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National Geographic - Crop Circles: Artworks or Alien Signs?
The battle to explain the crop circles is a torrid wrestling match between artists
and people who...

Disney Movie Classics
Disney movie reviews, news and journals.

Victor Salva - Child Molestor and Disney
Three articles related to Disney's hiring of convicted child molestor, Victor Salva.


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Wikipedia: Copyright Term Extension Act
Free encyclopedia entry about the act.

On-line encyclopedia that offers season records, facts, historical information
and photographs.

Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

Bedtime Story Classics: Alice in Wonderland
Information about the background of Alice in Wonderland.


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Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies
Introduction to temporal anomalies in time travel films, with illustrations of
types of paradox.

  • , a well-written time travel story that makes a few mistakes but overall does better than the more popular ones.

  • Wells gave us time travel with ; and while this 2001 retelling is less faithful to the book than Gomer to Hosea, it provides an interesting lesson in the mistakes you can make.

    Gallery of ''Misused'' Quotation Marks
    They're quotation marks, and they turn up in the strangest of places.

  • " I think the quotes are more for legal reasons than because of a mistake on anyone's part.

    The Celebration Controversies
    Duany examines the pros and cons of Disney's New Urbanist town for the International
    Network for Traditio...

  • This is a common mistake among the New Urbanist greenfield towns.

    Iowa Voice
    Centered around politics, news, and current events.


    Steve's Page of Fun Links
    Lots of links for many different TV, Cartoon, Movie and fun related web pages,
    including a page of...

    OffBeat Magazine: Backtalk with Randy Newman
    Interview by Scott Jordan upon release of the 4 cd set "Guilty". Extensive discussion
    of New Orleans'...

  • I wanted them to get rid of "Gridiron Golden Boy" [Newman’s first recorded song, from 1962], which I really shouldn’t have wanted to get rid of, because there it is, like an old mistake.

  • He doesn’t do a bad thing in the show, just that little mistake about the Buddhists.

  • In "Rednecks" for instance, like it’s a mistake—a conscious mistake, but I wanted to do it.

    EMuck: Richard White Invited Talk Transcript
    Online chat with the voice of Gaston in Disney's "Beauty and The Beast".

  • That sort of thing." >< Mickey drops his Mouse-ke-cola by mistake and blushes.

    SFcrowsnest.com Movie Reviews
    Library of science fiction film reviews. Updated monthly with new material.

  • A nebbish makes a fatal mistake and accidentally weds a zombie.

    Filmtracks: Dinosaur
    Soundtrack review, audio, and viewer ratings.

  • Some could mistake this for coming from a dramatic or a science-fiction flick.

  • Mulan fell into the category of almost getting mistaken for a dramatic score, and Dinosaur does the same thing.

    Who Mourns For Apollo?
    Examines lunar mission photographs, finds flaws in various claims that they are faked.

  • Interestingly, as to the question of multiple light sources, some of the leading debunkers of the Moon Hoax theory have also made a very significant mistake.

  • Many Moon Hoax advocates, too young to have actually watched this all on live television, look at this picture and mistakenly believe that Young is standing on the slight dome shaped rise in the background, when in fact he is in midair (well, OK, mid- vacuum ).

  • Collier was among the most enthusiastic promoters of this mistaken notion, based on studying only a few press release photographs from NASA.

    PopMatters - Chicken Run
    Review of the film.

    WWWF Ground Zero: Q vs. Inspector Gadget
    Speculation as to whether Inspector Gadget and Q fought. Contains a conspiracy
    theory based on Q and...

  • Since he noticed, he's dead.) The imposter, who made a really boneheaded mistake here, doesn't look good either.

  • I am sure all British have read Orwell's "1984, " and recall the evil Party's third Slogan: "Ignorance Is Strength." Thus, you recognize the value of a man who repeatedly mistakes his own dog for an enemy agent.

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