Maria Valtorta

Jesus says: "Love, mercy, prayer, mortification, the desire to possess the gifts of God and to possess holiness, feelings undeniably worthy of praise, can be stained with impurity that spoils them and makes them do not accept God.


July 26th
Purity of heart does not consist in having a heart locked in a virgin body, nor in having a heart desire to remain so. The purity of the heart is something so delicate that the physical is nothing compared. Massive wall this, against which the attempts of Satan bounce without serious injury. It is enough that one does not want, that does not come to violate himself. But the other is a silver spider web and even the wing of a fly can break it. The wing of a moscone. The unkindness of the spirit that ceases to watch constantly and carefully. Then it is very easy for the most holy things to be stained with human rusts, decomposing or at least defacing themselves in their good essence.

The love of God is impure when you give God a cult whose purpose is this: "I love you because I want a lot from you". You can all ask and wait for God who loves you. But it is more beautiful to say: "Father, I love you and I want what You want, I do not ask you to do what You want, I just want what you send me because if you send it to me, it is certainly good for me You are my Father and I abandon myself to your love ". It is impure when it is to make up for it. God must be loved over every calculation. Loved in Himself and for Himself. If I said: "Love without hope of compensation" referring to the neighbor, with more reason this pure love of calculation should not be given to God?

Likewise, love of neighbor is impure when you love only those who love you in your neighbor, those who serve you or in any way are useful to you.

I have not put a limitation on love of neighbor. I said: "Love your neighbor as yourself". And knowing your tendency to proclaim yourselves good, kind, dear, holy, and so forth, and also your subtlety in distinguishing in what makes you distinguish - which would have led you to love very few, because you would have found defects in everyone respect to your virtues, defects that would have justified, in your eyes, your rigor towards others - I specified: "Offer the other cheek to those who already struck you, to those who has forcefully raised the tunic give it even the cloak. Love and benefit those who hate you, pray for those who make you suffer".

I know that the meaning of the world calls these "foolish" advice. The pigs call the stones messy stones and prefer to them the fetid broth on which they float the excrement and waste. The sense of the world has many affinities with the tastes of pigs. But what is foolishness in the world is science for the sons of the Most High, it is intelligence and grace.

Follow this science, intelligence and grace, and you will have great reward in Heaven and supernatural comforts on earth, those comforts of all the hours that the mundane seek in vain to find among the things of the world, the more they dive there and the more bitter and disgust penetrate their hearts. There is only God who gives peace. God and good conscience. Two things that sinners do not have friendly to them.

Mercy is still beautiful. But to be truly beautiful and pure as a happy virgin who goes to the altar, one must rely on the right intention as the arm of a loving bridegroom to whom faith is sworn. Otherwise it becomes vanity and pride, and even giving is useless as you threw your oboli into the jaws of Satan.

I said: "Be merciful as my Father is". But the Father God perhaps sounds the trumpet or faces the leap of the Heavens to say: "Listen, listen! I have given bread and life to so many creatures today, I have defended many dangers from danger, I have forgiven many others"? No. He does and is silent. Do with such modesty, with such confidential care that you, fools of the world, do not even think that what you enjoy gives you God always too good for you; and you, who are not foolish but are still very far from being Christians as you should, say: "God gave it to me, but I deserved it". Oh! Oh! He deserved it! And is not this pride already a source of demerit? And who can say so implying: "If God had not done that he would have erred"

From morning to evening and from sunset to dawn, God is merciful and beneficent, and only very few exceptions among the sons of the earth raise their eyes and their heart to say with a smile: "Thank you, good Father, I recognize your gift in this gift". When you make mercy, do it only out of love: of God to imitate the good Father, of neighbor to obey my word and my example.

Prayer! Oh, what a good thing prayer! God placed it in the heart of man as the need to breathe. Is it not the breath of the soul? Without breath also the motion of blood ceases and the body dies. Prayer is the one that keeps the spirit alive, always keeping it in the presence of God. Two who see themselves can not forget. It's not true? Well, the prayer is to stand before God, in the form of a son, and say: "Here I am, I know that you are my Father and therefore I approach you. With whom to speak of being understood only with the One who did he teach the Word, his Word?"

But prayer must, like other things, be pure. Not made for human usefulness. Out of the one thousand million prayers that are made daily on earth, 999 million are made to ask for human joy, money, health, and sometimes even go so far as to ask for death to have freedom from one who is hateful, to ask for evil for one of your kind who, rightly or wrongly, is guilty of disliking you. Can God ever hurt to please one who hates?

Only a million prayers are made to ask for supernatural help that will allow you to rise to that perfection you want to achieve to do something grateful to God, who wants you holy and reunited with Him. This million prayers go up humble and grateful and say: " Father, help me to sanctify myself My weakness needs you to be strong Father, I want to love you perfectly and I do not know Teach me to do it, You, Love Father, I know and remember what you have already given me. I would be a wretched person in the body and more in spirit Thank you, Father, for everything I say to you: "Again, again for your benefits." But not for thirst for human well-being More than for the flesh, I say "still for the spirit" mine, to whom I want to make the eternal homeland. O Holy Father, your little creature sighs at your breast. Support me on the way because I do not deviate in other ways and come to You, my Rest and Joy".

The desire to possess God's gifts and sanctity is almost obligatory. What would you say about the son of a king who did not wish to possess the gifts his father gave him by sending him to say from his messengers: "Here there are incalculable riches for you, because you use them for your pleasure and I will send them to you " What of this son of king who, knowing that his father had destined him the crown, had no desire to encase it to continue his fatherly royalty? That crown which the king's father has prepared for him is a sign of paternal love, which he thought of his heir even if in the land of exile. Refusing it or neglecting it is disrespectful dislike for the father. The same is true of the son of the King of kings who dies, with his spirit, in indigence because, with a guilty abulia, he does not resort to the treasures of the Father and never thinks of that crown: the sanctity that will make him king in the eternal Kingdom.

But why holiness? And what gifts? Holiness to enjoy God. Not for the sake of being praised among men.

In truth I tell you: in my Heaven there are sanctities and saints of every more varied characteristic, but there is not one who has attained holiness for the desire to be known and celebrated for this among men. One is for martyrdom, the other for being an anchorite, one because tireless worker of hearts through preaching and the other because it was consummated in silence and prayer, this because it was the lover of my childhood and the other of my torture, still who was the knight of the Pure Virgin and who was the herald of the great King. But there is not, there is no one who is saint because he thought to be to bring a halo in the eyes of the world.

You do not see the saints on the day when their holiness is proclaimed on earth. But if you could see them in that moment, you would see an amazement of children who, already holding a cheap toy or contemplating a beautiful engraving, can be seen putting a petty rag in their hands and under the eyes a tattered drawing and they hear 'adult who offers him to tell him: "Look what a beautiful gift I give you!". The child looks and keeps silent. But he thinks, with the rightness of observation of the children: "But there is no comparison with what I already have". And they remain indifferent to the gift by continuing to look and fondle what they already had.

The saints have God. What more do you want them to seduce? Do the halo increase their joy? They already have it complete and perfect. They have God.

Again: a good child, very, very very good, not a little hypocrite, when he is praised for being good he thinks: "I should not have done it? My father always tells me that I must be so I did not do anything that deserves I have obeyed my father to make him happy ". He does not understand, in his humility, how great it is to know how to obey for love and to make those who love him happy.

Even the saints, humble because they are saints, think: "What have I done in a special way? I have obeyed the command of God my Father to make him happy". And they are already so completely happy, that the feasts of the earth leave them indifferent. The holidays, I said. Not the prayers of the faithful. These are petitions that distant friends send to those who, to be beside God, can speak to them more directly about their needs. This is charity. And charity, practiced to perfection by them in life, has become even more perfect since it merged with Charity itself.

Therefore desire with holiness the holiness and the gifts that help you to possess it. But with purity of heart. That is with the sole desire to reunite you as soon as possible to God to love him even more and to benefit the brothers with your merits for the communion of saints.

And mortification? Oh! that's pure! How many useless mortifications you do not do! Useless and sinful. Because? Because impurity. Those impure by praise and anti-charity are impure. Being good to be praised, to perform a penitence to be noticed, to sacrifice oneself in eating a fruit because the world you admire and then not knowing how to be patient, humble, merciful, is just useless. What do you want me to do with your fruit not eaten when you vindicate yourself with the sacrifice of eating it with the biting of your brother with poisonous words? What do you want me to do with your penance if you can not bear even what life brings you? What merit does being good outside the home when you are vipers in your home? What merit to wear hairshoes if you can not bring the hair shirt of my will into silence? Remember what I said: "When you do penance, you should get your head and wash your face". Pass from immortified to the foolish eyes of the world. Just do not give scandal, because the scandal is always bad. But if you only appear common creatures, and therefore you have nothing but indifference and no praise, while in secret you consume yourselves for the love of God and of the brothers, your merit will be great in the eyes of God.

And if you do not know how to impose penance, oh! accept those of life. It's full! Accept, saying, "If this penalty comes from God, your will be done, Oh Lord, if it comes from a poor bad brother, Father, I offer it to you so you forgive and redeem it".

Do so, beloved. And everything in you will be pure. You will then have the purity of the heart. And in a heart that has purity, God has throne.

Go in peace now. Proceed with my peace on the way of purity of heart, thinking that the pure in heart will enjoy God."

July 28th. John, chap. 9th v. 31. Jesus says: "The power of doing the will of God! It causes God to deny us nothing. It can not be said, given the majesty of the Lord, that he becomes the servant of the obedient man, but it seems that the Most High, before his obedient servant, wants to overcome him in readiness and, for all that is good, he answers it with prompt solicitude.

Those who get are not the many prayers. It is doing the will of God. Prayers and resistance to this will mean to make the prayers void. How can you demand, by righteousness, that God bends to your will that desires something, when you do not bow to his desire when he asks for something else?

I - think how powerful obedience to his will is on God's heart - I have not redeemed you with any of my own acts. I could have it because I was God as the Father, and everything is possible to God. I would have therefore with a single word been able to erase the guilt from the world as I erased infirmity, sin and death from individuals. But to teach man to return, son of God, I, God become Man, I wanted to redeem through obedience to the will of God. And consider what obedience was mine! When I had totally consumed it, totally, then Heaven was opened on the fallen man and the Forgiveness came out.

Disobedience had disinherited man, obedience made him God's heir. All that is eternal and infinite was yours again for obedience.

Then learn the way to be fulfilled: "Doing the will of God for love of Him".
Go in peace.


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