The flagellation and the two crowns

The flagellation and the two crowns

The flagellation and the two crowns
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Taken from the diary of Gemma Galgani

I had been praying Jesus for a long time asking Him to remove all the external signs, but Jesus on the contrary added another one: He made me to experience a little His flagellation; to the pains to hands, feet, head and heart He also added some blows. Shall I be always grateful to Him. In fact about five o clock I felt such a great pain of my sins, that I though I was mad: but this fright was very soon followed by the hope in Gods mercy, so that I calmed myself.

I did not feel pain; after approximately an hour later I though to see my Guardian Angel holding two crowns: one of thorns, made like a hat, and the other on of white lilies. This angel caused firstly little fear to me, as usual, and then joy and we adored God together, we shouted: "Hurrah Jesus!" Then it showed me the two crowns and asked me which I wanted. I did not want to answer, because father Germano had forbidden it to me; but it insisted, saying that he was sent by him and blessing me in the same way as he usually blessed me then it would handle my offer to the eternal Father, telling me to forget myself in that night and to think to the sinners.

I was persuaded by these words, and I answered the angel that I would choose the one of Jesus; it showed and give me the crown of thorns; I kissed it many times, and the angel put it on my head and went away. I began to suffer, in the hands, feet, and the head; later then in all the body, and I felt strong blows. I passed the night in that way and I forced me to stand up in the morning, in order not to reveal such a big things; I felt blows and pains until approximately two o clock; at about this hour the angel came again (I really could not effort it any longer), and gave me release, telling me that Jesus had had compassion of me, because I was to little and I could not suffer until the hour when Jesus died.

I felt good although I could hardly stand up. But I worried because the signs had not gone away, but in the arms and in some other part of the body (I noticed while I dressed myself) I had blood and signs of the blows. The morning, when I took the Holy Communion, I prayed Jesus more strongly, to remove the signs from me and He promised that He would remove them on the day of His Passion. I knew that the Passion was on Tuesday, and there are no more Fridays until that day.

The last Friday, there were no signs in the head, the hands, the feet and the heart, but Jesus for the second time made me to feel some blows: there was some blood on some part of my body, but I hope that Jesus will soon remove everything completely. Poor GEMMA.

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