S. Gregorio di Nazianzo



Faith - Hope - Charity

Where, then, are those who overcome poverty and are overwhelmed by their wealth?

From The Theological Oratories

Those who define the Church according to the number of people, and despise the "little flock"?

Those who come to measure divinity and weigh the people on balance? Those who recognize the value of the sand and overrode the lights of the sky, rock the stones and disdain the precious stones?

They do not know, though, that if the grains of sand are more numerous than the stars, and the pebbles are more than glittering stones, they are not even purer and more precious.

Do you still get irritated? Do you still want to arm yourself? Do you still insult? Is ours a new faith? Treat the threats and I'll talk. We do not want to offend, but reproach; do not threaten, but blame; not to hit, but to cure. Does this also seem to you worthy of insolence? What a shame! Once again, consider a slave who is equal to you in dignity? If that is not the case, you accept my freedom of expression. Even a brother rebukes his brother when he is offended.

(Heb 33: 1)

For baptism to be effective, it must be joined to the true confession of faith

In addition to all these things and first of all, keep me the good store for which I live and for which I am a citizen and who would take me with me when I leave this life; With it I bear all the pains and disdain all the beloved. It consists in the confession of faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I commend you today this confession, with this I will baptize you (I will dip) and I will raise you up. I convey it to you as a companion of your whole life and your protector: it is the only divinity, the only power that is found together in the three People and brings together the three beings distinctly. [...] Let's take our salvation, let's face our baptism: the Spirit palpitates, the one who has to make you perfect is ready, the gift is at your disposal.

If, however, you are still uncertain and do not accept the perfection of the divinity, and make you a dead person at the moment of regeneration, so that you have neither the grace nor the hope of grace, salvation. In fact, whatever of the three parts you have extracted from the divine nature, you will have destroyed the whole and, for yourself, perfection.

(Prayer, 40, 44)


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