The charity



Seven steps

Faith - Hope - Charity.

It is the gentleness of charity, in receiving the Holy Spirit, for the seven degrees following: stimulating vigilance, comforting confidence, flashing fervor, rapture that lifts, quiet complacency, delight of delights, conglutinate grip.

According to this sequence you have to make progress, if you want to reach the perfection of charity and love of the Holy Spirit.

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The seven steps leading to charity

San. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio - Brochures mystics.

We must watch you anxious, waiting for the groom's readiness, to the point that you can say: Oh God, my God, for you I am awake since dawn (Ps 62.2). I sleep, but my heart is awake. My soul has desired you at night, but in my spirit and in my guts in the morning I will wake up in you.

Second, it is necessary that comfort you the confidence, the certainty that assures the Bridegroom. That thou can say: In you, Oh Lord, have I hoped, I will not be put to shame (Ps 30.2). Although he will kill me, I will hope in him.
(Job 13,15).

Third, you inflame the ardor, for the Bridegroom weakness, you can say: As the deer longs for the water fountain, so my soul longs for you, O God (Ps 41.2) and with the Bride: love is strong as death. I love to pass out.

Fourth, the art exalted ecstasy, for the height of the Bridegroom, so that you can exclaim: Oh, how I am dear are your tents, O Lord of the virtues; and with the Bride: Get me on your footsteps; and Job, my soul has chosen a violent end.

Fifth, the willingness to give you peace, the beauty of the Bridegroom, because you are lawful to repeat as the Bride: My beloved is to me and I to him; My beloved is white and ruddy, chosen among a thousand.

Sixth, the joy enthusiasm you, for the politeness of the Bridegroom, so that you can take it out by saying: A proportion of the many sorrows that tried my heart, thy comforts rejoiced my soul (Ct 18.19). How great is the multitude of thy sweetness, Oh Lord! (Ct, 30,20). Are filling your consolation; My joy is overflowing.
(2 Cor 12,4).

Seventh, is your intimate union, for the strength of the Bridegroom; and say, it is good for me to stand united and close to God (Ps 72,28); and you will repeat: Who will tear us apart from the love of Christ?
(Rom 8,35).

Warn the order that exists between these degrees. But we must not stop before arriving at the last. Without climbing to the underlying intermediate degrees and well connected, you do not come up there. And mind that in the first predominant consideration in subsequent affection. Why supervision considers how ever is honest, helpful and sweet is to love God. Almost born from this, trust generates confidence, this ecstasy. Finally we come to the union, the kiss, the embrace. Which leads us to Jesus? So be it!

It is easy to summarize all grades. Those of purgation are distinguished by: Shame ignominy, trembles wisdom, cry of your injury, begs aid and remedy, storm of fire against the enemy; to win the prize yearns for martyrdom, for comforting shade draw near to Christ.

Relevant degrees for lighting such a manner are distinguished. Consider who is suffering from, and submit to the faith; which those who suffer, and grieved in late; the greatness of those who suffer, and thank him in confidence; the shape of passion, and follow it, and resembles him; the many different penalties, and embrace him with fervor; the effects of passion, and intelligent, as you are, contemplate.

The degrees of unitive way we distinguish them so: contemplate solicitous for the readiness of the Bridegroom; confidence will corroborate, for the Bridegroom insurance; the ardor inflame you, for the sweetness of him; the rapture will transport, for his excellence; complacency will calm for his beauty: the joy intoxicate you, for the absolute fullness of his love; the adhesion of your face at one with him, by virtue of his love.

Oh in his heart the devout soul say so, again, the Lord: I am looking for you, I hope in you, I cling to you forever.