The origin

Each disorder is originated from a passion, the intellect remains clouded and do not let emit any more judgment than in favor of the passion of which he is at the mercy.

The passion comes on for one thing which it is ardently love.

Disorder and passion

Eight are the main temptations of evil thoughts, which make war to man, knowing than it can help us to remain vigilant and to refuse their attacks.

The first is that of the stomach, after it is lust, love of money, sadness, anger, sloth, vainglory, pride.

The thought of the stomach suggests that we abandon quickly the asceticism; It presents before our eyes the stomach, the deprivation is necessary.

Impurity incites us to desire the beauty of the body and make it the axle with greater violence than those who live temperately for them to stop, convincing them that did not come to any result.

The love of money suggests that you will live long, you will not have the strength to work with your own hands, they will suffer from hunger, diseases that will come, the bitterness of poverty.

Anger is a passion that is bubbling the irascible part against those who have offended us. It exacerbates the soul especially during prayer and takes possession of the heart. If it persists, it turns into resentment, provokes disturbances, like the assaults of poisonous beasts.

Sloth is the heaviest of all attacks. It inspires an aversion to the kind of life, for work, to escape the fighting.

The thought of vainglory is very subtle and it is against those who are able to live in asceticism and who wish to procure the glory that comes from men. It exalts the incautions with vain hopes, who get abandon in face of the temptations of pride.

Pride causes in the soul the most painful falls. Convinces the man to not to recognize God's help, but believe that he himself is the cause of his good deeds, and to rise above the brothers judging them because people ignore their status.

The disorder caused by the passions is very broad as it is the length from heaven to hell. The distance between a soul that touches the sky as there is a very slight trace of earthly dust, and one that deserves to be plunged into eternal fire. The disorder has therefore degrees, which are the exclusion, domination and division of the divine from these that are called the three stages of evil.

The exclusion. In this level dominates the abomination of desolation in which God is completely denied, his authority gets trampled, the orientation of the soul turned away from him and sank in bad pleasure, the supernatural union of the grace got broken, the divine life is lost, the glory of God despised, the paradise closed, the pit of hell opened, the land has flowers of mortal sin.

The domain. In this condition the human beliefs and judgments have a clear prevalence of itself thoughts that reigns in the heart of terrain effects, so the action is directed to the pursuit of their own interests at the expense of the things of God. At this stage the disorder is related to imperfections or better to venial sins.

The division. In this position there is no rule, there is also sin, and however, it also remains some earthly impurities, which somehow manages to dim the splendor of the soul. God is not for the soul, furnace of love, of hope, of life and happiness.

Piety, being the first step in returning to God, got up to the soul in the depths of death to bring it to the summit of life. It begins to portray the soul from the depths of evil, free from mortal sin, makes her life through the union with God and submission to its essential laws. This initial stage of asceticism can be called: the awakening of life, the found of God.

Piety works, later, with the chase of God, away from venial sin that is the salient point of this domain.

Piety will disappear until the division in its last traces, up as much as possible to perfection.

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