Catherine Labouré


Saint Heart of Saint Vincent

Catherine dreamt with an old priest, that has a small beard, with magnetic eyes and a sweet smile. He said: "my daughter, is good to take care of the diseased.

Now you get away from me, but one day you will be happy to be next to me. God has projects for you: never forget it".

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Heart of Saint Vincent of Paul

  • While Catherine was praying she had the first vision: over a small relicary, in the Chapel of the Sisters, in Rue Du Bac, appears the heart of Saint, it has the color of the meat, it has the color of the skin and looks like an inner human organ. Catherine understood that the clear color announced peace, innocence and union.

  • The following day in the same place, the heart of Saint Vincent of Paul appeared again. "I have seen it red as fire because it must illuminate the charity the hearts. It seemed to me that the whole community should renew and go all the places in the world".

  • In the third day, "I have seen it between red and black and this produced me a great sadness in my heart, that was difficult to overcome. I did not know why this sadness was related to a change of government." She believed that she had understood the meaning of the image and this scared her. She atributed the possible change in government as the return of the revolution. The possible change of government is assciated to the religious persecution, to the old kinds of profanations and the disgraces that were going to take place in France, and Paris praticularly.

Face of Christ

During mass, the consacrated host that the priest had in his hand turned into the face of christ. This phenomenon will be repeated until the end of her novitiate.

On july the 6th 1830 the eucharistic miracle repeated. "Our Lord appeared to me like a King with the cross in on his chest. It seemed to me that Our Lord had been taken off all his ornaments. Everything has fell to the ground. In that moment I have had lots of black and sad thoughts. I could not explained myself, but I have had the impression that the King of the Earth was going to be expelled and dispossessed of his real habits".

Virgin Marie Apparittions

First Apparition

On July 19th, 1830 at 9:21pm while everybody in the house was sleeping. "Sister, Sister. I woke up and I looked at where I heard a voice in the alley. I opened the curtains and I saw a child dressed in white , about 4 or 5 years old who said to me.
"hurried up and woke up, come to the chapel that the holy Virgin is waiting for you." I dressed up quickly, and I went side by side of the boy. I followed him on the left, he spreaded luminous rays of light. I entered in the chapel, all the torches and candles were on, as in the midnight mass. However, I still could not see the Virgin yet. The child took me to the director’s armchair, where I kneeled down. The child finally warned me and told me. Here is the Holy Virgin. Here she is.".

I heard like a crack of a silk dress near the tribune and next to the picture of Saint Joseph and I saw the Virgin standing over the stairs of the altar next to the gospel.

Then I looked at the Virgin and I bowedt towards Her. I had kneeled down over the stairs of the altar and I put my hands over her knees. "the mistics will say that this was a corporeal apparition" That was the sweetest moment of my life: it would have been impossible for me to tell what I have had experimented.

She began to tell the way I should behave with my spiritual director, and many other things that I must not say, and also the way I should bear my hardships. She told me that I should lay in the altar to widen my heart, she also added that there I would recieve all the comforts that I needed.

"My daughter God wants to entrust a mision. You will suffer a lot and you will do this well dispossed , thinking about the good God. You will be rejected, but you will have the grace. Do not be afraid." The Virgin opened the book of the future: "my Daughter, these are sad times, serious calamities are about to happen in France. The throne will be knocked down. There will be disgraces of all kinds. But come this altar. Here the graces will be spilled over all people young and old.".

There will be a time that the danger will seem so extreme that everything will seem to be lost, but I will be here with you: have trust. You will have evident proofs of my visits and from the protection of God and from Saint Vincent of Paul over the two communities.

Later she continued, "the archbishop will die." When this will happen? she answered, "within 40 years in time"
My daughter, the cross will be disregarded, thrown to earth, blood will run. The side od Our Lord will be opened again and the roads will be full of blood. The archbishop will be dispossessed of his priestly vestments and the all the world will enter in a deep sadness.

Catherine said: I did not know how much time I stood. When she left, I perceived as if something turned off. I got up from the stairs of the altar and I saw the child again where he was.

He told me, "she has gone" I think that the child was my guardian angel who had made visible in order to let me see the Holy Virgin. He was dressed up in white and carried with him a miraculous light, that is to say, he was shining. At two o´clock in the morning I returned to bed, but I could not sleep.
The words of the Virgin were confirmed when the insurrection in Paris took place, and also in the popular anger that burst in the church. Catherine affirmed this three months before it happened.

Second Apparition of the Virgin.

In November 27th, 1830, while Catherine is praying and meditatin in the chapel, the Virgin appeared like an animated image that changed position, but is so real that it seemed easy to touch her. She has an untold beauty, she is dressed with a white vestment that seemed made of the most beautiful cloth of light. Upon this she carried a blue cape, with silver luminous touches and a long traditional white veil too.

" The Virgin is with her arms wide opened , her hands leaning towards the earth like an offering. From the open hands of the Virgin fall innumerable rays of light. The fingers of Our Virgin are overcharged with extraordinary rings of precious stones and from these stones emanates light, but not all of them shine among these there are some with no light, without any splendour, they are useless.".
The rays of light that Mary has are graces for the men, and for those who ask for them to Mary.

Hidden by the light of the rays that surrounded Catherine saw a globe that seems to concentrate among this rain of blessings. This globe is set up under her feet, while another one is in her hands. Around the visions is set an inscription in half circle in gold letters that reads: "Oh Mary concieved without sin, pray for us that resort to you."

Then the image spins around, showing the other face, and in the center of it there is a capital letter M, the monogram of Mary and below each foot of the letter there is the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
An inner voice says to Catherine, print this medallion acording to this model. All the people that carry it in the neck will receive big graces.

Third Apparition

As days gone by, and while Catherine is praying in the chapel with her partners, she sees the image of the Virgin as in the last apparition. She comes to confirm the image of the miraculous medallion so that it remains deeply printed in Catherine’s mind.
Mary told Catherine: "You do not see me anymore, you will only hear my voice while you pray.".