The event takes place between 18 June 1961 and November 13, 1965: Madonna (and the Archangel Michael) has appeared many times in the Spanish village of San Sebastian de Garabandal in the diocese of Santander. The visionaries are four girls aged 11 to 12 years: Conchita Gonzalez, Maria Dolores (MariLoli) Mazon, Jacinta Gonzalez and Maria Cruz.

The appearances of the Angel

In her messages, Our Lady appeared always in the quality of Our Lady of Mount Caramel.
Although the Church has not yet decided on a possible recognition Church, the apparitions of this site are known throughout the world.

On the evening of June 18, 1961, four girls meet to play when you suddenly hear a loud rumble like a thunderstorm, but strangely they see the sky without clouds, Conchita see a wonderfully intense light, where stands a surprisingly good figure. Faced with this wonderful apparition fell to his knees. The friends, fearing that Conchita was seized by a sick, are some steps to help her when an Angel appeared to them bright. Impressed by the brightness and the figure of the cherub, petrified and remain absorbed in silent contemplation. This figure immediately disappears from the look of the girls.
Disturbed by agitation, and took from the event, the girls are back in the village and go instinctively to the village church. Their faces blanched arouse people's curiosity and the appearance soon became known. During the twelve days that followed, the angel again appeared eight times, and then spoke to them on July 1 for the first time. "You know why I came", he asked. "To announce that tomorrow, Sunday, you'll see the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Mount Caramel".

First appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(July 2, 1961 - Feast of the Visitation).

About six o'clock in the evening at the young head of the apparitions and enter immediately into a trance. In a clear light, Mary appears with a white dress and a blue cloak, with a crown of gold stars. On the right wrist, the door hung on a belt and a brown scapular on his left arm sits the Christ Child are the two angels in one side and recognize Michael. The Holy Virgin greets and invites them to pray with you teaching them the true recitation of the Holy Rosary, and then urges them to sing some praises. Finally, the Mother of God before his sentence, heralds a new appearance for July 3..

Announcement of the great miracle

In January 1963, the Blessed Virgin Conchita predicts to a great miracle that the shows in advance of the magnificence and also tells the date with the obligation not to talk about it.
The miracle will happen on a Thursday at 20.30 and will last quarter of an hour. This miraculous event will have a positive significance for the whole Church and it will happen on the anniversary of a young martyr or a saint closely tied to the Eucharistic devotion. In addition, the seer hints at a possible date of April 13, without making known the year, adding that the site of the miracle of a supernatural sign will remain visible for eternity. Before this miracle a sign of evil will appear on Earth. In addition, the event will be visible only to Garabandal, but in a wider area because it will be observed also by the surrounding mountains. On the occasion of the miracle that all the sick will be healed in this place, not only the sick but also believers and unbelievers.

The vision of divine justice

II June 19, 1962 is the Archangel Michael to Maria Dolores and Jacinta, warning that the Holy Virgin wants to talk only with them the following evening. Conchita, who was unable to be with her friends on the site of the apparitions, so sick, he falls into a trance and takes part in this apparition through a vision. People who are close to her bed she heard screaming: "Terrible! No, I do not write. "Later, the seers come home crying because of the strong emotion without a word to anyone. The following evening sun goes on the site of the apparitions, as was established by the Archangel Michael, the villagers heard the cries and only some of them may hold the following words: "Make babies die first!" Dai people the time to confess, "One day the visionaries speak of this episode the night, exclaiming: It was terrible, as if we were burned at the stake! We saw the end of time".

The Miracle of the Host

The girls asked the angel to perform a miracle so that people could believe, they finally agreed and announced on June 18, the invisible Communion he had always given her and her companions on that day would have been visible on the tongue Conchita. They were to announce this with fifteen days in advance. In fact, on that day, Conchita fell into a trance, as people crowd around, stuck out his tongue and there appeared a bright white host. A witness who was a few inches removed all doubt of cheating and said: "He did not seem to have been deposited there, but instead describe how you could have materialized more quickly than the human eye could perceive". This episode supernatural there's even a picture!

Message of June 18, 1965

On December 8, 1964 Madonna announced to the apparition of the Archangel Michael Conchita for June 18, 1965 with his new message. On this day a thousand people from all over the world gather at Garabandal. Flock to the site of the apparitions to see the Angel, and even with the intention of photographing. Conchita ecstatic welcome the message of Madonna for the mediation of Michael, she does not seem shaken or touched by this confusion.
The next day the message is announced publicly: "Since my message of October 18, 1961 has not entered the hearts of men and has not spread in the world, was not listened to anything and fell in utter indifference, I tell you this is my last warning to this place. The vessel is filled, water overflows! The bishops and cardinals travel more and more the way of perdition and bring with them on this path many souls. Eucharist is given less importance.
You should really worry about the wrath of God will not collapse on you. If you pray with a sincere spirit of forgiveness, you will be forgiven. I, your Mother, through the intercession of the apparition of the Archangel Michael will tell you to fix them. I love you very much and I do not want your curse. We have come to the latest warnings.
Pray sincerely and we are ready to grant your prayers. You have to sacrifice more. Meditate on the Passion of Jesus".

The last appearance

(13 November 1965)

That day, the visionary of the article starts on the hill, preparing to wait. Has no doubts and is illuminated by devout fervor in my heart. The Holy Virgin appeared with the blond baby Jesus, wrapped in a robe, his arms. Maria Conchita asked if the faithful will always be the girl replied that it would be easier for her if she could see her more often, then the Blessed Virgin answered: You'll be any help, my children Loli, Jacinta and Maria Cruz... This is the last time you see me, but if you do not see me, I will always be with you and all my children... Conchita because you do not often visit my Son in the tabernacle? Why did you let yourself be overwhelmed by laziness? He is waiting for you day and night. "Conchita asked the Madonna to take it with you, but the Mother of God says she must remain on Earth to do good works and serve others, then will call you. The visionary looks down these words as a sign of obedience to the will of Mary, when they see that raises the apparition vanished. Almost frozen with cold, the girl hurries to go home.

The Church's position

Distrust is a state of uncertainty years of silence (1963-1965) had the upper hand. The seers were then gripped by doubt. Maria Cruz in 1965 after an interrogation that he signed a simulated ecstasy, as well as Dolores Conchita and the same was tormented by doubts about the presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and their vocation. When he spoke in confession Conchita traced the source of his confusion to the master of evil that exhorted to retract the apparitions.

To the visionaries was only the path of suffering and the cross, but with the passage of time, the messages of Garabandal began to spread.
The Professor of Santander had already introduced in August 1961 a commission of inquiry, which, however, it was shown from the beginning oriented towards skepticism. In a short time the committee had reached the final decision: the apparitions were not supernatural.
The testimonies of hundreds of doctors and religious, who had observed the apparitions and have judged in many ways as "inexplicable", were not taken into any consideration.
In October 1968, the attention to the miraculous events of Garabandal was witnessed by the masses of pilgrims.
In April 1970 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared the apparitions of false and not worthy of credibility by the faithful.
Since 1971 began to highlight contrasting attitudes of the Spanish bishops, those openly opposed to the phenomena of Garabandal to the more tolerant (as Juan Antonio of the Val Gallo, who did re-open the investigation).
A senior prelate of the Church declared that the apparitions of Our Lady at Garabandal were a continuation and an update of those at Fatima, but with a more apocalyptic tone, as the confusion that prevails today in the world and within the Church was not so obvious then.
In total there are two thousand apparitions at Garabandal celestial and stellar phenomena, validated by numerous miraculous healings, through the intercession of the Madonna and accepted as such by science. Such healings confirm without any doubt the real presence of Mary. In this place.

Our Lady at Garabandal announced three events of universal significance: the divine warning, the wonderful miracle of divine justice and retribution. He did not speak of the end of the world, but the end of time.

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