The prayer

The prayer



The Nobel laureate, Prof. Med. Alexis Carrel, called the prayer, the most powerful form of energy. A seeker of fame, the American scientist Dr. N.J. Stowel, measured the effect of prayer. He says: "I was a cynic, an atheist and I believed that God was only an imagination of the human mind.

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Energy form

One day I worked in a large pathological laboratory in a clinic. I was employed to measure the wavelength and intensity of irradiation of human brains. With my colleagues decided to study what happens in the human brain during the transition from life to death. For this purpose we chose a woman who suffered from a malignant brain tumor. She was perfectly normal physically and mentally. Her serenity struck us all. We knew she had to die, and she knew it. Shortly before her death we set off in his room an ultra-sensitive recording device that was to tell us what would happen in her brain in the last minutes of life. Above the bed we added a small microphone in case she said something in the last moments. In the interval we went into the next room. We were five scientists and I was the most insensitive. While waiting we stood in front of our tools. The needle was on zero and could oscillate at 500 degrees to the right in the positive values and 500 degrees to the left in the negative.

Sometime before, with the help of the same unit, we measured a radio station whose program is radiated into the ether with an output of 50 kilowatt, it had to be a story that was to be broadcast around the planet. During this test we noticed a positive measure of 9 degrees.

The last moments of the invalid seemed to approach. To a sudden we heard that she began to pray and praise God. She asked him to forgive all the people who had wronged in life and then said: "I know that you are the only source of life worthy of trust for all your "creatures. Thanked him for his strength, with which he had guided her throughout her life. He claimed that his love was not diminished in spite of all his sufferings. And in view of the forgiveness of his sins through Jesus she gave off an inexpressible joy. Shivering we stood around our equipment without being ashamed of our tears. Suddenly while the woman continued to pray we heard a rattling on our device: the needle was positioned at 500 degrees to the right and stirred several times against the obstacle. We had made an amazing discovery: The brain of a dying woman in touch with God developed a power 55 times stronger than anything in the universal radiance of radio diffusion. To verify our observations, we decided to do another experiment. We asked the nurse to stimulate that effect to a patient. The man responded with insults and curses and turned to God in blasphemous manner. There were the jingles on our unit. We were stunned: the needle beating against the obstacle had broken below the 500 negatives on the left. We were able to demonstrate indisputably scientifically the positive power of God but also the opponent's negative force. From that moment my conception atheist began to collapse.

In a hospital they were made experiments to test the efficacy of prayer in healing the sick. A group of people was willing to pray for some patients randomly selected. The result was that these were cured before others. Other tests were made, but this time joined the numbers to sick people, so that we did not know for whom he was praying. Even in this case, the results were surprising. The people combined, in their own knowledge, to the numbers recovered before the other.

In the United States and Japan they were made experiments on the effects of deep meditation. This did reduce anxiety levels, cholesterol and adrenaline while, did raise serotonin levels. In addition, the proven benefits were: reduction in blood pressure, headache, benefits related to irritable bowel disorders, reduction of cortisol (stress hormone), nocturnal increase of melatonin, decreased norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter produced by stress ); increase of DHEA (hormone that acts on the immune system), increase of testosterone; increased brain coherence between left and right hemisphere. But prayer is not only good for the "recipient", is good especially to themselves because it allows neuromuscular relaxation, promotes calm, serenity, inner peace.

Prayer has shown me that there are some things, regardless of our ability to provide evidence. I know we are capable of great possibilities and an unexpressed and deep capacity to love. Perhaps most importantly, I know that it is possible to end the suffering of all creatures, honoring the sacredness of life. This scenario is already with us, here and now. I know these things are true, because I saw them. The moment we admit these possibilities on a mass scale, it becomes a new great hope.