Love works



The invitation of St. Augustine is peremptory, love and do what you want.

Se ami è If you love it is love itself that guides you and saves you, because it is inherent in itself the driving force that will always push you towards the good.


Love works in the soul as the weight in the bodies.
Our rest is our place. There, love raises, and your good spirit raises our baseness, tearing it at the gates of death. In our good it will be our peace. Every body because of its weight tends to its proper place. The fire tends to the top, the stone to the bottom, both driven by their weight to look for their place. The oil poured into the water rises above the water, the water poured over the oil is immersed under the oil, both driven by their weight to look for their place. Out of order reign"s restlessness, in order quietness. My weight is my love, it takes me everywhere I carry. Your gift lights up and brings us upward. We burn and move. We climb the ascent of the heart singing the song of the steps. Of your fire, of your good fire we burn and move, going up to the peace of Jerusalem. "What a joy for me to hear these words: We will go to the house of the Lord!". There, placed by good will, we will desire nothing, if not to remain forever.

There are indeed things that love one another badly in the world and make those who love them unclean. Illicit love is a great pollution of the soul and a burden that oppresses those who want to fly. In fact, as the soul is raptured upwards by a just and holy love, it is sunk in the abyss by an unjust and unclean love. It happens to each of them to be brought where their weight has to carry it, that is their love. For it is not brought where it should not be brought, but where it must. Who then loves the good will be transported to what he loves, and where will he be if not where is the good he loves? With the prospect of what reward Christ the Lord exhorts us to love Him, if not with what is accomplished as He asks of the Father: "I also want these to be with me where I am". Do you want to be where the Christ is? Love Christ and from this weight you will be transported to where Christ is. What drags you and pulls you upward does not allow you to fall down. Do not look for any other means to climb up: loving leverage, loving you are carried high, loving you get there. In fact, you struggle when you fight with unclean love, come, dragged when you win, you get there when you are crowned. "Who will give me wings - says a lover - like those of a dove, and I will fly and rest?". He was still looking for wings, he still did not have them and for this he was moaning; he still did not enjoy, still struggled, still was not transported.

Love and do what you want.
We find a man who rages for the sake of charity and a kind for the cause of iniquity. A father strikes his son and a slave dealer treats with respect. If you put yourself in front of these two things, the beatings and the caresses, who does not prefer the caresses and flees the beatings? If you put people in mind, charity strikes, iniquity is shameful. Consider well how much we teach here, that the facts of men are not differentiated if not starting from the root of charity. In fact, many things can happen that have a good appearance but do not proceed from the root of charity: even thorns have flowers; some things seem harsh; but they are made, to establish a discipline, under the command of charity. Once and for all, therefore, a short precept is imposed on you: love and do what you want; whether you shut up, keep quiet for love; whether you speak, speak for love; whether you correct, correct for love; whether you forgive, forgive for love; be the root of love in you, so that from this root it can not proceed except for good.

Even if all the same charity should be given to everyone, not the same medicine should be administered: so the same charity generates some, with others becomes weak, is concerned with building up some, while fearing to offend others; towards some he bends down, towards others he rises; with some it is tender, with others severe; but none is hostile, everyone is a mother.

Everyone lives in what he loves.
It is where we have the heart that we inhabit: those who love the world deserve therefore to be called "world", from the name of the dwelling that dwells. Like when we say that a house is good or bad, we do not want to condemn or praise the walls of a house, but saying that a house is good or bad, we mean to refer to those who live there; so in the world we want to designate those who live there and are attached to us. Who are they? They are those who love the world: they are the ones who live in the world with their hearts. However, those who do not love the world find themselves in the world with the flesh, but with the heart they live in heaven, as the Apostle says: "Our citizenship is in heaven".

Everything is new for those who love.
If it annoys us to repeat often trivial and childish things, let us join them [beginners] with brotherly, paternal and maternal love, and united to their hearts, they will also seem new to us. In fact, the sentiment of the supportive soul can be so strong that when those are influenced by us who speak and we learn from them, we live in each other: it is as if they told us what they hear and we learn from them what we teach. It does not usually happen that, when we show, to those who have never seen them before, beautiful and pleasant places, city or country - that we, having seen them, we cross without any interest -, renew our pleasure in their pleasure for the news? And the more so, the more they are friends! Because through the bond of love, the more we live in it, the older things become even new to us

Might interest