He shouted

Prayer gives access to hope because it allows us to enter into a relationship with that Eternal who is beyond time. Prayer is similar to a breath that rises up to heaven in a thousand and more ways.

Prayer allows man to express his hope and the more ardent the prayer, the more chance there will be to be answered.

Cry of Hope

When one is sure of listening to God, the engine of hope starts, vice versa, when this impulse that starts from the heart goes out, the hope and breath of life dies. Here then, whoever prays, hopes; those who do not pray are desperate. To pray is already to hope, because without having seen, we have somehow perceived a deeper reality that is that of God. Prayer allows us to become familiar with Him and the intensity of our hour reflects the degree of our hope.

Prayer is therefore a chimney of ascesis and is, so to speak, the way of placing oneself before God to feel his presence in our hearts. And before the flames of love that start from the divine heart and set our hearts on fire, it will be possible to present to the Almighty our needs, our sufferings, our joys, certain to be fulfilled. Putting oneself before God also means stripping oneself of all falsehoods. In fact, how is it possible to ask for help when our heart is full of envy, selfishness and pride? It is not possible to deceive the One who reads in our hearts: Christ reveals the truth of how we are.

To pray is not to recite a sequential series of formulas, but to convey a feeling of love towards God through words. In this regard prayer unites with God, Paul affirms to the Athenians: "In him we live, move and exist" ( Acts 17.28); but it is also an exercise of love; eloquent is the hymn to the charity of St. Paul: "even if I speak the tongues of men and of the Angels, if I do not have charity, I am a bronze that plays or a harpsichord that rings".
(1Cor 13.1).

With the prayer of the heart we ask the heart of Jesus, we offer Jesus the homage of a greater love. So we can repeat the words of Peter: "Lord, if you know everything, you know that I love you". Immersed in prayer we ask for a profound conversion, we ask for sinners a more intense, more sublime love, such as to burn our humanity. Yes, prayer is an appointment with God not to be missed. The Lord says: "if anyone loves me ... my Father will love him, and we will come to him and place our dwelling in him" (Jn 14:23), again: "you do not know that you are a temple of God and that Does the Spirit of God dwell in you?".
(1 Cor 3:16).

In prayer a true and profound encounter with God is realized in his reality. With prayer, God is alive, God is near, God is present. The heart and the mind are the means to communicate with Him. Saint Paul says: "The spirit helps our weakness, because we do not even know what it is convenient to ask, but the Spirit himself intercedes insistently for us"
(Rom 8, 26).

Prayer orientated to God calls the person to his own responsibility. Please pray for His Kingdom that is the end of Christian hope. The continuous presence of this Love accompanies our activities, helps and sustains us when we have exhausted all human possibilities.

Learning to pray means learning to hope, it means following the teachings of Jesus to become men of hope and observe the vicissitudes of life through the eyes of faith.

The man who does not pray despairs. The man who does not pray relies only on himself. On the other hand, those who hope in goodness and in infinite mercy, their anxieties are converted into hope.

Contemporary man needs God and he can meet him with the wonderful prayer taught to us by the Only-begotten Son: "Our Father ...".

Prayer is Christ in us, it is the Spirit that shouts "Father!". It is the breath that makes the Eternal vibrate. It is to taste the work of God. It is the courage to put one's life at stake. It is to experience wonder before that Man who, dying and rising, has given us eternal life. It is to have in the depths a great hope of working in love for a truer and more just world.

Prayer is not a technique of meditation or relaxation, but it is a going to God with a child's heart, in simplicity and trust. In prayer as well as asking, thanking or begging forgiveness, there must be silence to listen with serenity to the word of God.

With prayer you can reach spiritual levels so high as to transmit an overwhelming feeling of love to the heart. They are channels that escape intellectual inquiry, but allow the heart to respond to the fiery darts that depart from the divine Heart. The prayer that has developed in the various stages can reach its peak to merge with love in a complete abandonment to God. Under the love of God, hope becomes certainty thus erasing all fear.


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