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The temptation presents at first like a thought in the mind, followed by strong imagination, then the delightful and bad movement, and finally if it is allowed, the evil.
(The Imitation of Christ XIII)

Temptation and Prayer

Let us now see what ways we must use to overcome temptations.

Spiritual masters suggest many, but the most necessary and sure - and only now I want to talk - is to resort to God with humility and trust, saying, "Oh God, come and save me, Lord, come to my aid soon".
(Sal 69,2).

It is enough for this prayer to overcome all the assaults of the demons, for God is infinitely stronger than all the demons. God knows we do not have the strength to resist the temptations of hell; then, as Cardinal Gotti writes, when we are in danger of being defeated, he is required to give us the necessary help to withstand, provided we ask him.

How can we fear that God will not help us after so many promises he has made us in sacred Scripture? Come to me, Jesus says, all of you are fatigued and oppressed, and I will refresh you.
(Mt 11:28).

Come, look that is a hard labor to fight temptations, and I will give you strength. Invoke me in the day of misfortune: I will save you and you will give me glory.
(Ps 49,15).

When you are tormented by the enemies, call me: I will put you out of danger, and you will lodge me. Then you will invoke and the Lord will answer you; you will implore help and he will say, "Here I am!"
(Is 58,9).

Chiamerai il Signore in aiuto, ed egli ti esaudirà. Griderai: Presto, Signore, soccorrimi; ed egli ti dirà: "Eccomi, sono qui per aiutarti". Chi lo ha invocato ed è stato da lui trascurato? (Sir 2,10).

You will call the Lord for help, and he will serve you. You will cry: Soon, Lord, rescue me; and he will tell you, "Here I am, I am here to help you." Who invoked him and was neglected by him?.
David was sure that by means of prayer he would win every enemy: Invoke the Lord, worthy of praise, and will be saved from my enemies (Ps 17: 4). For he knew that God was close to anyone calling him to help. The Lord is near to those who invoke him (Ps 144,18).

And St. Paul adds that the Lord is rich in mercy towards all those who invoke him.
(cf. Rm 10,12). If everyone is tempted to submit to God, no one would offend many fall because, flattered by their bad inclinations, do not lose momentary pleasures, they prefer to lose the high good, which is God. Experience shows that those who resort to God, especially in impure temptations, does not fall. [...]

Temptations against purity, as well as those against the faith, should not be taken by their chests, but they must be cast out indirectly with acts of love towards God or pain of sins, or by applying to some distractive action. As we look at some mischievous thoughts, we are not there to look at what it means or where it will arrive, but immediately slammed the door in his face, preventing him from entering the mind. Some evil suggestions must be shaken immediately, as the shots of fire shake us, and they leap on us.

If the impure temptation has already entered into the mind and is about to move the senses to sin, we immediately go to God, saying, "Lord, help me!" And invoking the names of Jesus and Mary. If the temptation continues, let's avoid worrying and anger, because the devil might use our trouble to make us sin. Rather humble, let us prayers related to the will of God, which allows us to be tormented, saying, "Lord, I merit to be harassed by these bad thoughts because of my sins. But now, rescue me and release me".

When the temptation continues, we continue invoking Jesus and Mary; and when we are in serious danger of consenting to you, we increase our prayers, recite ourselves to the Blessed Sacrament, let us lie at the foot of a crucifix or an image of the Blessed Virgin, and pray with more fervor, weeping, seeking help. It is true that God is ready to answer those who pray and that he is giving us the strength to resist, not our diligence; yet the Lord wants this effort before we meet our weakness and help us win.

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