From the imitation of Christ

When Jesus is present, everything is for good, and nothing seems difficult. Instead, when Jesus is not present, everything is difficult. When Jesus does not speak within, all consolation is worth very little.

Instead, if Jesus also said one word, we feel great consolation.

Friendship with Jesus

From the imitation of Christ

Maybe for that Mary Magdalene suddenly sprang from the place where he was weeping when Martha said to her: "Here is the master, calling you"? (Jn 11:28). Happy moment, the one in which Jesus invites us from tears to spiritual joy.

How did you arid and harsh, far from Jesus; as you are foolish and empty if you go back to something else that is not Jesus. It is not, this, for you, a greater harm than losing the whole world? What you can ever give the world if you do not have Jesus? To be without Jesus is a hard inferno; be with Jesus is a sweet paradise.

There will be no enemy that can do harm to you if Jesus is with you. Who finds Jesus finds a great treasure; indeed, it is the greater good of any property. Who loses Jesus loses more that we cannot say; He loses more than if he lost the whole world. He who lives without Jesus is deprived of everything; he who lives firmly with him is full of everything.

Great prudence knows how to stay close to Jesus; great wisdom know how to hold fast to him. Have humility and peace, and Jesus will be with you; have devotion and serenity of spirit, and Jesus will be with you.

That if you begin to divert to external things, you suddenly turn away from Jesus, losing his grace; and if you chased him, but you will have lost, to whom you will run for shelter, who shalt set thee as a friend? Without a friend you cannot live fully; and unless you have a partner, on top of each other, Jesus, you will be very sad and desolate.

It is a fool, then, what you do, putting your trust and your joy in others instead of Jesus. It is preferable to have the whole world against you that have Jesus disgusted against you. So, of all the loved ones, dear, in itself, he is the only Jesus: everyone else must love due to Him; He, however, for himself. Jesus Christ, who alone is good and faithful more than any other man, only he ought to love, particularly love. For him and in him will be dear to both friends and enemies; and beg him for some and for others, for all to know and love him.

Do not desire to be liked or loved for you yourself, since this belongs only to God, who has no one quite like it. Not desire that one would take your heart, in his heart, take everything from you, do not let everything take you from the love of anyone. Jesus should be only in you, as in every one who loves the good.

Be inwardly pure and free, with no ties to the creatures. If you want to be fully opened to enjoy "how sweet the Lord is" (Ps 33.9), you have to be totally naked and offered to God a simple and pure heart.

But, in truth, not that far you will come unless he will be coming to you when dragged his grace, so that, driven out and thrown away everything, you can join with Him, to be alone. When the grace of God descends on man, then he becomes capable of any business; when in fact the grace is lost, man becomes weak and wounded, but abandoned to the punishment.

But even so no one has to leave tear down; you must not despair. Must rather stand firmly to the will of God and, whatever happens, always be in praise of Jesus Christ; because after winter comes summer, after a great storm, the calm.


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