence of God. The soul remains disoriented and cold because the focus has lost in daydreams, and wanders between objects that have caught unaware, or deliberately he tried. When there is harmony in the soul that prays, when the man who prays is not fully present to the One to whom he addresses the prayer, as this may cause him joy? How can rejoicing the heart if his prayer is only apparent? Only the hearts of those who seek the Lord will have joy.

The prayer invokes the powers of the feeling that they were scattered among the passions, and revives the soul's powers. By means of the virtues, it eradicates the ugliness of sin and the soul will reproduce the beauty of the divine traits, through the knowledge of herself.

Please tenaciously, imitate the widow who, by dint of pestering the implacable judge, she obtained mercy. If your prayer will be practiced by the mind, in the silence of contemplation, the Lord will reveal the wonderful invisible reality of heaven. Meditation of the things of God will flash more your fervor.

Prayer makes ascend the mind to the divine consciousness with all the strength and weight of his love, dwarfs the lusts of the flesh, remove the attractions of sensitive pleasures and beauties of the earth do not have more charm. The soul is absorbed in the contemplation of the beauty of Christ, and remains there with purity of mind. God, loved and invoked like this, welcomes the language of prayer, giving soul who prays an inexpressible joy.

The mind free of fantasies, no longer faces memories, or traces of carnal experiences, you will find in the purest simplicity, higher than the sensible and the intelligible, and will reach his thoughts directly to God. From the bottom of my heart, burst forth like a cry, the Lord's name. The mind, shaped by virtue, will come into another life through knowledge and love of God and, in accordance with love, it will become fruitful wisdom that will reveal wonderful secrets.