Charbel Makhlouf


Santi These writings contain secrets of truth, simplicity, wisdom and unparalleled beauty.

These are words imbued with truth and love.

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Some messages that Raymond Nader attributes to Saint Charbel:

"The poorest man on earth is happier than a sinner. On the day of judgment the sinner desires to have been the most miserable of men, not for fear of God's judgment, but for the shame of not having corresponded to his infinite love, which created the universe, life and which governs the world. Every man who is out of love is out of God, he is out of the universe, he is out of life. Love is the only treasure that can accumulate in this world and bring with it to the other. All the fame, the success and the riches that man thinks of owning will remain on earth. He will bring only love with him, but whoever presents himself before God without love, he will bitterly regret this will be the hour of his true death".

"You can not face Satan unless you kneel before God. Satan does not enter through the windows you have closed well, he enters the door you opened to welcome him".

"Do not sell your soul to the world market, because it is too precious. Whatever price the world pays for it is always ridiculous compared to its value. Do not sell it, because the world can not pay its price which is the blood of Christ shed on the cross".

"We must always distinguish between desires and needs. Man desires many things he does not need and he lacks many things he does not want. What you think you possess in this world, actually owns you. What you think you dominate, in reality it dominates you; you are in this world to give and serve, not to possess or command".

"Before talking, think carefully about the words to say, like who puts the stone in his slingshot and throws it only when he has taken aim. The words of your mouth are like the stone in the sling. If you launch it, you will not be able to recover it. If you make a mistake, it aims or is inappropriate".

"Do not start anything on this earth that does not find fulfillment in heaven; do not walk on a road that does not lead to heaven".

"You are so worried about your future and that of your children, but your future is not the last days spent in this world, but the first moments in the next. You will be assured of your future and that of your children when you guarantee them in heaven. You have to give them life and there is no life outside of Christ. Therefore offer them to Christ, but if He does not live in you, it will be difficult to give Him to your children".

Love is the only treasure that you can accumulate in this world and take with you into the next. all the glories, work, fortunes, treasures and successes that you think you have possessed in this world, will remain in this world.

Every man who is out of love is out of god, out of the universe and out of life.

The Lord created every human being to shine, to illuminate the world; you are the light of the world.

Every man is a lantern destined to shine. You should realize the goal for which you were born into this world.

Christ knows what is in your hearts, and it is the heart that wants you not to seek the truth outside of Christ.

When you know Christ, you will know the truth and you will be free. The Christ wants you to be free.

Fear not, and be certain, for the Christ has overcome the world.

The Church of Christ is a rock upon which the waves of evil are shattered. Christ is the way. Crosses of light will flood the Earth.