The Mercy

Jesus voice

Monastery It is not necessary, my son, to know much to please me.
As long as you have faith and you love with fervor.
If you want to please me even more confide in me more, if you want to please me immensely, then confide in me immensely.

Join us


So talk to me the same way you would talk with the most intimate of friends, to your mother or your brother..

Tell me his name and that of your parents, your siblings or friends, or some person recommended to you ... Tell me now what do you want to do for them. I promised, "Ask and you shall receive. Who asks receives "Ask for much, very much. Do not hesitate to ask. But ask in faith because I gave my word, "If you had as much faith as a mustard seed you could say to the mountain, rise up and cast yourself into the sea and it will obey you. Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be granted".

I like the generous hearts of those who, at times, forget about themselves to think only about the needs of others. So did my Mother at Cana, in favor of the spouses, when during the feast of the marriage, there was no more wine. She asked for a miracle and it was granted. So did the Canaanite woman who asked me to free his daughter from the devil, and she got this special grace.

Tell me then, with the simplicity of the poor, about those who you want to console, about the sick you see suffer, the lead astray you would like to come back to the right path, friends who have moved away and you still would like to have them beside you, disunited marriages for which you would like peace.

Remember Mary and Martha when they begged for their brother Lazarus and obtained his resurrection. Remember that Santa Monica, after having prayed for thirty years for the conversion of her son, a great sinner, she obtained his conversion and became the great St. Augustine. Do not forget Tobias and his wife who, with their prayers, obtained that the Archangel Raphael was sent to them to defend their son who was traveling, freeing him from the dangers and the devil, and then let it return rich and happy beside his family.

Tell me even a single word for many people, but it must be a word of a friend, a fervent word of the heart. Remember that I promised: "All things are possible to him who believes. Your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! Whatever you ask the Father, in My name, He will give you".

If you want to make me a list of your needs, come to read them in my presence; remember the case of my servant Solomon, he asked and was granted wisdom in abundance. Do not forget Judith who pleaded for great courage and got it. Keep in mind that Jacob asked me prosperity (and promised to give away a tenth in charity) and he was given, very generously, everything he ever wanted and even more. Sara asked me and I sent away the demon that tormented her. Magdalena prayed with faith and was freed from her bad habit. Zacchaeus, with prayer, broke free from a harmful attachment to money and turned into a generous man. And you... what do you want?

Tell me honestly if you're proud, if you love the sensuality and laziness, that you are selfish hand fickle. That you neglect your duties. That you judge your brothers too severely, forgetting my prohibition: " Don't judge lest you will be judged, do not condemn them and you will not be condemned".
Tell me if you speak without compassion of others. Do you care more about what others think of you than what "God thinks." Do let yourself be dominated from sadness and moodiness. That reject your life, your poverty, your woes, your work, the way they treat you, forgetting what the Holy Book says: "God has all things for those who love him".

Tell me if you have a habit of telling lies, that you don't know how to restrain your look and your imagination, that you don't pray fervently that your confessions are made without pain and without the intention of avoiding future occasions of sin, and because of this you always make the same mistakes. That you don't follow Mass like you should and that you do the communions without preparation and with little action of grace. That you're lazy and you're afraid of the apostolate. That sometimes you spend a few days without reading even one page of the Bible ... And I will remind you my teachings that will bring about a total transformation in your life. I'll tell you again: "God humbles the proud but He fills the humble with grace ...". "If we neglect the small duties, we neglect even the big ones. For every damaging word that comes out of your mouth you will have to give account on the day of judgment. Blessed are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice".

Do not be ashamed, poor soul! There are many righteous in heaven and saints who had the same flaws. But they prayed with humility and little by little they got rid of them. Because "I came not to call the righteous, but the sinners" and because "God never refuses a humbled and repentant heart. The best gift to God is a contrite heart. "And do not hesitate to ask spiritual and material goods, health, memory, sympathy, success in work, studies and in business. Be agreeable with all the people. New ideas for your business, friendships that are useful to you, good character, patience, joy, generosity, love for God, hate for the sin ... All this I can give to you, and I want you to ask me anything to help your holiness. But all you have to do is to always repeat my prayer in the Father, not what you want, but what He wants 'Because many times what a person asks is not good for his salvation, and then our Father will give him other gifts for the greatest good.

What do you need?
What can I do for your own good?
If you knew how great is my desire to please you!. I fed five thousand people with only five loaves of bread, because I saw that they needed it. I calmed the storm when the apostles woke me up. I raised the daughter of Jairus when his father asked me to do it. You'll need to repeat with the prophet: "He turned to the Lord and was heard"

Tell me in detail. What worries you? What do you want to do? What do you wish? How can I help? Maybe one should always remember the words of the Psalmist: "What leads us to success are not our anxieties. What brings us to success is the blessing of God. Entrust yourself in God your concerns and you'll realize your good wishes" The Israelites wanted to occupy the promised land. They begged me and I granted it; David wanted to defeat Goliath, he prayed and got it, my apostles wanted me to increase their faith, they asked me this favor and I granted it with enormous generosity. And you .., what would you like me to grant you?

What can I do for your superiors, for the people who live in your home, in your neighborhood, that you encounter in your path, for the people for whom you will have to give account on the day of judgment?
Jeremiah prayed for the city of Jerusalem and God filled it with blessings, Daniel prayed for his fellow countrymen and obtained that their suffering diminished. And you, what do you ask for your neighbors, your neighborhood, your region, your country.

If they are already dead remember that "it is a good endeavor to pray God for the dead, so they may rest in peace".
And if they are still alive, what do you want for them? More patience in their sufferings, in their health problems? A pleasant character? Understanding in the family? The prayers of a child can not be rejected by whom, in Nazareth, for thirty years was an example of filial love.

Pray for him or her and I will make your family a temple of love and comfort, and I will pour on them enough aid to be happy in time and in eternity.

Don't you want from me grace and friendship?
Don't you want to do good for your neighbor, for your friends, maybe for someone you love very much, but who lives far from religion and does not practice the right way?
I am master of their hearts, respecting their freedom, I gently bring them toward the holiness of God and His love. But I need people who will pray for them.
In the Gospel I left this promise: "Your heavenly Father gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him," Ask me for that good spirit, that they may remember the eternity that awaits them, to prepare a good treasure in the sky, doing, in this life, many good deeds and praying continuously for the salvation of your family and the others, never forget the wonderful promise of the prophet, "and those who lead many to righteousness, will shine like the stars forever".

Tell me. Tell me, disconsolate soul, your sorrows in every detail. Who hurt you? Who hurt your pride? Who has despised you? Tell me if things don't go right at work, and I'll tell you the cause of your failure. Do you not wish to take care of yourself?
Come to my heart, which has an effective balm for all your wounds. Tell me everything and soon you will tell me that, like me, all forgive and forget everything, because "the pains of this life are not comparable with the immense joy that awaits us in eternity as a reward".
Do you feel the indifference of people who have loved you before but now have turned away from you for no reason? Pray for them, My friend Giobbe prayed for those who were ungrateful, and the goodness of God forgave them, and brought them back in friendship.

Why don't you make me partaker of it, as a good friend? Tell me what, yesterday or since your last visit to Me, comforted you and made your heart smile. Maybe you had some pleasant surprises. Maybe some fears and anxieties for the future disappeared. You have overcome some obstacle, or maybe you solved some serious problems? All of this is my work, I procured you all this.
How I rejoice the thankful hearts that, like the leper healed, return to give thanks, but the ungrateful sadden me, like the nine lepers of the Gospel, who did not return to give thanks for the benefits received.
Remember that "He who thanks for a grace obtained, will be granted many more".
Tell me a "thank you" with all your heart.
You already know that I can read at the bottom of your heart. Humans are easily deceived. God is not. Tell me then with sincerity. You have the firm intention not to expose yourself anymore to an occasion of sin? To deprive yourself of that newspaper, magazine, movie, television program that harm your soul? Not to read that book that has excited your imagination? Do distance yourself from that person who has disturbed the peace of your soul? To stay silence when you hear the anger coming? Because "the reckless say what they feel inside when they are in a bad mood, but the prudent remain silent when they are in a bad mood, and know how to conceal the injuries received".
Do you want the good intention of not speaking ill of anyone, even when you believe that what you say is true? Not to complain because it's a hard life? To offer me your suffering in silence rather than go around denying your pains? To leave a small space every day to read something that you will help you, especially the Bible? So they will say of you, "Hear the word of God and put it into practice, it will be like a house built on the rock, it will not collapse".
Are you still amiable with people who have treated you badly? Will you have, from now on, a cheerful face and a lovely smile? Even for those who do not have much sympathy for you?
Mark my words: "If you only respect those who love you, what reward will you have? Even the bad ones act this way. Forgive and you will be forgiven. A sweet face will cheer the hearts of others".

But do not forget these fifteen minutes of pleasant conversation we had here in the solitude of the sanctuary. Retain as much as you can in silence, modesty and charity with your neighbor. Love my Mother, who is your Mother. Remember that to be a good devotee of the Virgin Mary is a sign of sure salvation.

The end of the whole spiritual journey is to reach deeper intimacy with Jesus and share with him the joys and sorrows that He feels.
Jesus needs comforters, but he finds very few. Comforting Jesus is the most refined way to love Him. At the end of the day what does really matter? Not the great things that you do, the acts of heroism that you can achieve for many poor people in need, but comforting Jesus.
He is the center of the whole life of the Church.
When you love Jesus and comfort Him, you are already in all parts of the world, at the bedside of the dying, in prisons, in the leper colonies, to comfort the dying, to alleviate the sufferings of purgatory.
Although it is true that where there is one suffering being, there Jesus, it is also equally true that to comfort Jesus is to defeat the sorrow of the world, this vocation is very difficult to understand and to live: you must have reached a high degree of holiness.

You have no compassion for Me? I'm all alone in the tabernacles. So mocked, abandoned and so offended. Go to console and repair: repair such abandonment. Visiting the imprisoned and consoling is good work. I am in prison for Love. I am the prisoner of the prisoners.

Sweet Mother of Jesus, You are THE FIRST WORSHIPPER of Him and the Holy Trinity, you are the MOTHER OF WORSHIP, the Mother of all worshipers, my Mother...
Under your protection I put my life. With immense gratitude I thank you because I opened my eyes to contemplate the One who is sacrificed on the Holy Altar and opens the way of Eucharistic Adoration. Always lead me in the presence of your Son in the Tabernacle.
Guard my soul and sanctify my vocation to worship, for the glory of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.