St. Catherine of Siena

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Saints The prayer of Catherine was continuous and never interrupted, because not a single moment passed in which she did not think about God. And from below she managed to gradually rise to ever more sublime spiritualities.

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Glory of the blessed

Taken from the Dialogue of Divine Providence
Even the just soul that ends life in affection of charity and is linked to God in love, can not grow in virtue, because the time is here below, but can always love with that love that brings it to Me, and with this measure the premium is measured. He always wants Me and always loves Me, so his desire is not empty; but although he is hungry, he is satisfied, and he is hungry; and yet it is far from the annoyance of satiety, as the hunger is far from it.

In love, the blessed enjoy the eternal vision of mine, sharing each one, according to his measure, of that good that I have in myself. With that measure of love with which they came to Me, with it they are measured. They remained in My charity and in that of others; they have been united together in the common charity and in the particular charity, which also comes from the same charity.

They enjoy and exult, sharing one of the good of the other with the affection of charity, in addition to the universal good that they all have together. They enjoy and exult with the angels, with whom the saints are placed, according to the different and various virtues, which they mainly had in the world, being all bound in the bond of charity. They then have a singular participation of good with those with whom they loved each other strictly of special love in the world, with whom love grew in grace, increasing virtue. One was the cause of the other to manifest the glory and praise of My name, in itself and in the next. In eternal life they did not lose this affection, but added it to the general good, participating more closely and with more abundance one of the good of the other.

But I would not want you to believe that this particular good, of which I spoke to you, had it only for itself: it is not so, but it is shared by all the tasters, who are the citizens of heaven, my beloved children, and from all the angelic creatures. When the soul reaches eternal life, all participate in the good of that soul, and the soul of their good. It is not that the pot of each one can grow, nor that it needs to be emptied, since it is full and therefore can not grow; but they have an exultation, a joyousness, a jubilation, a rejoicing, which are revived in them, as far as they have come to know of that soul. They see that through My mercy she is taken from the earth with the fullness of grace, and so they rejoice in Me for the good that that soul has received from My goodness.

And that soul also enjoys in Me, in the other souls, and in the blessed spirits, seeing and tasting in them the beauty and sweetness of My charity. Their desires always cry out before Me for the salvation of all the world. Since their life ended in the love of neighbor, they did not leave this charity, but they passed through the door of my Only Begotten Son, in the manner I will tell you below. See therefore that they remain with that bond of love, with which their life ended: it remains and lasts for all eternity.

They are so much in conformity with my will, that they can not want anything but what I want; for their free will is bound in such a way by the bond of charity which, when the time of this life is less given to the creature, which has in itself reason and which dies in a state of grace, it can no longer sin. And his will is so close to mine that if the father or mother saw the son in hell, or the son saw his mother, they would not care; rather they are happy to see them punished as My enemies. In no way forget Me; their desires are satisfied. The wish of the blessed is to see triumphant My honor in you travelers, that you are pilgrims in this land and always run towards the end of death. In the desire of My honor they crave your health, and therefore always they pray to Me for you. Such desire is always fulfilled for My part, if you ignorant do not recalcitrace against My mercy.

They still have the desire to get back the dowry of their soul, which is the body; this desire does not afflict them to the present, but they enjoy for the certainty they have of seeing it satisfied: it does not afflict them, because although they do not yet have the body, they do not lack beatitude, and therefore do not feel pain. Do not think that the bliss of the body, after the resurrection, gives greater bliss to the soul. If so, it would happen that the blessed would have an imperfect bliss, until they recovered the body; impossible thing, because in them there is no lack of perfection. It is not the body that gives bliss to the soul, but the soul will give bliss to the body; He will give of his abundance, covering on the day of judgment his own flesh, which he had left on earth.

As the soul is made immortal, firm and established in Me, so the body in that union becomes immortal; lost the gravity of matter, becomes thin and light. Know that the glorified body would pass through a wall. Neither fire nor water could harm him, not by virtue of him but by virtue of the soul, which virtue is mine, and was given to her by grace and by that ineffable love with which I created it in my image and likeness. The eye of your intellect is not enough to see, neither the ear to hear, nor the tongue to talk, nor the heart to think, their own good.

Oh, how delightful they feel in seeing Me, that they are all good! Oh, how beloved they will have, when their body will be glorified! And although they lack this good until the day of universal judgment, they have no pain, because the soul is full of happiness in itself. Such bliss will then be shared with the body, as I have explained to you.

I spoke to you of the good, which would bring back the glorified body in the glorified Humanity of my Only Begotten Son, which gives you assurance of your resurrection. The blessed exult in his wounds, which have remained fresh; the scars are kept in his body, which continually cry to me, supreme and eternal Father, mercy. Everyone conforms to Him in joy and playfulness, eye with eye, hand in hand, and with the whole body of the sweet Word, my Son. Being in me, you will stay in Him, for He is one with me; but the eye of your body will delight in the glorified Humanity of the Only Begotten Word, my Son. Why this? Because their life ended in the love of My love, and therefore it lasts them eternally.

They can not gain any new good, but they enjoy what they have brought, not being able to do any meritorious deed, because only in life one deserves and one sins, according to what pleases the free will of your will. They do not wait with fear, but with joy, for divine judgment; and the face of my Son will not seem to them terrible, nor full of hatred, because they died in love, in the love of Me and in the benevolence of others. So you understand how the mutation of the face will not be in him when he comes to judge with My majesty, but in those who will be judged by Him. To the damned my face will appear with hatred and justice; to the saved, with love and mercy.

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