Saint Benedict



Sacred Scripture, brothers, proclaims: "Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." With these words, it shows us that every exaltation is a form of pride.

The Rule of St. Benedict "Part Six, chap. 7

Brothers, if we want to reach the highest summit of humility, if we want to quickly ascend to the heavenly height which rises through the humility in this life, we have to, directing up our acts, raising the scale that appeared in a dream of Jacob and along which he saw angels ascending and descending.

That descend and ascend that can only be understood in this sense: the exaltation makes us descend, humility instead raises us. Doffing scale up represents our earthly life if we will make our humble heart, the Lord will raise up to heaven. It can be said that the two uprights of the ladder are our body and our soul: among these auctions divine calling hath inserted various steps of humility and discipline which we must rise.

The first step of humility is constantly present in having the fear of God, in not forget it in any way and in remembering at all times of all the divine precepts, always meditating on hell in his soul, that burns for their sins those who despise God, and eternal life, instead prepared for those who fear him.

You climb on the second step of humility when, no more loving one's will, there is not even pleased to satisfy their own desires, but are put into practice these words of the Lord saying: "I came not to do my own will, but the will of him who sent me".
(Gv 6,38).

The third step of humility is salt when one submits in total obedience to the superior for the love of God, imitating the Lord of which the Apostle says: "He became obedient unto death".

The fourth step of humility is reached when obeying, in the face of hardships, setbacks and even injustice of any kind, you accept to suffer them quietly and willingly.

The fifth step of humility is not to conceal, but in the manifest to his abbot; through humble confession, every bad thought that arises in the soul and secretly committed any fault.

The sixth step is to concentrate of all that there is more humble and contemptible, and deemed unworthy worker and unable to face any order that is given.

The seventh step of humility is not only to declare in words the most humble and contemptible of all, but in feeling that even in the depths of his heart.

The eighth degree of humility is when the priest reaches when it is does nothing but the approved by the common rule of the monastery or from the examples of superiors.

The ninth step of humility is reached when the priest knows curb his tongue and, observing silence, refrain from speaking until you are questioned.

The tenth step of humility go up when the priest is not easy and ready to laughter, for it is written: "The fool raises his voice while laughing".
(Sir 21,20).

The eleventh degree of humility is reached if the priest, when he speaks, he does so quietly and without laughter, humbly and with gravity, saying few and weighted words, without ever raising his voice.

The twelfth degree of humility when the priest not only preserves the humility in his heart, but manifest to those who also observed with his external attitude.

After ascending all these steps of humility, the Priest find out that love of God is perfect and that casts out fear.

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