Gemma Galgani


Mystical experiences

The mystical experiences of Saint it Gemmates during the ecstasies they were:
  • sweating blood.
  • crowning with thorns.
  • flagellation.
  • spit blood.
  • insults, spits and derision from the demon.
  • the crucifixion.

Gemma is victim of love

"On 8th June 1899 after the Communion, Jesus told me that He would do a very great grace in the evening. On the same day I told that to Monsignor during the confession and he answered that I would have then to report everything to him.

One evening suddenly, sooner than usually I feel inner pain of my sins; it was so strong, as I would never feel it again. That pain made me nearly to die. After on I feel the powers of my soul gathering: my mind only knew my sins and the offence of God; it remembered them, and it showed me all the torments that Jesus had suffered to save me; my will made me to dislike all them and to promise of asking for suffering to expiate them. Numbers of thoughts came to my mind: they were comfort and hope, fear, love, pain thoughts.

Then the capture of the senses followed very soon, and I found myself in front of the celestial Mother, who had my Guardian Angel on her right, and she reminds me to recite the contrition action. When I had finished the Mother told me: "Daughter, in name of Jesus, all your sins are forgiven". Then She added: "Jesus, my son, loves you very much, and He wants to do you a grace; can you be worthy of it?" My misery could not answer.

She still added: "I will be your mother, will you be my true daughter?". She opened her mantle and covered me with it. In that moment Jesus appeared; He had His wounds open; but no more flood came out from those wounds, but fire flames, which in a while came and touched my hands and my feet and my heart. I felt I was dying, I would fall, but the Mother held me, which I was still covered by Her mantle.

I stayed in that position for several hours. Then the Mother kissed me on the forehead, and everything disappeared. I found myself on my knees, on the floor, but I still felt a strong pain to my hands, my feet and my heart. I stood up to go in my bed and I noticed that I blooded. I covered the blooding parts and then, helped by my Angel, I could go to bed. Those pains brought me a perfect peace.

The following morning I went to the Communion with difficulty, and I put a pair of gloves on, in order to cover my blooding hands. I could not stand on my feet; I believed to die every moment. Those pains lasted until 3 o’ clock on Friday, solemn festivity of the Holy Heart of Jesus. I would have to say it immediately to the Confessor, but I went to him many times without saying anything; he asked me many times, but I always denied."

Gift of the stimmates

Its mission was to suffer in union with Jesus for the conversion of the sinners.

Saint Gem described an ardent fire in its breast, from the inside of the heart, that was the fire of the love of God, that felt like it consumed her.

It was impressive, according to the witnesses, the amount of blood that came out of his wounds, soaked the mattress until it reached the floor. The wound pierced on one side to the other both the hands and the feet what then they were healed completely in the turn of some times leaving only the imprint of a white spot in their place.


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