Be silent

Malattia e spiritualità


"There is a time to be silent and a time to speak"
Eccl. 3,7.

Learn to silence, really in a time dominated by the talk, has quieted within himself, it is to stop their own language, is to dive into the spiritual silence.

If we learn to be quiet to hear the Word, we learn to use properly the silence of words to use during the day.

Silence is primarily a silent

The virtue of silence is necessary to perfection, because in the chatter never fails sin, if you avoid the gossip you have to talk little and well.

Justice will bring the gift of peace, because only it can feed her, however, to guard you will need to practice silence. If it fails to keep the language, the goods received from the early grace will dissipate and you will fall still in many errors. Language despite being a little member, boasts of great things, can become a deadly fire in a world of iniquity.

From language comes curses, grumbling, perjury, lies, deductions, flattery, curses, insults and quarrels; it mocks the good, spread bad advice, rumors, is praised, it reveals secrets, threat without reason, promises without judgment, pathetic words, lets out vile phrases.

Watch Mary, she is the mirror of virtues, learn from her the discipline of silence, it is known what was reserved. If you read the Gospel, you will find that only spoke with four people and said seven words at all, with the angel two, with his Son two, with Elizabeth two, and with the servants at the wedding at Cana one. By this example, our loquacity is confusing because we indulge in multitude of words.

"Sit on the sidelines silent, when he has placed upon him. Put in the dust his mouth, perhaps there is still hope!" (Lm 3.28). He sits solitary, fleeing the company of men, and thinks and meditates in silence the heavenly things; and above if he will rise, savoring the heavenly sweetness.

He talks little, rare, short, with fear and shame, alloy lips with wisdom wire. Your speech is short, modest and humble. When there are too many words is always lurking sin. Do not talk idly, because for every careless word we will have to give an account on judgment day. It is more useful to be silent than to speak, as he said that essay: "I am sorry to have spoken a few times, never to have been silent."

If we hired a fight with the vices and fought outwardly, we establish now a pact with peace within his heart. We practice justice when we fight against the vices that tempt us; we have firmly peace when we return to our inner selves. During all the time that we have to resist the vices, and while we are in this life, there cannot be peace, because the things that hinder us are defeated only through a war from inside, and those that were defeated can still be pursue like us.

Go down to the depths of the heart, and make rein the silence only then you will have access to meditation. The soul freed from any commitment terrain, will be silent during meditation, will rise above itself through contemplation of heavenly things. Even holy men have sought silence and solitude. So Elias on Mount Carmel or retreats in a cave, and St. John lives in the desert, the Lord step nights in silence and prayer.

The mind will keep perfectly silent, when he suspended the sensory faculties of perception of sensible objects. The images of real things enter the soul because sensory through sight, taste, language, touch and many temptations the mind receives, the more ramble. When the mind is withdrawn from the noise of external things, into his innermost secret, thus escaping the hordes of loud vanity, closed its input, will reflect on its spiritual wealth and not get into something agitated, messy, that gives that remorse or fun, but everything flows in joy, in peace and tranquility, will flow a wonderful serenity and joy. The soul shaken or anger or from care or the lust of the flesh and the desires of earthly things, cannot approach the splendor of that inaccessible light, which can only be reached in the night of silence.

The voice of the soul enlightened by God is perceived in the silence, entering therefore in your heart, in your silence, because from your silence you can move on to the divine and its unthinkable silence speak to you.

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