The Holy Hermit

San Charbel Makhlouf


The power of intercession of the saints derives from their degree of charity that is from supernatural love for God and neighbor.
Supplicate it and turn to their prayers and help. Father Charbel will not fail to intercede incessantly for you with the Father, offering the merits acquired on earth through Jesus Christ.
Therefore, entrust yourself to the prayers of such a powerful intercessor so that you can obtain what your heart desires.

Pray with the heart

to start on 16 July / 16 December

First day
Oh wonderful Saint Charbel, from your body scent goes to heaven, come to my help and implore from God in my favor the grace, (...) which I very much need, if this really brings honor to God and salvation to my soul. Amen.
Oh Saint Charbel pray for me.
Oh my Lord, who gave Saint Charbel the grace of faith, I beg you to grant this divine grace through his intercession, so that I may live according to Your commandments and Your Gospel. Holly father, Ave, Gloria.

Second day
Oh Saint Charbel, martyr of the monastic life, who experienced the pain of body and soul, God made of you a beautiful light. I run to you and ask your intercession to God for this grace (....). I trust you.
I trust you. Amen.I trust you. Amen.
Oh Saint Charbel, fragrant vase, intercede for me.
Oh good God that you have honored St. Charbel by giving him the grace to perform miracles, have mercy on me and grant me for his intercession what I pray for. Honor forever! Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Third day
Oh beloved father Charbel who shines in the sky of the Church like a flaming star, enlightens my path and strengthens my hope. Through you I ask for this grace (....). I beg you to implore it for me from the crucified Lord, whom you have always adored.
Oh Saint Charbel, model of patience and silence, intercede for me!
Oh Lord, my God, who sanctified Saint Charbel by helping him carry his cross, give me the courage to endure the difficulties of life with patience and trust according to Your will through the intercession of Saint Charbel. I will thank you forever. Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Fourth day
Oh loving father, Saint Charbel, I appeal to you. My heart is full of trust in you. By the power of your intercession with God I await the grace that I implore (....). Show me your love again.
Oh Saint Charbel, garden of virtue, intercede for me!
Oh God, who have granted grace to Saint Charbel to be like you, grant me also through his intercession to grow in Christian virtues. Have mercy on me, so that I can praise you forever. Amen. Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Fifth day
Oh Saint Charbel, loved by God, please enlighten me, help me, teach me to do what God likes. O loving father, I beg you to hurry and come to my aid. Please intercede with God (....) for this grace.
Oh Saint Charbel, friend of the cross, pray for me.
Oh God, welcome my supplication through the intercession of Saint Charbel and give me peace. Calm the tangles of my soul. To You, praise and honor forever! Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Sixth day
Oh Saint Charbel, powerful intercessor, I beg you to ask for me the grace, which I very much need (....). Just one word addressed to you by Jesus, so that He may forgive me, have mercy on me and welcome my prayer. Amen.
Oh Saint Charbel, joy of heaven and earth, pray for me.
Oh God, that you have chosen Saint Charbel to bring our needs before your divine power, I pray you, through his intercession, to grant me this grace (....). Amen. Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Seventh day
Oh Saint Charbel, loved by all, you come to the aid of all those who need you. I place all my trust in your intercession. Impetrate for me this grace that I need very much! (....). Amen.
O Oh Saint Charbel, star driving the lost, pray for me.
Oh God, my innumerable sins prevent your graces from reaching me. Grant me the grace to atone for them. Give me an answer to the intercession of Saint Charbel. Give my sad heart joy and welcome my prayer, Oh Ocean of all graces. To you, honor and praise forever. Amen. Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Eighth day
Oh Saint Charbel, when I see you kneeling on a tangle of twigs, when you fast, when you burn yourself, or when you are in ecstasy in the Lord, my hope and trust in your intercession increases. Please help me, so that He may grant the grace that I implore (....).
Oh Saint Charbel, fullness of joy in God, help me.
Oh sweet Jesus, who brought your beloved Charbel to sanctity, grant me the grace to be faithful to you until death. I love you oh my Savior. Amen. Holy Ave, Gloria.

Ninth day
Oh Saint Charbel, now I have arrived at the end of this novena. My heart is happy when I talk to you. I am confident of receiving grace from Jesus, whom I have implored for your intercession. I regret my sins and I promise to fight temptation. I hope in the fulfillment of my prayer (....).
Oh Saint Charbel, crowned with glory, pray for me.
Oh lord, You have heard the prayers of Saint Charbel, and have given him the grace of communion with You, have mercy on me in my despair, save me from my misfortunes, because I am unable to bear them. Amen. To you honor, praise and thanks forever! Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Daily prayer in honor of Saint Charbel
Oh God, good, merciful and loving, I bow before You and I send You from the bottom of my heart a prayer of thanksgiving for all you have given me through the intercession of Saint Charbel. I am very grateful, oh admirable San Charbel. I can not find the right words to express my recognition for the benefit received. Help me always, so that it may always be worthy of God's graces and to deserve your protection. Holy Father, Ave, Gloria.

Prayer in San Charbel
Oh great thaumaturgy Saint Charbel, who has spent his life in solitude in a humble and hidden hermitage, renouncing the world and its vain pleasures, and now reigns in the glory of the saints, in the splendor of the Most Holy Trinity, intercede for us. Enlighten our mind and heart, increase our faith and strengthen our will. Increase our love for God and neighbor. Help us to do well and avoid evil. Defend us from visible and invisible enemies and help us throughout our lives.
You who do wonders for those who invoke you and obtain the healing of innumerable evils and the solution of problems without human hope, look to us with pity and, if it conforms to the divine will and our greater good, obtain from God the grace that we implore, above all, help us to imitate your holy and virtuous life. Amen. Holy Father, Ave, Gloria

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