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  • A huge site for Ducks fans, with lots of fanfiction, show info., pictures, sounds, movies, links, and more fun stuff! Search for in Copyright © 2001-2006 WebRing, Inc.

    Bibi's Box
    A curious girl blogging to share and enjoy.

  • Donate If you enjoy this blog, think about making a donation! Search Search this blog: July 2006 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Categories About me More of Reading Listening Art Cinema Culture Horror Music, Audio & Video Other Stuff Personal blogs Links I Support Subscribe July 9, 2006 How about some nice French songs? I made a selection with the last stuff that I found in the last weeks, most of them from a new music blog (and Brazilian), that has many other cool stuff, specially Brazilian music from 60's, like Bossa Nova.

  • I made a search to see what else that he produced was available at in public domain and the result was quite nice.

  • With the on-line version and a good search engine everything is possible.

    Plot outline, cast, trivia, reviews, fan messageboard, and quotations from the movie.

    IMDb: Hercules (1997)
    Cast and crew information, plot synopsis, links to merchandise.


    Photo by www.what-means.com

    Urban Legends Reference Pages: Disney (Quacking Wise)
    Probably not; see the interesting details on this site.

    VCD, VCD Movies, Disney Cartoons and Music Videos from SimplyVCD.com
    English language VCDs on sale.

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    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • --Powhatan tells you to do a websearch to re-unite Pocahontas and John at the Grandmother Willow (shown above).

  • Apparently the Pocahontas cartoon character's appearance stems from some girl the Disney team met while doing research in Virginia who claimed to be a descendant, hoo boy.

  • OTHER RESEARCH MATERIALS & NON-INDIAN OPINIONS --Scroll down past the stars, use the button at bottom of this page.

  • Learning to search the Internet is an important skill.

  • These ae no longer valid, because DejaNews, the service that searches old or current newsgroup postings has changed its server and its methods! You can no longer save the results of a search as a command that pulls the same items again.

  • Click on, and on their startup page, click SEARCH.

  • Now enter pocahontas as a searchterm in the form.

  • After you enter your searchterm and wait till it searches a database of newsgroup current postings, you'll be looking at a long list.

  • It's not always clear why the search engine thought it was, but most likely it is the tail end of a discussion that started very relevant thn people went off on tangents.

  • This time in the search form enter pocahontas & racism .

  • Learning to use the powerful InterNet search engines to find info you're interested in is an essential computer skill--your class can learn it by researching Pocahontas.

  • --Do your own search, see what they got by now.

    Disney's Mouse
    Brief character history.

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    The Big Cartoon DataBase
    Directory and searchable index of cartoon shorts and animation.

    The Big Cartoon DataBase
    The latest on cartoon and animation news, home video and DVD releases.

    Cuddly Collectibles - Collectible Teddy Bears, Cartoon Characters ...
    Featuring a wide variety of cuddly items .

    Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for GameCube Review ...
    Review by Ryan Davis, [4.6/10]. "Serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why
    adventure games are...

  • | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: Downloads GameSpot Review 4.6 poor Gameplay 5 Graphics 5 Sound 4 Value 5 Tilt 4 Difficulty: Easy Learning Curve: From 0 to 15 Minutes Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for the GameCube serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why adventure games are being ignored by the general public.

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    Animation Art – Disney Art Gallery Including Superhero Animated ...
    Specializing in animation art and collectibles from Disney, Warner Brothers, King
    Features, Marvel...

    Cartoon Factory Animation Art Gallery
    Expansive selection of original and limited edition animation art cels from
    Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Ba...

    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.

    FANOFUNNY - Il meglio dell'Umorismo, Satira, Caricatura & Cartoons
    Una manifestazione che propone un ricco calendario di appuntamenti nel comune
    denominatore della satira...

    Cartoon World
    A worldwide focal point for professional and aspiring cartoonists, publishers,
    collectors and enthusiasts...

    "Like the cartoons, this game can be recommended to anybody. 8/10" also includes

    Toon Zone
    Comprehensive fan resource and community for classic and contemporary Warner Bros
    cartoons, as well...

    DVD Price Search
    Compares DVD prices from multiple stores.

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