Charbel Makhlouf



The Gift of Healing

Charbel in his earthly life discovered the mystery of God's love, following an extraordinary spiritual path.
Jesus did many healings and miracles and gave his true disciples the power to heal the sick. Even this beloved son gave this gift admirably.

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Nothing is impossible to God

Sister Marie-Abel Kamari of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Bikfaya, suffering from a very severe form of pyloric ulcer which prevented her from feeding herself, instantly recovered on 12 July 1950 while she was praying at the Saint's tomb. The prodigious healing was fundamental due to the beatification of Charbel.
For the sanctification the prodigious healing of Myriam Aouad was presented, de Mammana suffering from an incurable throat cancer was healed in 1967.

The young Najib Beik Al-Khoury was struck by typhoid fever, the doctor father, judging the desperate situation, called Father Charbel. The hermit approached the boy's bed, already unconscious, prayed for him. Immediately the young man opened his eyes and recognized him. The young man had healed perfectly.

Between Boutros Jawad of Mechmech, he suffered from chest and stomach pains for several years that caused breathing difficulties. He was always very tired, despite several treatments he could not heal. When Father Charbel blessed him he recovered instantly.

Moussa claimed that his 8-year-old son Tannous was dumb from birth. He was blessed by Father Charbel and from that moment on the child gradually began to speak.

Marianne Nehme of Ehmej had been suffering from blood loss for three months that the doctors could not cure. The sick had a blessed belt and a veil hanging from a painting of Our Lady of the Rosary by Father Charbel and the woman recovered.

Ehmej Saba, after marrying mad, broke the crowns of his wife's rosary, tore his clothes, walked undressed in the middle of the fields. They decided to take it from the saint, who had come to the hermitage with difficulty, and Jabreal refused to enter the church, opposing an incredible resistance. Father Charbel went out and ordered him to come in, the man became docile and followed the saint to the church. Charbel prayed to the unfortunate and he recovered.

Bechara Antoun Al-Azzi, from the village of Tabarja, had been paralyzed since childhood. Transported to the convent of Annaya before the corpse of Father Chabel, he recovered from the amazement and general emotion of those present.

Maria Zwain after the birth became ill with a serious illness that degenerated into a paralysis of the whole body. Hearing about the miracles of Father Charbel he wanted to go to Annaya. It was transported on a donkey's back. When she arrived at the convent the superior gave her the water with which she had washed the hand of the saint and, before the eyes of those present, began to walk.

In 1926 Youssef Nassif certified to be cured of a severe form of ophthalmia he had suffered for three years. All the remedies of the doctors were in vain. Youssef begged Father Charbel to heal him. For ten days he washed his eyes with the water that had washed the saint's hand and incredibly healed.

Iskandar Nalm Obeid, de Baabdate who in 1937 had lost the use of both eyes, regained his sight as he was praying at Anaya on the tomb of St. Charbel. This guarigone also returned to the process of beatification.

Nohad El Shami, a woman at the age of fifty-five years old, suffering from hemiplegia (partial paralysis) with double occlusion of the carotid artery. In January 1993, she saw two monks in her dream next to her bed, and recognized Charbel Makhlouf who laid his hands on his neck. When Nohad woke up, he realized that he was completely healed and that he had recovered the ability to walk. Since then the faithful gather at the celebration of Mass in the hermitage of St. Charbel on the twenty-second of each month.

Hosn Mohair was born with a leg five centimeters shorter than the other, so he limped remarkably. One day he went to Anaya near the tomb of the saint, returned home with the holy water and the earth collected at the grave, mix them and with this dough massaged the shorter leg every day despite the family tried to dissuade it. His faith was rewarded and he obtained the miracle. All the two legs were perfectly of the same length. Since then, the girl managed to walk without limping. The notables of the village, Druses, who knew her personally, released sworn statements in 1950, witnessing the prodigious event.

Iscandar Obeid of Babdat, a blacksmith, hit by a sliver of metal, caused him to detach the retina of the eye and make him lose his sight. Iscandar decided to rely on the intercession of San Charbel after the opinion of the doctors who considered it impossible to make him recover his sight. In a dream he saw the Saint asking him to go to his grave and he obeyed. He again sees the saint in a dream this time, placing him in the eye he does not see of the dust and at the same time he predicts that he will soon recover. And the prodigy comes true and when he wakes Iscandar regains his sight.

Nouhad El-Chami, fifty-nine years old, who was infirm, claimed to have been healed directly by the saint.

In Phoenix, Arizona, a thirty-year-old Spanish-American woman, Dafne Gutierrez, was diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari syndrome at the age of thirteen. In 2014, due to a papillary edema of the optic nerve, in spite of surgery, he had lost his left eye, and in the following year he lost his right eye and remained completely blind. On 16 January 2016, she went to the local church of San Giuseppe, where a relic of Saint Charbel was temporarily exhibited. The parish priest of the church, Wissam Akiki, imposing his hands on his head, had requested healing through the intercession of Saint Charbel. The miracle occurred at five o'clock in the morning on January 18, Gutierrez feels itchy eyes accompanied by a strong pressure on the head and on the eyes. He woke up and realized with great amazement to see. Three days later, he made an ophthalmic examination that confirmed the healing, considered scientifically inexplicable by medical specialists.
On September 10, 1996, Nadia Sader describes in a local paper how she was cured of her degenerative disease after drinking an infusion of oak leaves blessed by Saint Charbel.

Numerous are the miracles, the graces, the prodigious facts attributed to the intercession of P. Charbel, in the appropriate register kept in the convent of Annaya are collected hundreds of stories. In addition to the thousands of letters from all over the world that testify to the graces received from the faithful and not only Christians but also Muslims.

One evening he returned late and the Superior for penitence did not give him the oil for the lamp. When the Father Superior retired to his room, he saw that a dim light came from the cell of Saint Charbel. Entering it, he found the monk reading the offices in the light of the lamp and then asked how he got the oil. "I did not put oil," replied San Charbel candidly "but water". Incredulous Father Superior took the lamp, which immediately went out, and emptied it, seeing that it actually came out, only came out of the water. So, before going out, he knelt down.

Eight days after his death, exactly on Christmas Eve, an extraordinary brightness enveloped his grave for forty-five days.
Extraordinary phenomena occurred on his grave. This was opened and the body was found intact and soft. Put in another box, and placed in a special chapel, and since his body emitted a reddish sweat, the clothes were changed twice a week. In 1927, having begun the process of beatification, the coffin was again unearthed. In February 1950, monks and worshipers saw that a slimy liquid dripped from the wall of the tomb. Assuming an infiltration of water, in front of the whole monastic community the sepulcher was reopened: the coffin was intact, the body was still soft and kept the temperature of the living bodies. The superior wiped the reddish sweat from the saint's face with a cloth and his face remained imprinted on the cloth.