Walt Disney Records: Bio of Goofy
Disney's very own biography of Goofy.

  • Walt Disney Records: Biography of Goofy For more than 60 years, Goofy -- the awkward, toothy, curious, and good-spirited Everyman of the Disney cartoon characters -- has been a top performer in every medium, beginning with a bit part in a Disney short, and eventually becoming a major media star in print, television, theme parks, and a variety of merchandise.

  • Walt often described the type of physical humor used in the Walt Disney Studio's cartoons as being "goofy, " and with Orphan's Benefit (1934), that name officially stuck to this affable character.

  • But Goofy's personality really began to take shape in the 1935 cartoon Moving Day , in which animator Art Babbitt built up Goofy's role and gave his character definition.

  • The second half of the 1930s was the golden age of Disney cartoon shorts, as the Studio reached unprecedented achievements in personality animation.

  • Cartoon shorts such as Lonesome Ghosts , Clock Cleaners, Boat Builders , Mickey's Service Station , and Mickey's Trailer looked at how each character reacted to similar circumstances.

  • It is perhaps for this series of nearly two dozen cartoons that Goofy's film career is most fondly remembered.

  • As the Walt Disney Studios ceased regular production of short cartoons in 1956, the classic cartoon characters were getting a new lease on life from the very medium that led to the end of theatrical shorts -- television.

  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy could be seen regularly through the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s on several Disney television shows, including "The Mickey Mouse Club, " as well as "Disneyland" and its successors, "Walt Disney Presents, " "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, " and "The Wonderful World of Disney." Some of the episodes featured Goofy's classic cartoon appearances in newly created story frameworks, including "The Goofy Success Story" and "Holiday for Henpecked Husbands." Along with the rest of "the gang, " Goofy has been an integral part of The Disney Channel since its inception in 1983.

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  • Current topics: pets, movies, music, video games, comics, villains, cartoons, Disney stuff, writing, politics, and things I believe in.

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    Biography of the visionary Founder of the Walt Disney empire of companies.

  • In his spare time he made his own cartoons called “Laugh-O-grams.” He soon saved enough money to start his own company by eating only once a day while sleeping in his office at night.

  • Five years later they developed the soon to be famous Mickey Mouse who was featured in Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with synchronized sound.

  • The mid-1930’s ushered in color in the cartoons with such hits as Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy.


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  • Il sommario viene poi completato da Le storie dello zio Remo - Coniglietto e l'arcobaleno d'oro , di e, con protagonisti i personaggi animati del ; Buci e le pulizie di primavera , di, con protagonista la ( Bucky Bug ), che aveva esordito anche sul primo numero del Topolino giornale ; Il piccolo Lupo Mannaro e Capuccetto Rosso , di, dove il protagonista (ovvero il piccolo Lupo Mannaro) altri non รจ che, il figlio di, l'avversario dei nell'omonimo cartoon ; tutta una serie di rubriche, scritte principalmente da Guido Martina, a quel tempo, in pratica, unico sceneggiatore Disney a lavorare per Mondadori.

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Robert Clampett
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  • Calloway was no stranger to cartoons, for he had sung in three Max Fleischer cartoons in the 1930s, Snow White (1933, signing St.

  • Calloway also danced for the cartoons, his movements being rotoscoped.

  • Leslie Baraga, in The Fleischer Story, notes that Calloway believed that the showing of these cartoons a week or two before he made a personal appearance enhanced his box office receipts.

  • In addition, he also had a very active and successful career at UPA in the 1950s, directing such cartoons as Madeline (1952), Gerald McBoing-Boing (1951) (the latter being adapted from the Dr.

  • Seuss story by Bill Scott), both cartoons being nominated for Academy Awards, with Gerald winning.

  • Cantor is seen in numerous WB cartoons, which include: a brief caricature in I Like Mountain Music (Harman/Ising, 1933) with Rubinoff; an appearance by popular demand in Shuffle Off to Buffalo (Harman/Ising, 1933) doing a number from the movie Palmy Days ; Billboard Frolics (Freleng, 1935), doing the song Merrily We Roll Along (which he co-wrote) with Rubinoff; and Farm Frolics (Clampett, 1941), in which a horse, asked by the narrator to do a canter, promptly imitates Cantor.

  • 1997) Character actor most famous for his role as Ed Norton on The Honeymooners , parodied in the series of cartoons by Bob McKimson known as The Honeymousers.

  • He also directed one of the last WB cartoons of the classic era, Hawaiian Aye-Aye (1964).

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    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Arthur Davis
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • Not only does he have seniority over Bugs (his first cartoonbeing Porky's Duck Hunt (Avery, 1937), coming a few yearsbefore A Wild Hare ), but the little black duck hasdemonstrated an amazing range, thanks to the fact that he was directedby a wide variety of WB directors.

  • From the wild hoo-hoo hysteria ofBob Clampett (e.g., The Daffy Doc ), the shifty-eyed schemingof Chuck Jones (best exemplified by the so-called Hunters Trilogy, q.v.), and a range of superb Freleng, Tashlin and McKimson cartoons inthe middle (and even a few of the better McCabe cartoons), Daffy hasproven to be one of the most enduring characters in the WB stable.Avery may have created the character, but it was Clampett who put thecharacter on the map, and each of his colleagues added to thecomplexity of Daffy.

  • Dalton's best-known cartoonwith Hardaway is Hare-Um Scare-Um (1939), featuring an earlyversion of Bugs Bunny.

  • Dalton also teamed up with Cal Howard todirect two cartoons, Porky's Phoney Express and A Lad InBagdad (both 1938).

  • Daunch, Bill Story writer for WB whose sole credit is a co-writing credit with TeddPierce for the Gerry Chiniquy cartoon Hawaiian Aye Aye (1964).

  • At WB, Davis first worked on a number ofTashlin cartoons; Scrap Happy Daffy and Brother Brat (1943 and 1944) are two of the cartoons for which Davis receivesanimation credit.

  • When Robert Clampett left WB in 1945, Davis took over his unit, including a few cartoons already in production (most notably TheGoofy Gophers (1947), for which Clampett had already recorded thedialogue).

    The Mouse That Ate The Public Domain
    "Disney, The Copyright Term Extension Act, and Eldred v. Ashcroft." By Chris
    Sprigman. [FindLaw's Writ]

  • Disney's copyright on Mickey Mouse, who made his screen debut in the 1928 cartoon short ", " was due to expire in 2003, and Disney's rights to Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck were to expire a few years later.

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  • | Currently: 84°F Partly Sunny | The Cincinnati Enquirer: Video Games - October 1, 2002 Cartoon fantasy awaits players in 'Kingdom Hearts' By Marc Saltzman Gannett News Service Kingdom Hearts out of 5 Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Role-playing game Price: $49.99 Rating: "E" for everyone S C R E E N S H O T S What do you get when you combine role-playing game (RPG) action with familiar cartoon characters? The answer is "Kingdom Hearts, " an oddly matched yet successful marriage between Disney Interactive and Squaresoft, the Japanese game maker best known for its "Final Fantasy" adventures.

  • It resembles an interactive cartoon that blends American and Japanese anime styles in one bright and colorful adventure.


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  • That lead to "The Critic, " a short-lived but deliciously droll and, again, visually unique television cartoon.

  • A fresh, funny and extraordinary movie called it is the first legitimate challenger ever for Disney's feature cartoon crown.

  • Not only is it a visual masterpiece with joyously cartoony style that evokes subconscious memories of classic Warner shorts and boasts a hero that is an ingenious, post-war comic book amalgam of gears and armor plating, with friendly, headlamp eyes and the demeanor of a lost puppy.

  • It's so joyously cartoony -- and I love that! Bird: The thing that I've always responded to in animation is caricature.

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  • - the hedgehog cartoon series ...

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  • #3: He is a veteran, he was like one of the first cartoons, So he knows his stuff.

  • Look at the level of violence in any given Bugs Bunny cartoon and compare it to the nastiest Disney bit.

  • monsterfink writes: Bugs would kick Mickey butt so bad the Mouse would never be the same again, and then he'd let Daffy work over that speech impaired sailor Donald Caine, the betrayer writes: The mouse and his little crew of cartoon comrades don't stand a chance! Disney cartoons are too lame and "pc" to use any type of violence.

  • schultztown USA writes: If you ever really watch the old cartoons, it's fairly obvious who would win.

  • All the disney cartoons consist of is the main character trying to perform some basic everyday activity (I.E.

  • The warner brother cartoons have the character in some life threatening situation (I.E.

  • I don't even recall a cartoon where Mickey Mouse needed to fight, whereas Bugs Bunny outwits Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and dozens of others.

  • the giant in that one cartoon, and couldn't even handle animated broomsticks.

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