Eucharistic Miracles



Transubstantiation from the latin trans-substantiatio, it is the term that indicates the conversion of the Host in the substance of the body of Christ and of wine in the substance of the blood of Christ. This transformation takes place in the Eucharistic celebration, when the Priest invokes the Father to send the Holy Spirit to transform the bread and the wine in the body and blood of Christ.

Eucharistic Miracle of Fiecht - Austria 1310

Near the side altar of the Church Abbey is a documentary that tells the table: "In the year of grace of 1310 while a priest celebrating Mass was seized by doubts about the real presence of Jesus in the consecrated Host and immediately after the consecration wine turned into red blood began to boil in the cup until it overflows. The wonder was not lost to other monks who were in the choir and the number of pilgrims who approach the altar to see what had happened.
The celebrant, frightened, she could not drink all the Holy Blood, so the abbot deposited the rest in a container next to the cloth with which he wiped the chalice in the tabernacle altar.
At the end of a rigorous investigation, the miracle was declared authentic and recommended the worship of the Holy Blood.
In 1480, after 170 years, the Holy Blood was still "fresh as if it were released today from a wound," wrote the chronicler of the time and still perfectly preserved and is contained in a shrine located in the Monastery of St. Georgenberg.

Eucharistic Miracle of Ivorra - Spain 1010

The priest Ivorra, Bernat Oliver, a day of the year 1010 while celebrating Mass doubted the reality of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. In the act of consecration was the miracle, the wine in the glass was converted into blood and poured on the altar cloth falling to the ground. The Bishop of Urgell, San Ermengol, informed of the incident, went to medley Ivorra firsthand facts, which were immediately reported directly to the Pope Sergius IV in Rome. They signed a papal bull which certified that it was a true miracle. Relics of the miracle and the papal document was placed under the altar of the parish church of Ivorra, headed to San Cugat and inaugurated in 1055 by Bishop Guillem de Urgell. Currently, the sacred relics are kept in a reliquary containing the 1426 Gothic altar cloth stained with blood and other relics donated by Pope Sergius IV in San Ermengol.

Eucharistic Miracle of Boxmeer - Netherlands 1400

In 1400 in Boxmeer in the Church of St. Peter and Paul Groen Arnoldus while the priest was celebrating Mass in the act of consecration of the Eucharistic species was seized by doubts about the real presence of the Lord in the bread and wine consecrated. Suddenly began to boil the wine in the glass, turned into blood, leaking and pouring on the corporal. The priest horrified by this prodigy, asked her pardon of God and the blood ceased to flow out of the cup and immediately coagulated into a large lump.

Still preserved the relic of the Body and Blood, and every year we celebrate the anniversary of the miracle with a solemn procession. There are numerous documents describing the miracle, among them there are many plaques and paintings, the same Pope Clement XI, Benedict XIV, Pius IX and Leo XIII showed a special devotion to the miracle.

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