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Collection of Famous Cartoon Cats by Bagheera Bengal Cats, Bill ...
Includes the Cat in the Hat, the Cheshire Cat, Azrael, Hello Kitty, Garfield,
Heathcliff, Felix, Snowball...

  • Bill and Cathy Brown Bagheera Bengals " Famous Cartoon Cats " If you have more Famous Cartoon Cats, please share...

  • 334-721-0343 Dothan Alabama Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our collection of cartoon cats.

  • Azrael appeared in the 1980's TV cartoon The Smurfs.

  • The cartoon was about tiny blue people called the Smurfs who live in the woods.

  • Before you leave, please be sure to visit our Bagpuss, Emily's much loved saggy old cloth cat, was the star of a television cartoon in England during the 80's.

  • Cats are known to be aloof, but "cat-titude" reaches new heights in Get Fuzzy, the bitingly hilarious comic strip from cartoonist Darby Conley.

  • CatDog CatDog was a half cat and half dog animated cartoon on the Nickelodeon television network from1998-99.

  • The Chattanooga Cats were five groovy rock musician cats (Cheesie, Scoots, Groove, Country, and Kitty Jo) introduced three regular cartoon segments: It's The Wolf (featuring the voice of Paul Lynde as Mildew Wolf), Autocat & Motormouse and Around The World In 79 Days.

  • Custard is Strawberry Short Cake's pet from the cartoon series.

  • One of the first great stars of the animated cartoon and the hero of Pat Sullivan's cartoon strip series "Felix the Cat." Felix was created by Otto Messmer.

  • An orange cat who is always getting into trouble in one way or another and got his cartoon start in 1973 on the funny pages, about five years before Garfield.

    Review of the show.

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Robert Clampett
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • Calloway was no stranger to cartoons, for he had sung in three Max Fleischer cartoons in the 1930s, Snow White (1933, signing St.

  • Calloway also danced for the cartoons, his movements being rotoscoped.

  • Leslie Baraga, in The Fleischer Story, notes that Calloway believed that the showing of these cartoons a week or two before he made a personal appearance enhanced his box office receipts.

  • In addition, he also had a very active and successful career at UPA in the 1950s, directing such cartoons as Madeline (1952), Gerald McBoing-Boing (1951) (the latter being adapted from the Dr.

  • Seuss story by Bill Scott), both cartoons being nominated for Academy Awards, with Gerald winning.

  • Cantor is seen in numerous WB cartoons, which include: a brief caricature in I Like Mountain Music (Harman/Ising, 1933) with Rubinoff; an appearance by popular demand in Shuffle Off to Buffalo (Harman/Ising, 1933) doing a number from the movie Palmy Days ; Billboard Frolics (Freleng, 1935), doing the song Merrily We Roll Along (which he co-wrote) with Rubinoff; and Farm Frolics (Clampett, 1941), in which a horse, asked by the narrator to do a canter, promptly imitates Cantor.

  • 1997) Character actor most famous for his role as Ed Norton on The Honeymooners , parodied in the series of cartoons by Bob McKimson known as The Honeymousers.

  • He also directed one of the last WB cartoons of the classic era, Hawaiian Aye-Aye (1964).
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    Pezmistress' Page
    Includes a large list of the owner's collection, and some tips about how to tell
    the age of a dispenser.

    WWWF Ground Zero: Mary Poppins vs. Maria von Trapp
    Julie Andrews vs. Julie Andrews in the battle of the Nannies. [humor]

    Loudoun YMCA
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  • Katz, ” and the squigglevision short “Shrinkwrapped.” If you’re still one of the poor, unfortunate souls intimidated by the season sets of Rocky & Bullwinkle , then you can get a very nice sampling of Jay Ward’s legendary cartoon via the single-disc The Best of Rocky & Bullwinkle: Volume 1 & The Best of Boris & Natasha: Volume 1 (Classic Media, Not Rated, DVD-$12.98 SRP each).

  • The set includes vintage cartoons, shorts, and the original theatrical trailers, plus a vintage behind-the-scenes segment for Forever Darling .

    Tiny Toon Adventures episode guide
    Guide to TTA eps. Last updated 1993.

  • ---------- FIRST SEASON ('90-'91) ---------- 1 : THE LOONEY BEGINNING [#148 -- Kennedy Cartoons] FULL -- 9/14/90 (shown at 8:30PM on CBS) Having crumpled up Montana Max and thrown him in the trash, a Warner Bros.

  • cartoonist has until tomorrow morning to come up with a new cartoon series.

  • 3 : THE WHEEL O' COMEDY [#113 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 9/18/90 Buster's "Spectacular Day" is replaced by the arbitrary cartoon selector, the Wheel of Comedy.

  • And it's only the fourth day! "Never Too Late to Loon" -- Plucky, convinced he's going to fail his cartoon math test, gets Shirley the Loon to "channel some Einstein" into his brain.

  • Since nobody in Acme Acres appreciates how truly great she is, she runs away to Wackyland, where Gogo Dodo introduces her to the bizarre punniness of that uncharted cartoon territory.

  • Plus, a brief message from "Adults Against Funny Cartoons"! 10 : LOOKING OUT FOR THE LITTLE GUY [#133 -- Wang] SHORTS -- 9/27/90 The themes are getting more and more ephemeral...

  • 13 : FURRBALL FOLLIES [#105 -- Akom] SHORTS -- 10/2/90 Oh boy! A full day of Furrball cartoons! As you might expect, he starts (and eventually ends up) homeless and pitiful, under a less- than-stable drain pipe in a back alley.

  • He has to replace every circuit to eventually get his cartoon selected.

  • "Duck out of Luck" -- Plucky finally stars in a cartoon, but the viewers get to decide what happens to him.

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