La Salette

La Salette, a village in the Isère in the French Alps, where the river Drac, about 1800 meters above sea level at three in the afternoon of Saturday, September 19, 1846 in the slopes of Mount Planeau two shepherd children, Maximin Giraud was eleven years old and Mélanie Calvat of fifteen, were in the mountains to guard the flock and began to descend the hill, about halfway, at a small spring, Melanie first saw a great splendor.

Apparitions La Salette

The two shepherds stood up and approached the world of light, and saw the light beam in a Lady all dressed in white, with her head in her hands, crying silently.

The lady stood up and called them, the two approached and entered the field of bright light, allowing them to see it better. The Lady looked great, was surrounded by a double halo, wearing a white robe and long necked embroidered with pearls, like the French regional costumes, glittering on his breast he wore a crucifix on the sides of which there were a hammer and pliers, a veil covering her head and was surrounded by a tiara and a crown of roses of different colors.

He turned to the children expressing themselves in French and in all its majesty, "Come my children, do not be afraid, I have to make a big announcement."
After a brief pause the Heavenly Visitor spoke again: "If the people did not submit, I'll have to let go of the arm of my Son. It is so strong and heavy that I can no longer hold him. How long I suffer for you! If I want my Son not to abandon you, I was given the task of constantly praying for you, and you do not you notice. As you pray and you do, you can never compensate for the pain that I've made for you. I have given six days to work, I have reserved the seventh and you do not want to admit. Is that weighs both the arm of my Son, if the crop fails, the fault is yours. There I showed last year with the potatoes, but you have not noticed. Indeed when you find fault, they cursed the name of my Son. They will continue to rot and this year, at Christmas, there will be no more.
The word "potato" because it embarrasses the shepherds in the local dialect is called "las truffas', but the Lady prevents continuing the conversation in the dialect of the boys:" I will tell you otherwise. Not sow the grain. The seed sown will be eaten by insects, and what will happen, will fall into dust when you thresh. And will do a great famine. Before that, children under seven years will be hit with trembling and die in the arms of those who hold them. Others will do penance by the famine. The moldy walnuts and grapes will rot. If these people are converted, then the stones and rocks will change into heaps of wheat and potatoes will be borne by themselves in the fields. Say your prayers, my children? Ah, my children, I must say good morning and evening. When you have no time, at least say an Our Father and Hail Mary when you can do better, say more. A listing of summer is only a few elderly women, the other work on Sunday, all summer long. In winter, when they do not know what to do, go to Mass only to make fun of religion. In Lent they go to butcher shop like dogs."
In addition to this the Lady confided to each of the two seers a secret, while the other did not feel anything, but seeing the lip movement. They were two different secrets. The Lady had spoken in French. Then he passed to the stream by placing your feet on a rock emerging and repeating the last words, "Tell it to my people", climbed the hill in front, as a Via Crucis, and disappeared. The two seers went with the last part.

Very soon the news spread of this apparition, in just two years later there was an influx of about three hundred thousand pilgrims at the apparition. The strong message of La Salette moved more men and led them on the 'Mountain of Atonement. The two boys kept their silence and wrote the secret July 2, 1851 only on condition of sending the letter to the pope by the bishop. When Pius IX read it, was deeply moved by the truths contained therein. When the fathers of the new society of the Missionaries of La Salette said they asked him what the secret of La Salette, the Pope expressed himself thus: "You want to know the secret of La Salette? The root of the secrets is this: If all you do not consciously decide to do penance will be lost. "In 1879, revealed the secret to Melanie was exposed to the public in this way: "I shall tell you now that Melanie will not remain forever a secret, in 1858 (the year of the apparitions of Lourdes, Mother of God) can make it known. The priests who are the servants of my Son, with their own dissipated life and the greed of money will make possible the manifestation of the wrath of the Almighty. Priests and consecrated men remit my Son on the cross again. Because of the behavior of Earth's inhabitants will be called the wrath of the Father in Heaven.
The heads of state and people have forgotten the prayer and penance; the devil will be drawn from these stars become dark and full of errors. Humanity is on the eve of sad events and heavier punishments.
The representative of My Son, Pope Pius IX, after the year 1859 will not leave Rome more, will fight bravely with the weapons of faith and love. I will be with him. The Church will live a very deep crisis. It will be the time of darkness. The sacred faith in God will fall into oblivion, man without God lose love for all things and everyone wants to be chief of all the others. It will end with a crisis without violence and arrogance of any kind. He approaches this time you will only see the victory of empire of oppression and murder, hatred and lies, everyone will seek only their own selfish profit. There will be no love for his family and country. The Holy Father will suffer much. But I will be next to him and will welcome its sacrifices. The triumph of evil is not guaranteed forever (in fact act by Melanie Lecce these words: "I will reign for a long time").
The governments will all have the same temporal order, to break down the foundations of religious people and disperse to found materialism, spiritualism and atheism. France, Italy, Spain and England will enter into war. The French fight against the French and Italians against Italians. There will be a great war. God will not be honored in Italy and France, the Gospel will be completely forgotten. The evil comes in every home. Many large cities will be burned and nearly destroyed, others swallowed by earthquakes. All believe that the end has come. The righteous will suffer greatly, but their prayers and sacrifices scapegoats rights will rise raise to heaven, they implore my mercy and my aid will be granted to them. Then the mercy of my Son will command the angels to destroy the enemy in the world. Suddenly all the enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ will disappear and the Earth will become like a desert. After a slow start a new era in which men of the earth will arise to the true service of Christ. Peace, harmony between men and God and love for others will prevail over all. The new rulers will become the right arm of the Holy Church, which will really become the bearer of the virtues of Jesus Christ. The Gospel will be preached everywhere and men will make great strides towards the true faith, because there will be unity among the followers of Christ and men will live the fruits of God that peace and harmony among men, however, will not last long, you forget that the sins of the world are the source of all the punishments that fall to Earth. A forerunner of the Antichrist will be found and will be seen as the new God.
The seasons will change, even the atmosphere, water and fire will cause terrible destruction and large earthquakes, mountains and cities will fall. The stars and the moon will no longer have the strength to shine. Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.
The demons of the air in the air and produce miraculous phenomena on Earth. The men will become worse and worse. But God will always of his most faithful servants and men of good will. The Gospel will be preached everywhere, that all peoples and all nations will know the truth of God he can call the apostles of recent times, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, who has led a life of humility and courage, deprivation, and in contemplation silence, in prayer and atonement, in union with God and divine things. I can call them that have lived immersed in suffering and hidden from the world. There will come a time when they will appear to fill the world with light. Then I tell them, 'Go and show my children! I will be with you and in you, the children of light Fight for the glory of God and Jesus Christ."
"The Savior of the world", as we will call the prince of darkness, emerge from the abyss that opened in the earth. He wants to raise superb in the air and reach toward the sky. But know the breath of the Archangel Michael and it will be stifled. Will fall to Earth and will be sucked forever into the eternal abyss of hell with his associates. Then water and fire will purify the Earth and everything will be renewed. Only then God will be served and honored."

After only five years of investigations September 19, 1851, Msgr. Philibert de Bruillard bishop of Grenoble published his decree: "We declare that the apparition of the Madonna with two shepherds, September 19, 1846, on a mountain in the Alps, situated in the parish of La Salette, vicar of Corps breakwater, bears in itself all the characters of truth and the faithful have clear grounds for believing it indubitable and certain."

In 1852 he founded the Brotherhood of La Salette, which honored Mary as the "reconciliation of sinners." From 1861 to 1879 a basilica was built in Romanesque Revival style, run by the "Pilgrims' Association of La Salette."

Maxim in wanted to study theology and then medicine, then went to Rome to serve the Pope in the Zouaves. A thirty-eight, in 1883, Maximin died at his home.
Mélanie Calvat entered the convent and remained for four years by the Sisters of Providence, but was not allowed to vote. She was sent to Darlington Caramel in England and then in other French convents. Finally remained in Italy where he received the grace of the stigmata and lived retreat under the guidance of the bishop of Lecce. He died in 1904. St. John Vianney, parish priest of Ars, expressed himself thus: "Now I can no longer believe in La Salette. I asked for the signs and I got them. We can and we must believe in La Salette".

The Virgin Mary in La Salette has failed to demonstrate the presence in our world the power of salvation that is in His Son Jesus and His tears are a tangible sign of his impotence in the face of our freedom to choose also to run toward the abyss.

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