From the Holy Scriptures

"And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan ... But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath""..

Apocalypse appears clear that those who destabilizes us is the devil.

Genesis of evil

The Demon tries cunningly modern man as he did with Eve through persuasive words: "You will be like God." Attracted by this intellectual seduction, the man turns away from God; indeed, he wants to take God to keep him only the undisputed master of things.
Immersed in his pride, man, I do not understand how ridiculous this claim, in fact, in its finitude and fragility as it could manage the world and the whole universe?

Conversely, the human being, should away from himself this harmful seduction to acquire the knowledge that only God and He alone, can be the Lord of all things. The power of God reveals Jesus when he says: "Look at the birds at the air: Do not sow or reap, nor gather into barns; and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more of them?". Yes, when man returns to God, he finds himself in the healing power of God, the physical and the inner.

That is why Jesus exhorts us to "seek first the Kingdom of God ... everything else will be given you more." In the most, after the man is placed under the auspices of God, there is the totality of his being.

Jesus preaches and announces: "The Kingdom of God is among you." The power of God came into the world through the incarnation of Jesus, God made man. John the Baptist, the senses and confirms sends two of his followers to ask: "Are you he who is to come or should we look for another?". Jesus does not say a word, but, at the same time, healed many of their diseases, sufferings, and evil spirits, gives sight to many blind people. Facts that confirm his divinity. Ten, turning to John's followers, saying: "Go and tell John what you have seen and heard".

Jesus operates the world with the power of God, and his power is concentrated in the fight against the disease. As a result the blind receive their sight, the lepers back healthy, the lame walk, the deaf hear; a slice of suffering humanity, back to health and joy.

And throughout his life, Jesus spent preaching and healing. He does not preach not heal, or heals without preaching, but exercises integrating these two ministries. Jesus, too, shared the healing ministry with his apostles and with all those who, from generation to generation, believe in him. Not only that, he promised to work miracles even greater by those who have received an outpouring of His same Spirit.

Jesus says: "Blessed is he who does not find in me sin" and the scandal is to doubt his works. John, in fact, in summing up the life of Jesus, asks this question: "What Jesus came to do?". Then, he responds as follows: Came to release all those who are under the power of the devil and the devil's power is manifested in the disease.

Never should we underestimate the wiles and deceptions of the devil, because his desire is to drag us into error and establish its hegemony in us. Satan wants to pretend that he does not exist; that evil or sin is only a moral concept born in medieval society that was formed as a result of a bad education. Prepared and distributed these concepts, it will be very easy to lead into its many pitfalls. Not only that, take advantage of our lack of faith and human frailty to create fear, eclipsing the trust in the Lord, suppress the love and mercy.

It is very powerful, uses seduction, subtle lie to hide and act undisturbed. Enjoys being in the shadows, it lavishes aid to those who preach the lack of it. Many, must become aware, I am at your service.

Enters in our lives through the door of the heart, desire, satisfaction, of power, but first he has to deprave our intelligence by changing the truth into a lie, otherwise this would not be possible. To expose his work we must ensure our actions.

If we see in us pride, arrogance, insults, slander, endives, then Satan has taken possession of our action and will be an issue to escape from his clutches and operate a virtuous change.

Our hedonistic society is based on the pleasure which the highest good to be achieved as the exclusive end of life. And this mentality of enjoying inculcated in all of us, has turned us into a mass of shellfish unable to sustain any deprivation. It is the result of the enormous influence of the evil that has on society. How to work to fight these powerful snares of the evil one, Jesus says: "This kind of demon can come out in any way, except by prayer".

With prayer begins a spiritual journey to restore dialogue of the soul with God, a journey of faith and hope. With this virtuous practice the soul focuses his attention on the presence of God. David sings: "If I ascend to heaven, my God, you are there; if I descend into hell, there you are." The hand of God, David says he did wonders: I shall not die, but live, and declare from the heart, his mouth and deed the wonders of your goodness.

Pressing is the call of the Gospel to pray unceasingly with morning or evening prayers, alternated with simple aspirations, saying: "Lord have mercy on me." The Lord always hears our prayers, will race reminder to our rescue.

If in your heart there began the desire to help needy brothers as they struggle with suffering or solitude, remember that prayer it is one of the highest forms of charity. Increase your joy, join our prayer group, visit the Web site of the "invisible monastery of charity and fraternity", we'll welcome you with open arms.


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