Peccato e moralità

Sin and Morality

Sin and Morality
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It all begins when it raises in us the reflection: "I need to make it right!" We feel that there is some disorder that disturbs us, but often does not even know what. But we know that we have to order before it is too late.

Where to start? Intelligence, mind, brain, etc.. We also know that we can not want something before they know it. And how can we act if we do not have a goal to be reached?

We also know that each person has two essential elements: body and soul. The body binds man to biological laws, while the soul leads him to transcend the material world to live a better life that can reach up to God.

other introductory remarks on the disorder that has seven roots, are:
  1. PRIDE. Exaggerated opinion of themselves that leads to contempt, detachment, isolation of others.
  2. GREED. A swivel attachment to material goods, which leads to selfish choices.
  3. LUST. Disorderly use of sex that leads to the disintegration of persons, families and society.
  4. The IRA. Sudden and violent explosion that offends the soul and damages to others.
  5. The THROAT. Using messy food that harms the physical and mental health.
  6. ENVY. Hatred towards people considered most fortunate that breaks relationships.
  7. SLOTH. Apathy towards any undertaking which is falling in idleness and inactivity.
The only way to balance, as discussed in detail below, is a supernatural level, because God has said that if we want to:
  • Exist.
  • Grow.
  • Made.
  • Healing.
  • Be happy.
There are no other rules if not the "Ten Commandments". Ten rules can be summarized in a single rule that is: Love.

Well, what we have seen the mess, now we understand what sin is. Sin is so to speak, refusing to follow their own right is a reprehensible and illegal conduct is contrary to moral principles. Principles that are etched in the conscience of every person but must be properly formed and made true.

The concept of sin now, under the pressure of moral relativism and secular ethics, it is almost dissolved. The religious ethics, resting on the word of God and the Beatitudes, it is viewed as an impediment to achieving physical pleasure, success, having to own. Thus, the unique and important reality of life, the beginning and the end of existence, is the ego.

Therefore we are rooted and scattered everywhere, selfishness, malice, oppression, injustice, evil and unhappiness. Mali, which have supplanted the feelings of the soul were: love, well, understanding, love, happiness and inner development.

Sin in the Bible, is closely tied to the law of God, and is thus an attitude of disobedience if not transgression that comes from the heart of man. Not only is it an infringement of moral order, but the interruption of the personal relationship with God, because there is a betrayal of trust that He has answered us.

In 1822, God gave the Holy Curé of Ars to have a clear vision of its misery. It was so frightened that he prayed the Almighty to spread a light less living on his soul, for fear of having thoughts of despair. One day, tells the Baron Belvey: "Do not ask God for complete knowledge of your misery, I have obtained and I once asked if God had not supported me at that moment I fell into despair".

That is why recovering the perception of sin is not a luxury to be granted intellect to speculation of thought, but an essential requirement to retrieve the path of true repentance and run well, like the prodigal son, to meet the Father.

This beautiful route you can take after a humble act of consciousness, resulting in a sincere repentance and reconciliation, he needs to capture the world that gives as perfect joy.

Leafing through the following pages you will find out all about sin, morality, on the confession or reconciliation. On how the Holy Fathers of the Church have faced and conquered sin as moral disorders, and they got the prize that will last into eternal beatitude...

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