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Monastero The three first fruits of the Spirit are love, joy and peace, which belong to Him in a special way.

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Charity, because it is the Love of the Father and of the Son; the joy, because it is intimately present to the Father and to the Son and as the fulfillment of their happiness; peace, because he is the bond and the knot that unites the Father and the Son.

These three fruits are always united and naturally follow one another. Charity or fervent love give us possession of God; the joy comes from this possession, being no more than the rest and contentment that comes in the joy of the property that you own; peace, that St. Augustine defines the tranquility of order, maintains the soul in possession of joy against everything that is opposed. Charity excludes all other joy; peace banishes all anxiety and fear.

The charity holds the first place among the fruits of the Holy Spirit because it is more like him, that is the personal Love, and consequently we get nearer to true and eternal happiness and joy it gives us a more stable and a more profound peace.

Dates as well to a man the dominion of the world, with the most absolute authority that can be conceived; give him all the riches, honors, pleasures you could want; also possesses the most complete wisdom that you can imagine, much to be another Solomon, and more than Solomon, and not ignore anything that a man can know; adding the power to do miracles, to stop the sun, to divide the seas, to raise the dead; participates also of the power of God in the highest degree possible in a creature; still have the gift of prophecy, discerning of spirits, the knowledge of the secret of hearts: I say that the minimum degree of sanctity that this man will be able to buy, the smallest act of charity that will make us worth much more than all the rest ; the closer to the highest good, and give greater dignity than that which he would give all these privileges, if they had; and this for two reasons.

LThe first, because participate in the holiness of God is to take part, what there is in him, for, as it were, to other essential attributes of God, such as science and power can be communicated to creatures in order to be their natural; only, holiness can never be their natural.

The second, for holiness and happiness are like two inseparable sisters, and God does not give himself and does not join that the holy souls, and not to those who possess the knowledge, power and all other perfections imaginable, but not holiness. Therefore the most; small degree of sanctity, the least action that enhances holiness is preferable to scepters and crowns. It follows that, losing every day countless opportunities to perform supernatural feats, do incalculable loss of happiness, which is impossible to repair.
We cannot find, in creatures the joy and peace that are the fruits of the Holy Spirit; and this for two reasons.

The first, because only the possession of God strengthens us against the troubles and fears, while the possession of creatures because a thousand fears and anxieties. Who owns God he is not troubled by anything, because for him God is everything, and everything else is nothing.

The second, because none of the created goods may be enough either satisfy us fully. Empty the sea of its water and then put us a drop of water; you will fill the immense void? If God created pure infinity of ever more perfect beings, they, all together, could not fill our soul; in it there is a vacuum which cannot be refilled except by God.
It is the peace that reigns in God in the soul, which makes absolute Lord. And it is peace that keeps the soul in perfect dependence that must be from God.

By means of sanctifying grace, God is built up in the soul a sort of citadel, which remains as entrenched. Through peace ago as a sortie and takes hold of all faculties, it strengthens them so powerfully that creatures cannot come to disturb them. God thus occupies the entire interior. Therefore, the Saints have united with God as much in action as in prayer, so that the most unfortunate mishaps not throw them all in trouble.

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