Malattia e spiritualità


Only those who have had the experience know the joy of the silence, a state in which we can cultivate the virtues, acquire serenity, and make their eyes become pure and bright so they can see God.

In the past, but especially in the New Testament, most of the largest and most mysterious secrets were revealed to the servants of God, not in the tumult of the crowd, but when they were alone.

Benefits of silence

The same servants of God, every time they felt the desire to meditate or pray with fervor, or break things of the earth, running from the crowd who is looking for the benefits of solitude.

Isaac, in fact, went to the field to meditate and Jacob, alone; see God "face to face". So did Moises, Elias and Eliseo, who, in solitude, growing in the knowledge of the divine secrets. Juan Bautista, avoids the company of men to live in the solitude of the desert.

Jesus, before beginning his mission to spread the good news, was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, having fasted forty days and nights he was hungry and the devil took advantage of the situation to tempt him. Jesus fought temptation and managed to defeat him.

So despite its evangelizing mission, often he leaves the disciples and people who besiege to climb the mountain and there, in solitude is dedicated to prayer and meditation.

Even for us it is necessary to remain silent and to achieve this we must not respond to illicit thoughts, to gossip, to the maelstrom of human passions that paralyze the will, but we must concentrate our thoughts on: Jesus, Only Him must occupy and rule in our hearts.

There is a silence of the lips and silence of the heart. The latter consists of sensible things into oblivion. And to achieve this inner silence, it is necessary to divert the passion for the creatures, forcefully rejected suspicions, anxieties, fears, memory of events, images, forms of creatures and all sensible things. Therefore, the naked and free of any intellect love, the search for God, it rests on pure love, peace and tranquility.

When all these external desires so mortified and moved away from us, silence is also in charge of the peace and joy of working for our salvation, and the joy of hearing the immense sweetness of God, the God that surpasses all our expectations.

God comes to dwell in our humanity and hides. He is revealed to man and peace surrounds us; dress was adorned with humility and gentleness. He is in our midst, but away from our agitation. He tries to replace the core of our desires, to tell the world to achieve the goal is not in the tumult, but in peace, to reiterate that the true values of men are not outside but inside. The silence of God speaks deeper than thunder, and His power announces the law of the Spirit.

To listen we have to be silent, even human speech seeks to silence every noise. The apostles themselves when they want to turn the crowd with the word, before imposing silence. The more it is requiring by the verb, when he wants to talk about depth. If the human voice cannot be perceived in the heat, the internal word can only be heard by a soul in peace; for a soul that did cease all outside noise, which has silenced every rumor inside, and a soul that emanates peace of silence around it and in it.

The word comes from silence, and silence comes from the word. Silence does not mean to remain silent, how to talk, does not mean talking. Remain silent does not create loneliness and chat, not create communion. The Word does not reach the boisterous men, but those who remain silent.

The silence before hearing our thoughts are directed to the Word, like a child who is silent when it comes into the room of his father. Even after hearing the word, it is useful to keep silent even if we still talk, because He lives and dwells in our hearts.

Silence awakening that God has the first word, silence before sleep, because God must have the last word. Silence not only to keep the word of honor, but receive it as it should be.

If we have learned to be silent before the Word, we will also learn how to properly use silence and words during our day. The silence of Christians is trying to keep quiet listening, a humble silence, which, for the sake of humility, also can be interrupted at any time.

At the time of meditation we do not fall into the abyss of emptiness and loneliness, only need to keep silence must exist before the Word. In this way we obtain a firm basis on which to stand and where we find the directions for the way forward.

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