Juvenile Product Recalls - Consumer Product Safety
From the Canadian agency, Health Canada.

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  • The mandate of the Product Safety Program is to regulate and monitor compliance of the advertisement, sale and importation of hazardous or potentially hazardous products that are not covered by other legislation and to provide clients with safety information.

  • This legal mandate is derived from the , for those products scheduled in the Act, and in the case of cosmetics, is derived from the , and also implies a duty of care for unregulated products.

  • A company should initiate a recall if a consumer product does not comply with legislation in Canada, or poses an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of consumers or users of the product.

  • Note: If a company wishes to recall a food or drug product, please refer to the .

  • The following list of juvenile product recalls is not all inclusive, nor does it include all categories of consumer products.

  • Recalls are initiated by an importer or a manufacturer after becoming aware that the product is or may have a safety concern.

  • Health Canada works cooperatively with companies to ensure the effective and efficient removal of hazardous products from the marketplace.

  • Consumers are advised to contact their nearest if they have health or safety concerns about a particular product.

  • Further information on purchasing juvenile products, and safe use of products, can be found on this website.

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